The big freeze: how to prepare your business for the cold snap


By Marcus Leach

The wheels of UK industry and commerce literally grind to a halt during bad weather, and as we all know — it’s an unpaid holiday businesses can ill-afford, especially at the moment.

Last year’s big freeze cost UK businesses almost £1 billion a day in its peak, but there are simple things you can do to help protect yourself from the worst of it, says the UK’s leading office supplies company.

“Businesses cannot afford to ignore the prospect that there could be bad weather ahead. Last year the blizzards and deep snow that swept the country caused chaos — and brought UK industry to its knees," Sarah Haythornthwaite, marketing director at Staples UK said.

“It doesn’t have to be like that. Some simple planning could help minimise the damage to your business and help keep revenue on an even keel.”

Staples has put together some tips to make it easy for businesses to prevent being caught out this year:

Travel plans. Encourage staff to plan alternative routes to work, in the event that their usual route is disrupted.

Order in extra stock. Make sure work doesn’t grind to a halt because you ran out of paper! Get ink and paper orders in early and have them delivered in case of snowy, chaotic days.

Have a back-up plan. Think about how you can best serve your customers and stake holders if your business is disrupted — even if it’s just a ‘Please come back’ voucher.

Think IT. Get technology up-to-scratch so staff can access emails at home.

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