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Trust Is A Key Part Of The New Flexible Working Law

On 30th June, change to UK legislation meant that all employees now have the right to request flexible working, provided they have been in continuous employment for at least 26 weeks. But although employers have a statutory duty to consider applications, they can also reject them, and recent research from Citrix suggests that the latter may be indeed the case. It found that only one in ten small and medium sized businesses see the change as a positive move, despite the government predicting it will generate £475 million of economic benefits through increased efficiency and employee satisfaction in the first ten years. read more


Nurture Business Culture, Don’t Force It

Suzy Dean of EasySharePoint explains why it is vital to nurture your business culture, not force it. read more


Flexible Working – Who Cares? Do Estate Agents?

It has long been the case that many estate agents just fall into the industry. Usually it is very early in people’s career, their first or second job. They start as a junior negotiator and work their way through the ranks, typically very quickly. Estate Agents earn a decent income for their age and skills as a direct comparison to other industries and many are believed to have a work hard, play hard ethos. read more


How To Ensure Your Home Workers Are Flexible - And Not Just Remote

By 2015 it's predicted more than 37% of the workforce globally will be 'mobile workers', based from home or travelling away from the HQ (or 1.3 billion employees, according to IDC figures). read more


How To Make Flexible Working Benefit Your Start-up

Technology is becoming more ingrained in our working lives and as a part of this businesses should adapt to keep up with new flexible working trends. Location is no longer a limitation as there is now the possibility to keep communication open with colleagues, suppliers and customers all around the world. read more


Flexible Working for All

On 30 June, flexible working law was extended to enable all qualifying workers in England, Scotland and Wales to make a flexible working request. Research by YouGov for Croner in March this year found that despite making it easier for people to work flexibly, the majority of employees (3/4) won’t be taking advantage of this opportunity, which will come as a welcome relief to small business owners worried about the impact this will have on their business. read more


Holiday Pay Decision Will Hit Employers’ Pockets

A recent Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruling on holiday pay and commission could have a significant impact on employers, writes Liz Iles, senior employment consultant at Croner. read more


The One Thing That Trumps Drive When It Comes To Business Success

No matter how much drive you have – there is one thing that will always beat it when it comes to business success. Business is like sport: the most successful players love the game. Successful business leaders, if they love what they do, will always go the extra mile to succeed, they will also stand up again after being knocked over and they will look at obstacles and failures as, at worst, a small blip, and at best an opportunity to learn. read more


Remote Working Gives the Upper Hand on Strikes

Today (10th July), the UK faces the largest one-day strike over pay by public sector workers since 2010. Up to a million local government workers, civil servants, teachers, passport staff, health workers and firefighters plan to strike. read more


Making a Winning Counter-Offer to Retain your Key Staff

With the jobs market picking up, a fifth of employees are planning to change jobs this year, according to the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). When a key member of your staff decides to leave, particularly in a small business, it can seriously impact your performance and affect the motivation of your remaining staff. read more


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