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...Biggs lived in a two-bedroom flat on the Millbank Estate in Pimlico, London, for 30 years.

He had been living alone since 2003, meaning he had a spare bedroom.

But Mr Biggs arranged to swap his home with a couple who had a baby and needed more space.

Mr Biggs said: "I got in contact with them and we agreed to a mutual swap.

"We were both happy to move so it was a relatively smooth process: the staff at the housing office carried out some inspections, we signed the deeds and set the date to move.

"The whole process only took about 3 weeks to organise, so if you’re affected by the introduction of the spare room subsidy, don’t be worried that you’ll be caught up in red tape if you do want to downsize.

"I’m settling in nicely to my new home. I had a few teething problems with the boiler, but CityWest Homes fixed it quickly.

"I’m quite comfortable here and haven’t really noticed much of a difference since I relocated, apart from having a bit less space."

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