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Get Set Grow

With the latest GDP figures showing a 0.8% upswing in the last quarter and the Purchasing Managers Index showing the highest rise in output and orders in the manufacturing sector in over 19 years, many businesses are cautiously optimistic that the worst of the torrid post-credit crunch period may be in the past. read more


Probationary Periods — Are They Worth It?

When updating your standard employment contract in preparation of hiring new staff, whether or not to have a probationary period is often a key issue debated by managers and HR teams. This article looks at the pros and cons of having probationary periods, or indeed not having them. read more


Scaling For Growth: The Best Teams Win

There comes a point in every entrepreneur’s journey when it is critical to get the right team in place, doing the right things. And it’s easier said than done. From learning to relinquish control, to tempting proven superstars to take a risk and buy into the dream, finding and securing the right talent to help boost your growth is a delicate but critical job. read more


Auto Enrolment: Be Wise Before The Event

A year on from when auto enrolment was launched is a naturally good time to reflect on how it has gone so far and what lessons have been learned that can be used to benefit those SMEs yet to face the challenge. read more


Volunteering And Employee Engagement

There’s little doubt that a strong CSR policy can be an effective way not just to make a positive difference to society, but also to boost employee engagement. read more


Workplace For A Multigenerational Workforce

Why is diversity important to organisations of today? I am often asked this seemingly innocuous, yet critical question. In response, I always quote Stephen R. Covey who famously said, “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities”. read more


Empower Employees to ‘Make a Difference’

For every organisation to succeed there are certain fundamental prerequisites. Progressive organisations of today place a pronounced emphasis on putting the Employee First. Though at a superficial level, creativity and the ability to arrest attrition might seem to be two completely separate concerns, an in-depth analysis concludes that a common string connects them together. Organisations that truly instigate innovation, consistently welcome ideas from every employee, irrespective of his/her role, enjoy a higher degree of stickiness with people who value freedom to ideate, decide and act. This practice automatically translates to a culture where employees feel valued as active stakeholders in the growth of the organisation. read more


The Business Of Creating “Notable Moments”

Every Sunday morning I look forward to the tennis match in my apartment’s club. Yes, I am an avid table tennis player and the reason I have started enjoying it more is because of the youngsters in my neighbourhood. read more


Top 5 HR Questions Answered

What are your tips for improving staff retention? The dream for any HR department is to achieve the ultimate workplace, where employees look forward to, rather than dread, Monday mornings. The key to nurturing a successful employee that wants to stay with the company is ensuring that they are in the right job, in the right environment, working alongside the right people. read more


The Engagement Imperative — How The New Norm Of Employee Driven Development Helps Retain Talent

An average person changes jobs ten to eleven times during their career. How can then businesses, which treat employees as key assets, ensure their best talent doesn’t go over to the competition? read more


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