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Assessing The Real Power Balance In A Negotiation

Sellers in today's marketplace dread negotiation; demand is down and buyers are relentless in driving down prices. Sellers feel as though they are lambs to the slaughter! It wasn't always this way. Nearly thirty years ago, during the oil crisis, we watched in fascination as oil company delegates attending one of our training events spent their lunchtimes telling customers that the cost of their deliveries would rise immediately. What's more, the price increase was considerable and supplies were to be strictly rationed, too. read more


Keep It In The Family - Partners Give Better Advice Than Non-Execs

Partners ‘give better advice than non-execs’ Business people in the UK are more likely to consult their husband/wife or partner for business advice than their non-executive director, a survey has revealed, while bankers are now well down the pecking order of people to turn to. read more


Claim Back Cash For Innovation Tech Companies Urged

Many high technology companies are missing out on the opportunity to claim real money through Research and Development tax credits. Often they believe they are not eligible and do not realise that they do not need to have actually paid tax to qualify. read more


Digital Measurement Causes End-To-End Marketing Migraine

Inability to measure full 3600 marketing communications is major threat to funding read more


What Can Business Learn From Sport?

In business we don’t have to concern ourselves with; scrums, lines out and rucks (although some days it can feel like we do). But we do have our own set of basics; turning up ready to work, looking smart, smiling at customers, making so many out bound sales calls. read more


Why Use Thin Client Technology

Using thin clients and server-based computing such as terminal services or Citrix, the fight against viruses and malware threats are limited to the centralised systems, which are easier to manage, maintain or quarantine the physical or virtual server. This is just one of the many benefits that thin clients bring to the corporate or educational environment. read more


Economic Downturn Puts Organisations Under More Pressure To Protect Against Data Loss Say E-Crime Congress Survey Respondents

An international survey of 104 security professionals conducted by Websense at this year’s e-Crime Congress reveals that 93% of respondents believe companies are under more pressure to protect against data loss due to the current economic climate. Furthermore, Security professionals also unanimously believe that businesses exposing consumers’ confidential data through a serious data breach should be punished for security negligence. read more


Mind Makeover

Are you fed up of leaving the office after the cleaners have been and gone? Do you wish you could get your email down to zero; or perhaps you yearn to have the courage to embark on the project you keep telling all your friends and work colleagues about? Michael Deutch from Mindjet suggests that if this sounds like you, then maybe it’s time for a mind makeover. read more


Go Understand Data Archiving

Data archiving, or content archiving as it is often referred to, is a computerised system that enables an organisation to retain critical information including documents, databases, financial data and any other data that may be required for future use or inspection at some point. read more


The Importance Of Business Continuity Planning

Coming into work one morning to find that the office has had a serious burglary is a big shock for any business owner. Once you have seen the obvious physical damage, such as PCs and notebooks being stolen or destroyed, there comes the realization that important information or data may have been lost for good. It is vital for any organisation to think carefully about the ICT element of business continuity – this is the creation of a logistical plan for how you will recover and restore interrupted IT functions following some kind of disruption. read more