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How to Focus on Your Key Priorities

Nothing comes close to the heart of general productivity like doing the things you really want to do, doing them efficiently and getting the desired results. However, as time passes, we often accumulate activities that, while not necessarily ones we can drop, certainly don ’t seem to attract high - level enthusiasm, commitment or drive. read more


Athlete Career Transition: A Solution for a Problem I Faced

In the ‘real world’, retirement may be a joyous welcome break from the shackles of the workplace. However with sport, retirement does not bring old age and slippers, but instead another thirty or so years until the real world ‘retirement age’ and pressure to transition into a world far removed from the playing field or track. read more


The Confidence Trickster – Behind the Confidence Veneer

Being promoted to a new leadership level is both an exciting and a risky moment for any leader. The additional responsibility, the delivery expectation and often finding themselves in a new relational matrix frequently puts the new leader well outside their comfort zone. In their keenness and anxiety to prove themselves a psychological response can be triggered. They can fall into the ‘confidence trap’ of overusing their overt confidence-winning formula that has helped get them to where they are. read more


Leaders of Tomorrow – Evolve Your Minds

I have always been intrigued by what it is that makes a successful leader. My search for answers led me to business schools, various executive training programs, onto a PhD program, into boardrooms, on a fair share of mindfulness and meditation courses, and to the top of Mount Everest. read more


Life after Sport: Matthew Hoggard

Life after sport can be challenging for many athletes, however having options and working with the right people can open so many doors once the final whistle has been blown. read more


Risk Assessment for Apprentices

It’s coming to the end of the school year and for some young people that means entering the workplace for the first time, many as apprentices. Did you know that the rate of workplace injury in young men face a 40% higher risk of workplace than their older counterparts? Stephen Thomas, Health and Safety Consultant at Croner, looks at the legal safety requirements for apprentices and how employers can protect them through risk assessment. read more


The One Thing That Trumps Drive When It Comes To Business Success

No matter how much drive you have – there is one thing that will always beat it when it comes to business success. Business is like sport: the most successful players love the game. Successful business leaders, if they love what they do, will always go the extra mile to succeed, they will also stand up again after being knocked over and they will look at obstacles and failures as, at worst, a small blip, and at best an opportunity to learn. read more


Skills Shortage In Cyber And Cloud?

A lot has been said about how technology is changing and the impact that is having on the way businesses operate and the way we live our lives. We’re more mobile, we have the world’s information available to us at the click of a button and our data is stored on interconnected servers spread throughout the world. read more


Motivating The Selfie Generation

What motivates the millennials? The generation that grew up alongside Facebook, Harry Potter and Britney Spears now makes up a third of the workforce – and will account for 50% of it by the end of the decade. As such, the corporate world shaped by previous generations is quickly changing. And the new generation may like what they’ve done with the place, or may have something a little more ‘millennial’ in mind. read more


Businesses Need to Weigh in on Youth Unemployment

It’s worrying to see that, despite a nominal decline in numbers shown in last fortnight’s ONS report, a fifth of British 16-24 year olds – almost a million – remain out of work, study or training. Meanwhile, Sir Ian Wood’s analysis of youth unemployment in Scotland, released earlier this month, highlights a crisis that is proving to be a drain on the economy as well as an alarming waste of potential. read more


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