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'Rebalance economy or jeopardise future generations', warns Monetary Policy Committee member


The United Kingdom continues to save too little, posing us with a choice: rebalance the economy, or live at the expense of future generations.


Gold price plummets on renewed economic hope


The price of gold has plummeted by more than 11% overnight, hitting $1704 at 10:16am BST.


Growth slows across world's strongest economies


GDP growth across the world’s most developed economies slowed over the second quarter of 2011 to reach just 0.2%, as continued unrest in the global financial markets threatens a second economic collapse.


Businesses turn to flexible funding as confidence falters


The UK economy might be on the road to recovery, but business confidence is still faltering with 28% of UK businesses admitting they are concerned about generating and winning new business over the next six months.


Gold price tops $1850


Gold prices topped $1,850 for the first time this morning amidst continued concerns from traders of the stability of US and European banking institutions


Drop in public sector borrowing offers brief respite for Osborne


Public sector net borrowing fell considerably by £3.0bn to £40.1 in July, compared to July 2010, though net debt rose by some £65bn to top £940bn, or 61.4% GDP.


Tobin Tax deemed ‘economic suicide’


A tax on financial transactions for the UK would be ‘economic suicide’ and would offer little stability to the global financial market, an economic think tank has said today.


European, US shares slide as uncertainty returns


London's FTSE 100 index was down 4.2% and Germany's Dax had lost 5.6%, while Wall Street's Dow Jones lost more than 4% in early trading. Shares in some leading banks plummeted, with Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland down more than 10%


PwC eyes African growth with $100m investment


‘Big Four’ professional services firm, PwC, are preparing to cement their dominance in the African continent with the help a $100 million investment in ‘people and infrastructure’


Manchester United to list on Singapore Stock Exchange


Manchester United are to proceed with their initial public offering on the Singapore stock market in a bid to address their mounting debts