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The Holiday Season Is Over: How To Keep Staff Motivated

Summer is over with several employees returning after the holiday season. Many will feel refreshed and re-energised whilst others may have the holiday blues. So how do you ensure team spirits remain high and staff stay motivated as we move into Autumn? read more


What are the rules? What every small business needs to know about Work Experience and Unpaid Internships

Andrew Sumner, Managing Director of — which became the first UK jobsite to exclude unpaid internships from their site — advises SMEs on how to ensure a positive experience for both employer and employee. read more


True Engagement In The Workplace

Most business will go through times when some staff are less than fully engaged. It could be after the summer holidays, starting back in January or maybe when a colleague has moved on or a client has been lost. This drop in motivation and engagement isn’t always long-lasting and doesn’t always have a major impact on your business. But it can. Lack of engagement can be contagious in business and it makes for an unenjoyable and frustrating experience and reflects badly on the business. read more


What Auto-Enrolment Means For Your Business

Automatic enrolment, or auto-enrolment for short, is an issue that SMEs ignore at their peril. In an effort to encourage workers to save for their retirement, the UK government has started requiring companies to enrol eligible employees into a pension scheme. The staging date at which businesses will be expected to comply varies – automatic enrolment is being rolled out over six years, beginning with the largest employers in 2012 – and many businesses are finding their staging date is now just round the corner. read more


Automatic Enrolment Reaches Small Business

Jonquil Lowe, Lecturer in personal Finance at The Open University looks at what automatic enrolment means for your business read more


Auto Enrolment : Strengthening Regulation and Enforcement

The law is perfectly clear that all employers must put in place a qualifying workplace pension scheme for any eligible jobholders who earn over £10,000 per year and are aged between 22 and the state pension age. But it is also clear that despite this being mandatory, SMEs are really struggling and some are simply unable to comply even though fines are very large. read more


Assess Talent but don’t Forget to Look at Risk

According to research from Right Management, the career and talent division of Manpower Group, almost half (45%) of UK HR professionals and senior leaders anticipate increased spending on talent management initiatives for the remainder of the year. read more


Your First 100 Days as an HR Director

Starting any new role is stressful as the pressure to get it right and to be seen to get it right is so high. And that’s particularly true when you are moving into a new HRD position, even if you are a seasoned player. read more


How to hire the right employees

Hiring is one of the most important responsibilities of a small business owner. The right person can be a great addition to a growing company, while the wrong person can be detrimental. The key to finding the right people begins with a smart hiring strategy. Start by thinking about where your business will be in the future and the number of employees you’ll need to get there. Then determine what your business needs today and how much you can currently afford to pay. read more


How Flexible Are You On Flexible Working?

At the end of last month, a change in UK legislation meant that employees who have worked for the same employer for at least 26 weeks have the legal right to request flexible working. There may be some relief for employers to know that they are not obliged to grant the request but they do need a sound business reason for rejecting such applications. read more


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