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Sales Differentiation - Be Different!

In my previous article in this newsletter, I referred to effective selling as a process that facilitates in helping the customer to understand that the seller's solutions can bring value to their business. I use the term 'facilitates' quite deliberately because the seller spends much of the time asking smart questions of the customer - guiding them through the process. So how does the seller know what smart questions to ask? read more


Power In Negotiations

Imagine you're playing in a tennis tournament and you're drawn to play a match against a total stranger. The first service comes zooming over the net in excess of 100 mph, pitches in and hits the back of the court before you can move a muscle. How do you feel? Intimidated, outclassed? Your expectations have probably changed. Winning the game is no longer an issue. You'll be glad to win a few points to save face. The same thing can happen in negotiations. read more


What Do Skilled Negotiators Do In Face-to-face Negotiations?

What is your image of a skilled negotiator? Someone with ice in her veins? The poker player, playing his cards close to his chest and never revealing to the other side what he is feeling or thinking? Inscrutable, stony-faced? If that's your image of a skilled negotiator you may be surprised to hear that Huthwaite's research into what skilled negotiators actually do in face-to-face negotiations shows the opposite! read more


Selling? More Like Counselling!

If you have followed this series to date, you will know that I have been talking about the importance of selling the value that your offering brings to customer organisations. This is more important today because many customers are not actively in the market looking for solutions right now, so we are going to have to take a pro-active approach and persuade them they really do need what you have. read more


International Trade Awards Reward And Show Off Great British Companies

Regional heats of the International Trade Awards, sponsored by HSBC, will be judged between October 2009 and February 2010 by a panel that comprises of experts in international trade, representatives of sponsors and small businesses. read more


Fast Growth Marketing for Growing Businesses

Doug digs deep into advanced online marketing tactics: the essential lessons that every entrepreneur needs to understand. Finding fast growth, effective and affordable channels to reach customers is critical to any business; but especially so for growing businesses during a recession. Doug and his team provide expert training on; the secret of pay-per-click success, search engine marketing, expert SEO techniques, the rules of true affiliate marketing campaigns and how to build a business on Twitter. Doug demonstrates how the Internet has leveled the playing-field between your business and your largest competitors and why there has never before been an opportunity like that which exists for today's businesses. read more


10 Tips On How To Secure Remote Workers

IT security threats pose a greater risk to businesses today more than ever before, due to a rapid increase in flexible working and employees working remotely. Now, many businesses run the risk of staff working remotely without having any IT security tools in place. read more


Why Small Businesses Must ‘Unify Or Die’

Efficient communications may hold the key to recovery. What does it cost for somebody to make a phone call? Call plans aside let’s say 10p from a mobile phone, something similar from a landline. Of course with Skype, or other internet telephony services, it may even be free. Or you might choose to send a text – say 10p also – or an email or instant message, which is free of course bar the running costs of an internet connection. read more


Teleworking – Too Good To Be True!

Flexibility and work/life balance are the current buzzwords that will bearound for a long time to come. People are now working longer and harder hours, particularly in the recession, so why not motivate and reward your employees and save your company money by offering them the opportunity to work from home. read more


Six Steps to Improve Your Sales Results

Having worked with many businesses over the years, to help them improve their sales results, Bryan McCrae of Cognitive Sales has developed a comprehensive Sales and Marketing Health check to identify what improvements can be made. read more