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How to Avoid Pitfalls and Make the Most of the Holiday Season

Margery McBain, MD of Gravitate HR provides her top 10 tips for getting the most out of the holiday season for you business read more


The Earnings Gap For SME Directors

There has been much media coverage recently about the large increases in remuneration levels of the CEOs of the FTSE 100 companies. Whilst this is very interesting and worthy of comment, we must remember that the vast majority of British Boardrooms are in organisations much smaller than those in the FTSE 100, and the remuneration of their Managing Directors and Chief Executives is a far cry from that of their much larger corporate counterparts. read more


The Importance Of Performance Review To Ensuring A High-Performing Workforce

Performance review is paramount in helping to ensure that organisations have a high-performing workforce, but often managers see this only in terms of the annual appraisal. The question to answer is: “What is a performance review?” read more


Take The Employment General Knowledge Quiz

How much do you know about employers’ obligation for employment and safety? Take the Croner quiz to find out! read more


Don’t Give Up On Internships

Interns may seem an attractive option for smaller businesses, offering a pool of talented new faces at a time when budgetary constraints mean they may be struggling to take on permanent employees. However, while the benefits are clear, be aware that from a legal standpoint interns can be considered either workers or employees. read more


Communication During Conflict

Conflict is almost inevitable in an organisation and it isn’t necessarily always a bad thing. Some forms of conflict can cause us the challenge the status quo and can be the source of new and more creative ways of working. But it is also true that some forms of conflict can be extremely damaging and can lead to reduced performance, sabotage, sniping, whinging, low morale and expensive staff turnover. read more


Can You Afford to Replace Your Star Player?

Marnie Clarke, HR Consultant at Consult Capital looks at how you can minimise the risk of losing a star player on your team. read more


Christmas Health And Safety Checklist

Each year, the media delight in stories of end of year festivities ruined by ‘elf’ and safety. While many of the stories are born out of myth or excuse making, it is worth taking some simple precautions early on to protect your staff and your business from significant safety risks. read more


Holidays Over The Festive Season

Christmas is just around the corner and employers have been asking us to clarify their position around holiday entitlement over the Christmas break. Here are the basics. read more


Top Tips For Choosing An HR Service Provider

It’s a common dilemma — as your business grows do you hire an in-house HR manager or do you seek support from an external provider? Getting additional help from an external provider may be the most cost effective option. But what attributes should you look for when evaluating HR service providers? read more


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