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Keeping Your Company Up And Running

The best way to beat the economic gloom is to look after your most precious asset: your customers. Your clients are your lifeblood, and in an uncertain economic climate it’s more important than ever to serve your existing customers as well as you can – and attract new ones wherever possible. read more


How BT Can Help You Control Costs

With business costs rising and profit margins shrinking, businesses are naturally looking to run a tighter ship. The good news is that there are many solutions out there than can help make your business more efficient, save you money and help you cut through these challenging times. read more


What Are Free Business Services?

The internet has had a profound effect on all of us, particularly when it comes to free services. In the past, these have tended to be developed for consumers but free business-grade applications and services that solve a wide range of problems are now available for business users too. read more


What Is On-Demand Support?

Dedicated IT support is expensive and labour-intensive – a luxury few small businesses can afford. As a result, responsibility for critical business systems can take precious time away from strategic decisions. read more


How Can Consolidating My Suppliers Help My Business?

Your IT and communications spend can also be reduced through careful management. 62 per cent of UK businesses have more than four suppliers for telecoms and IT alone! Cutting costs here can be as simple as consolidating all lines, calls and mobiles, which saves cash at a stroke. read more


How Do I Control My Costs?

Controlling your business costs is a crucial way to maintain your competitive edge. The economy is intensifying financial pressures on businesses of all sizes, so it’s more important than ever for companies to take a look at their finances and make the relevant adjustments. read more


How Do I Protect My Business?

It’s critical that you’re insured against any eventuality – the last thing you want is your business to be held up by circumstances beyond your control. There are numerous types of insurance cover that you’ll need, which will vary slightly depending on whether you’re working in a retail, office or mobile environment. read more


How Do I Set Up My Business Legally

If you start trading as one status of business it does not mean that you always have to trade that way. As your business grows, you may decide to change the legal status of how you operate. read more


Talent Management In A Recession

Of the many various areas of business impacted by the current recession, the practice of talent management raises some particularly interesting challenges. read more


Three Common “Delusions” About Referral Sources

If your strategy requires you to be present in order to get a referral, you’re putting severe limits on your potential business. Referrals happen when you’re in front of the referral source only if your system is dependent on your asking for the referral and getting it at the same time. read more