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UK household debt to hit 170% income


UK household debt is set to climb yet further, hitting 175% of disposable incomes by 2015


CFO optimism has fallen sharply


CFO optimism has fallen sharply


Sluggish GDP growth cannot support fiscal tightening


The UK’s GDP continues to grow at a snail’s pace, rising by just .1% over the past quarter


Interest rates held at historic low


To the relief of businesses across the country, the Bank of England has again held interest rates at their historic 0.5% low for the 28th consecutive month.


BoE should 'seriously consider' quantitative easing


The Bank of England should ‘seriously consider’ increasing the size of its asset purchase programme from £200 billion in a last ditch attempt to kick start the recovery.


Financial sector growth slows


Headcount in the financial sector has increased at its fastest level since September 2007, despite an overall reduction in the rate of business growth


Beleaguered British banks fall behind their competitors


A report published by Banker magazine suggests the UK banking sector has slipped behind its main competitors since the global financial crisis.


Recovery of UK economy at risk because SMEs are not getting funding


The recovery of the UK economy could be put at risk as increasing numbers of small and medium-sized businesses are not applying for external forms of business finance in order to run and grow their business.


UK net investment steady at £17bn


Net in vestment in the UK economy has remained steady at around £17billion for the past three quarters


High public sector borrowing confirms need to stabilise UK finances


Public sector borrowing, the Office for National Statistics yesterday revealed, declined both year-on-year and compared to the previous month.