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Customer Relationship Solutions On The Increase

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has received significant attention in the IT press recently, as leading experts and providers demonstrate the advantages of adopting Hosted CRM solutions during the recession. read more


Microsoft: 86% Of Small To Medium Businesses To Utilise SaaS By 2009

Computer software giant Microsoft has indicated that 2009 will see Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) adoption amongst small to medium-sized businesses increase dramatically following the release of a recent Microsoft study. The survey, entitled the 2009 Microsoft SMB Insight Report1, revealed that 86% of Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMBs) across the UK, US, France, Canada and Brazil intend to make use of SaaS during 2009. read more


SharePoint Steers Companies Through Economic Downturn

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration tool that enables businesses to access and store important company information and documents securely via a web portal, or intranet. As Hosted SharePoint 2007 is a web-based application, remote workers can access the same level of data as office based staff, recuing file duplication, improving employee productivity and overall efficiency. read more


The Lowry - Corporate Events In A Unique Arts And Entertainment Venue

The Lowry is a world class visual and performing arts centre, and an established conference, meeting and events venue, offering a unique and alternative venue solution, in an innovative, contemporary and inspirational environment. read more


Employers In Turmoil Over New Regulations

The Statutory Disciplinary and Grievance procedures were repealed earlier this month and replaced with the ACAS Code of Practice. However, employers are still unsure of which procedures to follow. The new procedures in the Code of Practice are not strictly speaking regulations; however a tribunal will look to the Code for guidance when deciding whether or not a disciplinary or grievance case was carried out fairly. read more


Survival Of The Fittest - Not The Thinnest!

The recent spate of company closures and downsizing is testimony to how difficult the current economic conditions are. With forecasts of worse to come, most companies are casting around for ways to survive the hard times. The cost base is the obvious place to start and there's nothing wrong with the desire to be lean, but what do you do when there is no more fat to trim? read more


Do You Have A Dream?

Think for a moment about what you want to achieve when making a sales presentation. The aim is to influence the audience to make a decision in your favour. To do this, it has to meet two objectives shared by those epic speeches we've discussed. It must read more


Retaining Business In Difficult Times

Times are tough and for many organisations it has been a constant struggle to remain competitive even when times were good. So hanging onto business now the hard times have arrived is a major challenge. With margins already tight it's difficult to see how prices can be cut further. Winning new business is also more difficult as markets contract, so hanging onto the business we already have is top priority for most of us. So what can we do to keep our customers? read more


For Want Of A Nail...

'Sales' is not a department. It's a philosophy that must guide every action in every part of the company, across every function and from top to bottom. Anyone who interacts with a prospect or customer can either advance a sale or damage it, however inconsequential their actions might seem at the time. read more


Enabling Everyone – Video Communication And Your Business

Investing in technology in a downturn can be a tough ask for just about any business. When finances are already tight, and the business benefits to any spend need to be absolutely clear, technology of any kind is often seen as something of a gamble. This is particularly true when it comes to video communication which is often seen as something of a frivolous “nice to have”, rather than a business essential. For instance, why not just use the basic conference facilities on your phone? read more


Partners Interview: Kirill Slavin

By Marcus Leach

Following the huge success of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards we caught up with Kirill Slavin, MD at Kaspersky Lab, one of the event sponsors.

What risks do SMBs and startups face if they fail to proactively...

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