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Why Is Growth So Valued?

In essence growth provides the basis for continuity. Businesses are valued as going concerns. Consequently any business that can not grow to meet changes in the market will not be as attractive to investors as those that can. And by the way, “investors” in this context is a broad term including employees, and suppliers as well as actual shareholders. read more


The Purpose Of Growth

The purpose of growth is not so obvious. Sure most people can give you the pat answers: it makes us bigger and bigger is better, it helps us lower fixed costs as a proportion of total cost, it makes more money...... but the purpose of growth goes way beyond these answers. read more


Business Strategy And Growth

Every business needs a strategy that defines what the business is and how it goes about delivering customer and shareholder value. Fine. But the strategy should readily translate into core plans to move the business forward: only some of which directly relate to growth. read more


Trusting The 'Cloud' Is Not A New Concept

This aspect of cloud computing is simply an evolution of the security practices in traditional outsourcing Regardless of all its hype, security in cloud computing is not a revolution; rather it’s an evolution of the age old business model of outsourcing. The concept of cloud computing has evolved from the concepts of grid, utility, and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), and these models evolved from the Application Service Provider in the mid-early '90's read more


If The Tribunal Wanted Your Data Could You Find It?

You may think you have a secure back-up system but how long would it take you to restore your data? Fluid, the managed ICT services company, has found that the new IBM ‘digital vault’ is particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized enterprises that need support for file retrieval. read more


Offshoring - Why ‘Microsourcing’ Could Be The Way Of The Future

As a result, more firms are engaging in outsourcing as a method of cutting costs. Employing a lower-cost specialist to manage a process that you do not have the in-house expertise or capacity to manage can bring both cost savings and great efficiency, both of which are important steps towards riding out economic turbulence. Offshoring is a step further in the outsourcing model. read more


5 Questions A CEO Should Ask Their Business

Whatever your business size, putting your customer at the heart of your decision-making is vital to making your organisation more relevant and responsive to your customer base. Across sectors, many businesses that are market-leading are those who commit to this, demonstrating a sound knowledge of who their customers are and adapting their proposition to serve their needs. read more


What Is The HMRC's New Budget Payment Plan?

There are about two months to go before the deadline for filing your tax assessment online so now could be a good time to set some money aside to pay that tax bill. read more


Customer Insight

Knowing your customers is one of the first rules any good marketer learns. But during a recession, it is all the more important for companies to know which consumers or business buyers best match the profiles of their most loyal and profitable customers – or simply of those that are willing to spend, given the current economic climate. read more


Devising A Festive Feast - Catering Tips

The festive season might be a time to relax and indulge, but for the events and conferencing industry, the six weeks of celebrations in the run up to Christmas require hard work and dedication. read more