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Beating The Budget Blues

The recent Budget will have disappointed many growing businesses, with business owners left feeling that their concerns were largely ignored by the Chancellor. On the upside, the main rate of corporation tax, for profits above £1.5m, will stay at 28%. And the pledge to defer the increase in the small companies' rate to 22%, announced in the Pre-Budget Report in November 2008, has been honoured - the rate remains at 21%. Now that the dust has settled, here are some things you may want to consider from a tax planning perspective. read more


Marketers: The World’s Greatest Detectives

Being a detective is about analysing the available evidence, and taking action accordingly. Digital marketing is no different. Bryan Black, managing director of smartFOCUS DIGITAL, explains why analysis is absolutely crucial if a business is to engage with its customers effectively. read more


Companies Need To Embrace Social Media If They Are To Survive

Social media is becoming a common practice for marketers and organisations wanting to reach large audiences with relatively little financial impact. Social media, or social networking, is a popular and creative method of encouraging users to interact and engage with a brand, or product by allowing discussion, picture sharing and now even video sharing. read more


How To Attract People To Your Site

Creating an online site for selling on the web is not enough on its own, just like getting a new telephone number and expecting it to ring is not realistic. To attract visitors to your website and convert them to customers you have to market the site. Here are some pointers on how you can persuade your prospects to visit and buy your products. read more


What Does Your Facebook Think You Need?

In today’s economic climate it is important for businesses to get the greatest possible value out of their advertising and marketing pounds. The dream for any marketer would be to only pay to get your message across to those with a chance of being interested. read more


Protecting Your Business - A Focus On Debt Recovery

At this current time of economic downturn, it is more important than ever that organisations manage their businesses to maintain a healthy cash flow by ensuring timely collection of their business debts, otherwise their futures could be threatened. read more


Protecting Your Business – Retention Of Title

In the current climate, businesses should turn their thoughts to protecting their business against bad debts. read more


Save On Accounting Costs With Online Bookkeeping

Keytime is pleased to announce the launch of its new online bookkeeping package, Keytime Books. read more


Survivor Syndrome - Managing Lay-Offs

No manager likes the process of letting staff go. Without question, laying off staff – overseeing a redundancy process - is one of the most painful business decisions to have to make. The effective manager rightly puts a focus on the openness and fairness of the process for those who are leaving. But the even more effective manager puts a similar focus on responding to and managing the changing needs and opinions of those remaining. read more


Seven Ways To Be A MediaMaster

A very effective way of promoting your business is to appear on radio or television, or to be quoted in a magazine or newspaper. However, many business owners fear the media, thinking that they will be interrogated by someone like Jeremy Paxman. Nothing could be further from the truth (including actually being questioned by Jeremy Paxman). read more