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British American Tobacco plc

British American Tobacco (BAT) plc is the world’s second largest quoted tobacco group by global market share. The firm makes about 685 billion cigarettes each year and sells them in more than 150 countries. read more


Brambles LD

Brambles LD is a leading global provider of support services. The group's businesses are CHEP (the global leader in pallet and container pooling services) and Recall (a global leader in the management of information through its life cycle). read more


Essential Ten-Point Holiday Checklist For Business Owners

With the peak holiday season fast approaching, businesses should prepare themselves for the absence of key staff over the forthcoming summer months. To help, Business Link has created an essential ten-point holiday checklist which business owners can use to ensure they are ready for the summer season. read more


Go Understand Wireless

A wireless network enables users to access an organisation’s servers. It also enables users to access the internet, via radio waves rather than by using traditional wires plugged into the back of a PC or laptop computer. Wireless networks are often referred to as ‘WiFi’ (Wireless Fidelity) or Wi-Fi, which is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance read more


Security Threats As Redundancies Increase

The affects of recession have become even starker with the recent announcement that UK unemployment has now reached two million – a 12 year high. The vast majority of this increase can be attributed to redundancy as some companies struggle to survive. In some cases this is due to bankruptcy, but it is also largely due to businesses cutting staff numbers because of falling business and the need to streamline operations. Companies that find themselves in the latter category may not realise it, but they face a greater potential risk of security breaches with the flow of redundant staff. read more


Recession Proof IT? - How To Do More With Less

Let’s face it, technology is at the top of cost cutting agendas for many SMEs at the moment – right up there with overheads such as office space, wages and travel expenses. Whilst such drastic actions can readdress the balance sheet in the short term, is it inevitable that levels of customer satisfaction and service delivery will be reduced too? read more


IP Hosted Extensions As A Low Cost Risk Free Opportunity For SME

For 80% of customers, the telephone is the first point of contact with your business. So, Lesley Hansen, Group Marketing Director for Teleware explains that it’s important your phone system handles calls efficiently and cost effectively and gives a professional image for your business whilst living up to your callers’ expectations. read more


BP plc

BP is one of the world's largest energy companies, providing its customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, retail services and petrochemicals products for everyday items. read more


BHP Billiton

BHP Billiton is a global leader in the resources industry. BHP Billiton was created through the Dual Listed Companies (DLC) merger of BHP Limited (now BHP Billiton Limited) and Billiton Plc (now BHP Billiton Plc) in 2001. read more


AstraZeneca plc

AstraZeneca plc is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, with a broad range of medicines designed to fight disease in important areas of healthcare. read more