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Emerging markets to outpace G7 by 2050


E7 banking markets to overtake G7 earlier than projected - shift accelerated by financial crisis


Groupon floatation 'flouts Wall Street convention'


Riding on a wave of phenomenal popularity in the 3 years since the company’s inception, Groupon is preparing for its initial public offering


Venture capital funds: US vs. UK


A new report published by the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) takes a comprehensive look at the performance of UK and US venture capital funds.


Eurozone inflation dips to 2.7%


Inflation for the Eurozone has dropped to an estimated mean of 2.7%


Rogue credit brokers face 'robust' enforcement action


The Government’s independent consumer watchdog, the Office for Fair Trading, has launched an “ongoing robust, targeted enforcement action” campaign addressing debt management companies after a series of abuses were exposed by the BBC.


Corporation tax cuts will not create jobs, says TUC


Further cuts to the UK’s already low corporation tax rate would have any significant impact on job creation or the economy, and would further reduce revenues at a time when the government is most in need


Socially Responsible Investing sees surge in popularity


Socially Responsible Investments have grown dramatically in their popularity over the past decade, offering competitive returns with less volatility


Bonus payments increase


Despite efforts to cap bonuses paid to professional services and financial workers, bonuses have returned to pre recession levels


US GDP growth slows


Britain’s recovery has been dealt a fresh blow, after the United States Department today dispelled private sector speculations that the low US GDP growth of 1.8% would be revised up


Doha Round report welcomed by UK professional services


A report confirming the importance of the Doha Round of trade agreements has been welcomed by a financial services body, TheCityUK.