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Talent Management At The Crossroads

Any successful business person or practising manager knows that what makes the organisation succeed is talent. You can have the best products, the most wonderful technology, or a superb service concept but without talented people you will be going nowhere fast. read more


World’s First Solar-Powered EL Signs Launched

Anokimobi Ltd launched the first solar powered, Electro Luminescent (EL) signs, run entirely on sun rays. The EL signs are environmentally friendly, low maintenance and can potentially save businesses millions of pounds in electricity costs. They also create the opportunity to tap into previously undiscovered markets, where electricity supply is limited or non-existant. read more


Searching For Online Sales Success

Small businesses are facing unprecedented challenges as the downturn kicks in – and many owners will be suffering sleepless nights as they ponder the future. read more


Online Advertising Network Offers Advertisers Unparalleled Control Over Online Campaigns

Specific Media Launches Suite of Advanced Audience Intelligence Reports read more


Lord Mandelson's Speech To Google Zeitgeist Conference

Lord Mandelson speaks at the Google Zeitgeist Conference about the credit crunch, its implications on businesses in the future and new ways to 'revive fortunes'. read more


Green Shoots From The Grass Roots Of Business?

English rock and roll singer, songwriter and bandleader Ian Dury sang about "Reasons to be Cheerful" nearly 30 years ago and UK PLC could do with a similar ‘shopping list’ of good news stories. read more


MPs’ Expenses Crisis – Lucky For Some

It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good, and while MPs shrivel in the spotlight of media and public criticism over their expense claims, expense control specialists Software Europe sense a windfall opportunity for UK businesses to cut costs. read more


Some Helpful Tips From The People At Sage On Keeping A Small Business Afloat During A Recession

Always conduct a credit check against prospective customers Set your customer realistic credit limits and aim to trade with companies that you know are creditworthy and have a good track record of paying their bills. read more


Why Are Homeworkers More Productive?

The Telework Association launched its first annual survey on the 15th of May, on National Working from Home Day. This Homeworking Productivity survey examines the apparent improved productivity of people working at home. It covers a wide range of home workers including occasional home workers, full time teleworkers, the employed and self-employed. It can be accessed directly or via the Association's web page. read more


“It Doesn't Matter If You Have An MBA Or A KFC In This Recession”

When asked whether he believes experience or qualifications are more important, Sir Alan Sugar responded: “… It really doesn't matter whether someone comes to me with an MBA, an OBE, a KFC or a YMCA, as far as I'm concerned ...” read more