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Why Do You Do What You Do?

There has probably been someone in your life – a coach, grandparent, teacher, aunt, or spiritual mentor – who’s made a difference for you. It may have been when you were young (it generally is) – it may have been recently. It may have been a positive experience or it may have been very negative. Either way, it is your “why” for what you are passionate about. read more


11 Fears That Are Holding You Back

It’s been said that FEAR stands for “Forget Everything And Run.” It’s that uncomfortable, disconcerting feeling that causes us to take a back seat in our own life and prevents us from proactively moving forward to reach our goals and aspirations. Instead of facing a personal, business or workplace situation head on and taking control of the proverbial handlebars of life, fear causes us to turn the other way, freeze in our tracks, or poke our head in the sand. read more


Risky Business: 6 Tips Helping Professionals Take Leaps of Faith

As a former Marine, cancer survivor and highly successful serial entrepreneur, I've learned a thing or two about risk. If you're happy languishing in a gelatinous pool of indifference and stagnation then, by all means, keep doing what you're doing. If you're ready to take a leap and change things for the better, here's some wisdom to get you started. read more


It’s not about change - it’s about control

I stared at the blank screen in disbelief. I prodded the power button, it burst into life and then died again. It was 9.30pm at night, dark and I was somewhere deep in the Provence countryside. I’d been cycling since 6.30am and had ridden over the equivalent of Mont Blanc and Ben Nevis combined. I was tired and hungry and now my GPS device had failed. I had no idea where I was or which way to go. I got my phone out, 25% battery left, but I knew that with the GPS enabled that would soon disappear to nothing. read more


What are the rules? What every small business needs to know about Work Experience and Unpaid Internships

Andrew Sumner, Managing Director of — which became the first UK jobsite to exclude unpaid internships from their site — advises SMEs on how to ensure a positive experience for both employer and employee. read more


True Engagement In The Workplace

Most business will go through times when some staff are less than fully engaged. It could be after the summer holidays, starting back in January or maybe when a colleague has moved on or a client has been lost. This drop in motivation and engagement isn’t always long-lasting and doesn’t always have a major impact on your business. But it can. Lack of engagement can be contagious in business and it makes for an unenjoyable and frustrating experience and reflects badly on the business. read more


How to Focus on Your Key Priorities

Nothing comes close to the heart of general productivity like doing the things you really want to do, doing them efficiently and getting the desired results. However, as time passes, we often accumulate activities that, while not necessarily ones we can drop, certainly don ’t seem to attract high - level enthusiasm, commitment or drive. read more


Athlete Career Transition: A Solution for a Problem I Faced

In the ‘real world’, retirement may be a joyous welcome break from the shackles of the workplace. However with sport, retirement does not bring old age and slippers, but instead another thirty or so years until the real world ‘retirement age’ and pressure to transition into a world far removed from the playing field or track. read more


The Confidence Trickster – Behind the Confidence Veneer

Being promoted to a new leadership level is both an exciting and a risky moment for any leader. The additional responsibility, the delivery expectation and often finding themselves in a new relational matrix frequently puts the new leader well outside their comfort zone. In their keenness and anxiety to prove themselves a psychological response can be triggered. They can fall into the ‘confidence trap’ of overusing their overt confidence-winning formula that has helped get them to where they are. read more


Leaders of Tomorrow – Evolve Your Minds

I have always been intrigued by what it is that makes a successful leader. My search for answers led me to business schools, various executive training programs, onto a PhD program, into boardrooms, on a fair share of mindfulness and meditation courses, and to the top of Mount Everest. read more


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