Statement of Particulars of Employment - 9.50


In accordance with the Employment Rights Act 1996, all employees must at minimum, be provided with a written statement of the particulars of their employment no later than two months after they commence their employment. This document ensures your compliance if you do not provide the information in a formal contract.

When to use:

When you have employed a new employee and have not yet completed the employment contract or you do not intend to use a formal contract.

This document is suitable for:

All employers

Employment contract or written statement?

It depends how comprehensive and formal you want your agreement to be. EMP003 is its simplicity and ease of use.

Employment contracts include “additional features” not included in this simple statement. Here is a link to our employment contracts.

EMP003 includes the following provisions:

Names and details of the employer and employee;

The purpose of the document including the start date of the employment (so the period of continuous employment an be measured);

Employee’s job title;

Usual place of work (can be drafted widely so that the employer is able to move the employee if the business requires);
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Hours of work;


Absence due to sickness;

Pensions rights;

Notices to be given of termination of employment;

Grievance and discipline procedures;

Authorisation by the employee that they have received understood the document.



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