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North West Mediation Solutions - Mediation Services

Disputes, whether business or personal, can be costly, time consuming and detrimental to relationships. Mediation is a form of dispute resolution aimed at facilitating an agreement between parties which can reduce cost, save time and relationships. read more


How To Create And Launch A New Online Internal Publication

In the current economic climate, there is a sharper focus on the need to keep colleagues informed about the state of the market and business, on building employee engagement, and on building a united purpose among colleagues. read more


Sound Financial Governance Isn’t An Option

Recruiters will soon have to reassure clients by demonstrating sufficient working capital to fulfil contracts. Today’s extraordinary trading conditions have brought about many reversals and changed working arrangements. Now, seismic shifts in the supplier/client relationship are about to put one of the hardest hit sectors under additional pressure. read more


Maximising The Success Of Email Marketing Campaigns

The growth in demand for email marketing continues to rise. Now more than ever it is seen as a cost effective business tool that is quick to deploy, making it an ideal marketing channel for small businesses. read more


SEO In 2010 And Beyond

Real-time search is now integrated into Google and Bing’s search results, so it is important for companies to know when people are mentioning their brands online, where these citations are being found and to understand their context and the sentiment behind them. SEO should be utilised in conjunction with social media to ensure the right keywords are being used in tweets from company twitter accounts as it is possible for these comments to appear above traditional natural listings, albeit for a short period of time. read more


To Pay Or Not To Pay – That Is The Question!

Sue Evans, Partner at Lester Aldridge will in this article offer her advice about employees taking time off work for various issues read more


The IT Director Paradox

For most SMEs, if IT hits the board’s agenda, there is a major problem. Over the past decade as IT reliance has increased, the majority of organisations have downgraded IT to a middle management function. read more


Selling Your Business

I own a medium-sized manufacturing business which, because we operate in a niche area, has attracted interest from a couple of larger players. I put any ideas about a sale on-hold during the recession, but I’m now looking to maximise the potential value of the business to sell when the upturn arrives. What advice do you have for achieving this? read more


Are Small To Medium Sized Enterprises Prepared To Cope With Disaster?

Many Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK are already coping with limited resources to run their businesses as they try to work their way out of recession. Staff levels may be reduced, operational expenditure is low, and every sale is vital to keep the business afloat. For this reason, many small businesses won't even be thinking about incorporating any form of disaster recovery provision into their forward-planning. read more


Acquisitions Q&A

It’s clearly a buyer’s market. But vendors’ price expectations still seem to be fixed at unrealistic levels. Can you advise me on any techniques to overcome this challenge and get the deal done? read more