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Chinese Minister calls for co-operation to boost global economy


As genuine fears of a global economic recession started to become a reality with stock markets throughout the world suffering heavily, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi urged all countries to cooperate to boost the global economy's recovery.


Credit for small businesses remains scarce


The Bank of England’s Trends in Lending report, revealed that access to credit for SMEs remained broadly the same compared with the last quarter, despite Project Merlin and Business Growth Fund initiatives being launched in the first half of the year


PPI complaints hit 81000 in 3 months


The scale of the Payment Protection Insurance fiasco has been quantified in the latest quarterly review from the Financial Ombudsman Service


UK GDP to return to moderate 2012 growth


The UK economy will continue to grow, at a sluggish rate in 2011 before picking up modestly in 2012, according to the CBI’s latest economic forecast


Private sector pension crisis builds


Poor levels of personal savings and an inefficient pensions scheme are failing workers, a new report by the Workplace Retirement Income Commission reveals


US debt ceiling raised


President Obama has announced agreement between Republicans and Democrats on the mounting US debt crisis, delaying possible default.


US growth downgraded as default threat nears


The United States’ real GDP growth rate has been revised down yet again, achieving a mean annual rate of 1.3%- well below private sector estimates of 1.8%


Banking remains ‘structurally flawed’, says Cable


“Banking is a structurally flawed industry that has failed its customers, its investors and the taxpayers who stand behind it.”


IMF Chief: US and Eurozone debt greatest threats to global economy


“Sovereign debt, growth, and social instability” are the three major challenges facing the global economy today.


GDP figure spells judgement day for Osborne


Discussing the UK’s economic performance, and the tomorrow’s likely verdict, is Jeremy Cook, chief economist at World First currency exchange