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What Benefits Can I Use To Tempt A Candidate?

Once upon a time, perks were special favours granted to the chosen few, such as corner offices with a window, and a key to the executive wash room. Real company perks are much wider in scope and are the most cost-effective way to recruit and retain a happy, engaged workforce. For a fraction of the cost of offering higher salaries, you could instead implement an employee benefits scheme and get a more motivated workforce into the bargain. read more


Raising Equity For Your Business Through VCTs And EIS

For entrepreneurs and growth businesses looking for alternatives to bank funding, investment from Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) or through the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) or Corporate Venturing Scheme may be well worth exploring. read more


Tax Relief ó Are You Missing Out?

Managing cash flow is becoming more and more important for businesses. Every finance team should be looking for opportunities to claim the reliefs available, defer tax payments or reclaim tax previously paid. Hereís a quick overview of some of the tax relief available. Is it time to reassess whether these apply to your business? read more


Three Ways To Beat Interest Rate Risk Ė Caps, Collars And Swaps Explained

The downward spiral of interest rates has demonstrated the dramatic impact that interest rate volatility can have on borrowing costs and cashflow. Interest rate management is clearly important for long-term financial planning and there are a number of hedging tools that can help bring certainty to budgeting and forecasting. The most common tools used to minimise exposure to interest rate fluctuations are a combination of caps, collars and swaps. No one approach will suit all cases, so itís important to consider all the options and make a decision based on your own circumstances. read more


Beat Redundancy Blues By Rising To The Start-Up Challenge

With thousands of people affected this year by redundancy, and competition for existing job vacancies on the increase, many people are considering starting up a business. read more


Cashing In On The Twitter Boom

Social media is everywhere at the moment, you canít pick up a paper or browse a news site online without finding a mention of it somewhere, and probably 90% of this is focused on Twitter. With all the noise around it, brand owners are starting to sit up and take notice, and ask how social media can be used as a commercial tool. read more


8 Steps To Email Marketing Success

The nature of email marketing has changed enormously over the past few years. No longer just a tool to drive short term sales, email is a highly-valued tool to develop and maintain long-term customer relationships through an ever-growing variety of devices and formats from fixed line PCs and mobile laptops to iPhones and Blackberrys. read more


Has Your Business Been Defamed?

Sarah Webb looks at how the rise in social media has led to companiesí reputations increasingly being called into question. Whilst we celebrated the fifth anniversary of Facebook this month, and the enormous growth in social networking, many businesses and their directors are not so happy at the growth of similar business networks and blogs, such as ADVFN. read more


Back To Basics: The Seven Essential Rules To Online Marketing

Every business person worth their salt knows that, in todayís day and age, online marketing is a critical success factor. There isnít a company out there that does not have some sort of web presence, and its not just websites, social media spend is up an impressive 40 per cent on last year. But there are also a lot of companies getting it wrong online. Simon Robinson, international director at web experience company, Vignette - and Dan Rayburn, principal analyst at Frost and Sullivan outlines seven essential rules companies should consider before diving in head first read more


The End Of The Line For The Expenses Gravy Train?

Expenses have been centre stage recently, thanks to the seemingly creative antics of some MPs. But itís not just MPs that get expenses; practices are changing as businesses increasingly try to reduce their overheads and HM Revenue & Customs increases its focus on applying and policing the rules. read more