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Banks, Small Businesses And The Credibility Gap

If you’re a small business, looking at the marketing material from the banks you might be forgiven for thinking there was no such thing as the credit crunch. read more


Employee Engagement Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Redundancies, shutdowns, request for volunteers to work for free. According to a recent survey, half of the UK’s employees are suffering from stress. With all this gloom, it’s a pretty tough judgement call whether it’s the best of times or worst of times to be trying to engage employees. After all, you don’t want to lose your brightest and best, but get it wrong and you could just push them over the edge. read more


Top Tips For The Online Marketer

Internet marketing is viewed by many as the Arthur’s sword of the marketing arsenal; it is so simple to implement, easy to demonstrate ROI and can potentially create untold leads. Why is it then that Marketers rarely maximise the opportunities available online? Marc Munier, Commercial Director at Pure360, has put together some tried and tested tips for a marketer to use when approaching the online marketing stone read more


Risk Taking And Financial Planning Are Secrets To Stockdale’s Success

Matt Stockdale is not an entrepreneur averse to taking calculated risks. Investing £15,000 of his own money following a redundancy may not have seemed like a sensible decision, however, as managing director of Northamptonshire-based HomePride, Matt is now a self made millionaire selling a range of household products into the UK’s supermarkets. read more


Surviving Chaos And Confusion - In The Current Recession

At the end of October, we learnt that, despite the expectations of some economists, the UK was still in the longest recession since records began in 1955. The figures confounded widespread hopes that the economy had returned to growth after five consecutive quarters of recession. read more


The Entrepreneurs Board – Experiential Business Learning

The Entrepreneurs Board is an experiential business learning peer group forum where like-minded business leaders from different industries meet to test ideas, challenge each other, investigate opportunities and develop themselves and their organisations. read more


Embedding Social Media In Business

Every new technology to reach the workplace has the same reactions. Some love it and propose it as the answer to everything and others see it as the thin end of the wedge and nothing but moral and financial ruin can come from it. Right now the technology in the spotlight is Social Media read more


Managing The ‘Career-Crunch’

This recent recession has not produced just a ‘credit crunch’. It has created a devastating ‘career crunch’. Not only are school-leavers and new graduates finding it harder than ever to get their careers started, many experienced employees are facing redundancy or at least career-stagnation. The consequence is a terrible waste of talent that we can ill-afford to lose. read more


Avoiding Workplace Accidents

Workplace deaths have gradually been falling for the last decade, and in 2008-9, were 22% lower than the average for the past five years. Yet, instead of appreciating safer work environments, and looking to what more can be done to reduce the current levels of work-related illnesses and accidents, an emphasis has been placed on a culture of ‘compensation’. read more


To Raise Or Not To Raise? Salary Management In The Recession

Pay rises are normally the first things to go in a downturn, but Vicki Sanderson, HR & Payroll Consultant at Software firm Agresso believes that businesses need to engage in long term salary planning to ensure that staff are happy and fully engaged. read more