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How To Become A Thought Leader - 7 Tips

A thought leader is essentially a trusted resource. And, in an information economy, a trusted resource is extremely valuable. It doesn't matter what industry you're in - whether you have a Fortune 1000 company or a bakery in a read more


Should the Print Newsletter Die - And Let Ezines Takeover?

"Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." Mark Twain said that back in 1897. read more


Balancing Work and Life: 8 Tips to Help Women Entrepreneurs Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

As a woman entrepreneur who travels a lot for work, I know it's hard to balance work and life. Because I travel so much, I constantly find myself watching the behavior of other people. The variety of personalities always astounds me. read more


Selling Security In A Contracting Economy

Why is it so important that customers invest in security in a contracting economy? How do you convince business owners to spend hard dollars on a product that, in their eyes, may have no immediate return; or a product that does not fall under the traditional ‘anti-virus, anti-spam’ security umbrella? read more


Write And They Will Listen!

It’s all very well writing an article for a magazine, but how can you find out whether your message is hitting the right people and having the desired impact? read more


Ignore Data Security At Your Peril

This article looks at organisations’ shaky defences during the testing process and what can be done to secure them When HM Revenue & Customs revealed in November 2007 that it had lost 25 million records, the profile of data breaches exploded. read more


How To Build A Better Web Presence Through Your Website

Conducting business online can be a healthy revenue generation stream for smaller businesses and the start-up costs can be relatively low. read more


Why Would A Business Change The Delivery Of Its IT Systems?

The advent of SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery of computing power to businesses has some compelling benefits to offer any organisation. So what would make someone throw out their IT servers and put all their IT in the Cloud? read more


How To Catch The Right Training

In these turbulent times the training budget is often one of the first areas in which businesses choose to cut costs. read more


Gone Phishing, Back Soon.

What began as disruptive hacking by an elite few - taking websites down, daubing graffiti on websites and essentially disrupting the online world in order to make a ‘name’ for themselves - has quickly evolved into something far more fast moving and threatening. read more