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Greece default threat sends European stock markets plummeting


European stock markets fell sharply on opening this morning due to the news that Greece is likely to miss targets to cut its budget deficit.


Low profits spurring 'unprecedented change' for insurers


The threat of further global economic decline, coupled with declining company profits and a reduced investor confidence, is eroding the profits and credit ratings of the world’s insurers, Deloitte have found.


Barclays come top of bank complaints list


The first half of the year saw a marked increase in complaints received by the Financial Services Authority, with Barclays emerging as the most complained about financial institution.


Lending clinics launched to boost business confidence


A series of lending clinics are being launched across the UK in a bid to increase lending and boost small business confidence.


IoD: seed capital tax breaks distract from more pressing tasks


The Treasury’s consultation document, Tax-advantaged venture capital schemes, examining tax breaks for certain start-up businesses with high growth potential, has been met with scepticism by the Institute of Directors.


Alessio Rastani: a bitter pill, but is he right?


So stark and shocking were City Trader Alessio Rastani’s comments that it left the BBC’s newsroom speechless, prompting many to presume him a hoax; possibly another iteration of the infamous ‘Yes Men’.


Halifax launches savers prize draw to reignite a savings culture


HALIFAX is to give away £6m every year in prizes to its customers who sign up for a new savings account.


Government urged to stick to pension reform plan


The Confederation of British Industry has issued a stark plea to the government: ‘stick to your guns’ on public sector pension reform, despite the looming threat of widespread industrial action.


Risk averse investors undermining global financial stability


Political and economic changes in the wake of the downturn are generating a class of risk averse investors who favour holding safe assets to riskier transactions, which paradoxically undermines global stability.


Inflation rise makes households spend extra £40bn to maintain quality of life


Consumer prices inflation edged still higher, the Office for National Statistics yesterday confirmed, hitting 4.5%.