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Maximising your Investment in Young People

In recent years, a growing number of savvy employers — large and small, multinational and local — have identified young people as their secret weapon in the war on talent. They recognise that investing in the talents of graduates, school-leavers, apprentices and young people looking for their first role after college can pay dividends. They are reaping the benefits of a diverse and multi-skilled workforce and meeting the challenging demands of the modern economy. read more


Better By Degrees? Taking the Temperature of the Employment Pool

As a country we are more educated than ever. The government has more or less made good on Labour’s promise that half of all school leavers should go to university. It’s an educational embarrassment of riches, on the face of it. But that’s only half the story, of course. And if you are putting together a crack team for your business, you may well not agree. read more


How To Use Your Employer Brand To Engage With Potential Employees

Recruitment advertising is as much about brand advertising as a 30-second TV commercial. So it makes sense to be consistent. A messy job advert suggests the organisation is itself disorganised and will deter really talented employees from ever applying. read more


Why The Fuss Over HMRC’s Data Sell-Off?

All hell broke loose recently when HMRC announced they were looking into selling private taxpayer data to private companies and public bodies. “Is there anything this Government won’t sell?!” commented one disgruntled reader beneath the article. A senior MP called the plan ‘borderline insane’. Opinion pieces went live saying the move is a mistake waiting to happen, for HMRC to get involved in the selling of private data. For all the noise, there’s been scant consideration about what it might actually entail, either for the public, corporations or for HMRC itself. That said the government has shown itself to be utterly inept when it comes to protecting citizens’ data and downright dumb when it comes trying to persuade the electorate to trust them. read more


Training and Development: Towards Strong Individuals Not Clones

Many organisations spend vast amounts of time and money on education and training programmes for their staff and yet there is still a feeling that the employment pool is not up to the job. read more


Tips on Motivating Employees

For any SME, the motivation and retention of key talent is vital which means employees need to remain engaged and involved at all times. read more


How to Become a Top Leader in Your Business

Carolyn Blunt shares with us her 4 steps on how to become a top leader in your business read more


The ‘Farmers’ Market

Over the last two decades the internet has transformed the way people buy – everything from low-value household commodities to high-value business services. The new web-savvy customers gather most of the information before they engage with sales representatives of the selected companies. As a result the power balance between the buyer and the seller has fundamentally changed. Steve Gilroy, CEO of Vistage, examines this fundamental market change. read more


Surviving A Modern Day HMRC Enquiry

So you have just received the dreaded brown envelope from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) announcing that it has some concerns about your tax return. Don’t panic, as Wolters Kluwer’s CCH tax expert, Neil Tipping, has some practical advice for Fresh Business Thinking readers. read more


Training Generation Y and Z

In a digital age, for Generation Y and Z, training must be brought to life, interactively, bit by bit. Generation Y has been shaped by the technological revolution that occurred throughout their youth with smart phones and tablets now the norm and being online and connected 24/7 seen as essential to the vast majority. Five years from now the intake of Generation Z employees will consist of people who have only ever known a wireless, hyper-linked world. read more


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