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The Costs Of Recruiting And How To Avoid Them

According to a new report carried out by Oxford Economics, the average cost of taking on a new member of staff for companies in the UK is £30,614. This is based on three main aspects – logistics in bringing someone new on board, the recruitment process and absorption into the business, and the cost of lost output whilst a new recruit reaches their ‘optimum productivity level’. read more


Why Now Is The Time To Start Your Apprenticeship Programme

Over the past few years, education has gone through a period of transition. Set against a backdrop of rising tuition fees, a growing number of school leavers are thinking twice about the best way to gain qualifications and enter the jobs market. read more


50/50 Gender Mix In UK Business Is Unattainable

It is unattainable to achieve a 50/50 gender mix in all senior management positions in UK businesses by 2020 because women innately want to be the primary care-giver. read more


Work Like A Dog

Frank looks at what office workers can learn from dogs about unconscious communication and collaboration. Based on a study conducted at the end of last year, this fun article looks at the similarities between how dogs and humans communicate, and what lessons we can learn from our canine companions. read more


How Smaller Firms Can Attract Top Talent

For smaller firms, having a strong team is instrumental in driving growth, but they may find themselves in competition with larger corporations when it comes to attracting top talent. However, there are several steps that ambitious businesses can take to remain competitive in the job market and show candidates just how rewarding and exciting it can be to work for a fast growing company. read more


The Power of Strong Ties: The Strength of Weak Ties — Debunked!

Nearly three quarters of the people surveyed did not take this approach — rather, they focused on their weak ties more. Why are so many people focusing on the wrong type of relationships to build their referral base? read more


Using Big Data To Recruit Smarter

Now more than ever, big data is at the forefront of conversations across a host of industries and sectors. Where marketers once led the way in exploiting data to fine-tune their strategies, those in recruitment and HR are seeing the value in adopting such approaches, with many using the data they have collected to help them improve an organisation’s recruitment function and to demonstrate the return on investment of recruitment activity. Something which in turn will benefit the wider business and its goals for success. read more


Flexible Working – Why SMEs Should Take Notice

Working patterns since the economic crisis in 2008 have changed up and down the country, in large corporations through to SMEs and microbusinesses. A major part of this shift is due to flexible working, and it would be hard to find a business owner who hasn’t noticed the number of workers opting for a more flexible working pattern over the past few years. read more


Mumpreneurs Take Advantage of Fellow Mums’ Skills to Boost Growth

As shadow childcare minister Lucy Powell says that mothers working part-time are often more productive than other employees, mumpreneurs working with GrowthAccelerator have extolled the virtues of employing other mums. read more


Automatic Enrolment - The Quiet Revolution?

Automatic Enrolment is Pensions Minister Steve Webb's "quiet revolution". However, things may not be so "quiet" for businesses in the coming months. Attitudes towards saving for our future are changing, and Mr Webb will be happy with the staging results of larger organisations – opt-out rates are better than predicted and the process has been relatively smooth so far. read more


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