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Britain's Workers On Six Day Weeks To Keep Jobs

Overtime is becoming the norm for almost 50% of staff since the financial crisis began, according to new research from BT Business*. read more


Producing A Mailshot On A Shoestring

Companies of all sizes are feeling the pinch, but smaller businesses may be feeling the effects more keenly. A recent survey by Plantronics found that 79 per cent of SMEs say they have been negatively affected by the recession, with a third concerned they will not be trading by autumn this year. But it is not all doom and gloom, with many SMEs fighting their corner and recognising the need to maintain and increase marketing activity. read more


Redesigning Your Website: How To Get A Better Optimisation

Well, you are thinking about website redesigning? Just like fashion, websites date. You need a more intuitive navigation, your design is tired and you need a facelift? Or is it because the web is maturing and web designers develop a better understanding of what visitors want? For instance, flash intro pages were all the rage until web designers realised that users didn’t like them and wanted to get straight to the content. read more


The Search Is Over – PPC Can Stretch Your Budget

The difficult economic conditions mean marketers at businesses of all sizes continue to come under pressure to deliver results with lower budgets. Firms are looking for clear return on investment from their marketing campaigns, and many are turning to non-traditional tactics. The internet is an obvious place to start, and boosting search engine traffic to your organisation’s website is a non-intrusive method of online marketing. read more


Twitter, What Does It Mean For An SME

In the last 10 years there has been a relative explosion in the places and reach that individuals and small businesses can get from using social media. Social media is the collection of socially based sites on the internet where interaction and the provision of content allows businesses and individuals to present their products and services and interact with potential customers, find suppliers and partners and interact with customers. read more


Ten Ways To Improve Online Business

With an increasing number of businesses seeing the Internet as a cost-effective and convenient marketing tool, Silverbean, one of the north east’s leading digital marketing agencies, is urging firms in the region to get the most from their online marketing activity. Neil Robbins, managing director of Newcastle-based Silverbean gives us his top ten tips to improve how you do businesses online. read more


Thinking Outside Of The Office: The Challenges Of Document Collaboration

Mobile working has become a crucial part of our professional lives. SMEs face the same difficulties: secure access to all of their data, anytime, anywhere. This problem is even greater for those working in teams where collaboration on a multitude of documents is an essential part of their activities. read more


Small Businesses In The UK Look To Bring Branding In-house

Over two thirds (69%) of small businesses in the UK are considering bringing the branding of their companies in-house in order to help with cost savings and boost sales, according to new research commissioned by Corel. This trend continues across Europe with 77% of small businesses in France and 84% in Germany thinking of bringing their branding in-house. read more


Planning A PR Campaign: Get Your Messaging Right And Identify Your Audience Carefully

When planning a PR campaign, a lot of attention is given to messaging, the name used to describe exactly what company information is going to be shared with the public, and how it should be the information will be open to all sorts of scrutiny, interpretation, and analysis. However, during this internal planning stage, it is possible to agree on which aspects of the company to publicise, and how exactly to do it. read more


How To Make The Most Of Direct Mail Marketing In A Recession

Carol Wright, Pitney Bowes’ direct marketing manager, dispenses tips on getting more out of your direct mail activities in tough times. Thinking about cutting back on your mail marketing as the recession deepens? Think again. An effective strategy for reaching customers could see you through. read more