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Profits at JPMorgan jump $2.3 billion in a quarter


Financial superpower JPMorgan reported first quarter net income of $5.6 billion, up 67% from the previous year


Sterling drops 0.5% on lower inflation and raised house prices


Currency expert Andy Scott from HiFX discusses the impact lower inflation and rising house prices will likely have on the future of Sterling


Banking report riles unions and banks, supported by business


Yesterday saw the publication of the interim report of the Independent Commission on Banking in which recommendations for banking reform are outlined


Drop in inflation eases pressure on Bank's interest rate increase


The consumer prices index (CPI) of inflation dropped a surprise 0.4% in March to reach 4.0%.


Vickers' report will help economic competition, lawyers suggest


The Independent Commission on Banking this morning published its Interim Report outlining several recommendations to help promote financial stability and competition among Britainís high street banks


Optimism down, appetite for risk up among UK corporates


The mood of optimism with which British financial directors (CFOs) entered 2011 has weakened, according to the latest Deloitte CFO Survey


Interest rate increase likely due to high factory gate inflation


The UKís Producer Price Index of inflation, the measure of prices UK manufacturers pay for goods, has risen by a further 0.9% to reach 5.4%


Project Merlin fails to increase lending


75% of survey respondents have seen no change in their bankís approach to small business lending since the governmentís announcement of Project Merlin.


Bank must stay strong in face of inflation and maintain low rates


The Bank of Englandís Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), the body charged with regulating the countryís inflation by adjusting interest rates, will meet next Thursday to decide policy for the coming month.


Tax partner discusses changes to tax system


Leading providers of accountancy and tax advice services, Menzies LLP, have today released their fortnightly tax developments bulletin