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Beleaguered British banks fall behind their competitors


A report published by Banker magazine suggests the UK banking sector has slipped behind its main competitors since the global financial crisis.


Recovery of UK economy at risk because SMEs are not getting funding


The recovery of the UK economy could be put at risk as increasing numbers of small and medium-sized businesses are not applying for external forms of business finance in order to run and grow their business.


UK net investment steady at £17bn


Net in vestment in the UK economy has remained steady at around £17billion for the past three quarters


High public sector borrowing confirms need to stabilise UK finances


Public sector borrowing, the Office for National Statistics yesterday revealed, declined both year-on-year and compared to the previous month.


Inflation cannot to be stemmed by interest rate hike


The persistently high consumer prices inflation that has plagued the UK’s economy for the past three years is due to a number of external shocks and not due to the Bank of England’s lax fiscal policy.


'Ring fencing' banks will lead to expensive IT shake-ups


Proposals to ‘ring fence’ retail and investment arms of major banks were yesterday given the seal of approval by Chancellor George Osborne


HMRC announces £2m tax boost to voluntary sector


17 grants, totalling some £2m a year, are being awarded to voluntary and community sector organisations across the UK by HM Revenue & Customs.


Inflation remains unchanged


Consumer prices inflation has remained unchanged this month in the face of fluctuating prices from the 4.5% figure revealed by the Office for National Statistics last April


HMRC offer amnesty before tax clampdown


The taxman will soon target private tutors, e-traders and tradesmen- groups perceived to pay too little tax, HM Revenue and Customs have announced.


FSA concludes successful year


5 jail sentences and more than £8.3 million issued in fines are some of the deterrents issues by financial regulators, the Financial Services Authority (FSA), outlined in their 2010/11 highlights