Small businesses missing out on growth support incentives


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...Bill — saving on upfront and longer-term heating costs for the recipients.

Colin Fyfe continued: “These incentive schemes are established to encourage businesses to work more efficiently and ultimately save money. For the take-up to be less than one in twenty is concerning.

“All businesses could be looking at how they save on their energy costs just by adopting simple measures such as encouraging staff to turn lights off after use, regularly checking thermostat settings and switching computers off at night.”

One such business that is benefitting from Feed-In Tariffs is the Norfolk-based Rookery Business Park, which is now home to one of the largest multi-tenanted solar projects of its kind in the UK, and has been made possible by funding provided by Clydesdale Bank.

The industrial lets were poultry sheds prior to the conversion around five years ago and electricity generated at the site will be sold to park occupiers at a reduced rate; saving each company hundreds of pounds annually.

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