[atag709]Lara Morgan is a straight-talking entrepreneur who understands the frustrations felt by small and medium-sized businesses that have lost their way.

Rather than administering generic big picture advice, Lara is dedicated to delivering honest and practical help to enable businesses to achieve their full potential.

Over ten years, Lara built her own international business, Pacific Direct, before selling a majority share 99% holding of the company for £20 million in 2008.

This experience and passion for business drove Lara to where she is today, with an ambitious plan to support entrepreneurs who want to maximize success.

Company Shortcut is based on simple business principles that help companies in the accelerated growth stage. It is based on providing practical solutions to issues that restrict ambitious companies.

For 20 years Lara has mentored business leaders through frank and constructive feedback which has earned her a reputation as an inspirational mentor, public-speaker and advocate for the oft-forgotten medium sized business.

Lara is now focusing her passion on Company Shortcut, a platform for entrepreneurs to access unique short cuts, check-lists and business performance measurement systems to free up time, increase effectiveness and help accelerate growth.

Lara has always believed “if there is a will, there is a way.” She is passionate about the sharing of contacts, continual improvement and maximising opportunities.

Lara has been a finalist in Ernst and Young Entrepreneur 3 times and in 2005 she was a finalist in the Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the Year Award. Taking it all in her stride, Lara also manages to train for the London Triathlon, in which recently came third in the ladies 40-44 age group.