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Extending A Helping Hand: The Enterprise Finance Guarantee

This government-backed business loan is designed to help established and viable companies looking for additional funding or working capital. read more


Econsultancy Named Alongside Bloomberg, Google And News Corp As Company To Watch

Digital marketing publisher has been named in a list of 30 companies to watch in a report published by research company Outsell, Inc. read more


Customer Convenience

Growing numbers of banks and financial institutions are adopting text messaging as part of a raft of measures designed to improve customer communication, enhance service levels and attain competitive advantage. read more


Protecting Intellectual Property Rights Throughout An Outsourcing Project

How will you ensure that the next supplier is able to use the Intellectual Property (“IP”) rights built up over the last few years whilst the project has been running? How do you make sure that you continue to own the IP in the project? What about inventions or know-how contributed by the supplier? What rights do you have in respect of these? Can you really afford to lose these rights if you switch supplier? This article will look at the types of arrangement where IP is shared and what provisions should be made to protect this IP and the businesses that run them. read more


Reducing Costs By Joining City Car Club

In the past few months hundreds of British businesses in the UK have made huge cutbacks to their costs by using City Car Club pay-as-you-go car clubs instead servicing and maintaining a large fleet of company cars. read more


Public Relations - Justifying The Marketing Spend To An FD

Lawyers and accountants frequently use PR to promote their companies using high profile local companies as their storyline. PR is often used effectively for companies who can offer a high profile storyline. But life is not so simple for other SMEs where the customers are lower profile – this is where innovation and creativity need to play a part in determining what the ‘real story’ is to the public, in order to win over the journalist/editor read more


Justifying The Online Marketing Spend To An FD

Online marketing is fast becoming the most cost effective way to promote your business to both existing customers and new customers. As a result many B2B businesses use this medium almost exclusively and marketing managers are desperately trying to justify investment to their Financial Director. read more


Justifying The Marketing Spend To A Financial Director – Product/Service Marketing

The vast majority of marketing that you see or hear today is product/service driven. “Here’s my product – this is what it does - buy it”. In almost all cases justifying the spend on marketing in this area should be much easier. However many internal marketing teams and external marketing suppliers seem to focus on raising the awareness of the product and the business rather than the return for the spend. read more


Brand Marketing - Justifying The Marketing Spend To An FD

Brand marketing is a long term investment in a strategic asset of a business. Building a strong brand allows you to simultaneously market your entire range of products and therefore introduce new products faster because customers assume it’s a good product because they feel that they know the company and trust its products without needing a personal recommendation to buy it. read more


Serviced Office Expansion in Top Ten Business Locations

Avanta expands their serviced office space in top ten business locations and have joined forces with MIDAS and the Northwest Development Agency. Avanta are a serviced office company with locations throughout the UK. Their 19 business centres offer unbranded, flexible office space and meeting rooms of all sizes. read more