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Talent Management Trends For 2011

Although social recruitment received a lot of hype over the last 12 months, unfortunately most companies are still scratching their heads when it comes to what they should be doing and how to do it. As a result, adoption has been slow off the mark and certainly not as quick as was predicted by many analysts. However, we can expect to see a more marked rise in the adoption of social recruitment, using the likes of Facebook and Twitter during 2011, as companies continue to feel the pinch of challenging economic circumstances and seek more cost-effective ways of attracting and retaining top talent. read more


Internal Communications

Internal communication should not be perceived as an additional extra to a business. Rather, it is an essential tool that can help to shape an organisation, engage employees and drive perceptions. read more


How to Buy Workforce Optimisation (WFO)

The first and most important consideration is to understand just exactly what it is that you think you’re buying. There are still many people who initially think that Workforce Optimisation (WFO) is just another name for Workforce Management (WFM) – it is not and it is important that we recognise that Management and Optimisation are very different words! read more


Human Capital Measurement And Its Role In Maximising Business Performance

The practice of collecting, evaluating and reporting on human capital management (HCM) enables better business decision-making and deepens understanding of the link between human resources, business strategy and performance, according to new research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). read more


Office Workers Are At High Risk Of Postural Problems Costing Businesses Millions

Work related “musculo-skeletal disorders” such as back injuries are the most prevalent, most expensive and the most preventable workplace injuries in the country. read more


How To Spot The Signs And Support Dyslexic Employees

Sharon Goldie, Consultant at iansyst Ltd - - looks at how employers can recognise the warning signs that an employee may be dyslexic and provides some simple steps for your organisation to ensure a dyslexic-friendly workplace. read more


Beat The Bullies

This week is National Anti-Bullying Week. While bullying is often associated with children and school playgrounds, it unfortunately is also common in the workplace, where it often either goes unnoticed or is ignored. Statistics released on the Anti-Bullying Helpline website show that 1in 4 employees say they are currently experiencing bullying at work, while 1in 8 employees say they have been affected by witnessing workplace bullying. read more


Christmas - Start Now To Achieve Engagement And Performance Improvements In 2011

The subject of ‘engagement’ has certainly been rising up the corporate agenda and is set to be a key factor in performance in 2011. The weeks leading up to Christmas, and those first few days in the New Year, are such an important period for engagement that, if utilised effectively, they could reap real performance returns in the twelve months ahead. read more


How To Keep Your Employees Engaged Using Positive Psychology

It is estimated that only 19% of employees are actively engaged at work at any one time, while another 19% are actively disengaged. Active disengagement at work costs the UK economy about £38bn a year. David Bolchover took it upon himself to find out what actively disengaged employees do when at work (and also when not). Scouring the research, he found that: read more


Management Behaviour Key To Successful Returns To Work For Long-Term Sick

New guidance launched today aimed at helping managers support people returning to work after long-term sickness can play a key role in preventing workers with health problems fall out of employment altogether. read more


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