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Customer service from your front-line staff impacts your bottom line

The out-of-business business is doing a roaring trade this month, as a walk down any high street will testify, combine this with the Christmas sales and financial results announced last month for many retailers, it proves that consumers are being increasingly careful with their money. read more


Corporate health advice implications of an ageing workforce

With the removal of the default retirement age, and increased life expectancy, more and more people are staying in work at a later age, or are returning to work after retirement, following a disappointing result from their pension scheme. read more


Q&A: How Much Annual Leave Can Be Carried Over Due To Sickness And Maternity Leave?

I am a HR Manager and am unsure as to what the law currently prescribes in relation to the carrying over of annual leave that remains untaken at the end of the year due to sickness or maternity leave. Our current company policy dictates that a maximum of 5 days leave can be carried over and any additional days that remain untaken will be lost. Is this in line with the current legislation or are workers entitled to carry over an unlimited number of days into subsequent leave years? read more


Managing Change

When going through a period of significant organisational change - whether that’s a growth spurt, an expansion overseas, an acquisition or a sale— the HR function has a vital role to play in making sure employees remain engaged, motivated and fully ‘bought in’ to the process. Mishandling the people side of change can have significant negative consequences, so it is important to consider in advance how change will be managed within an organisation — what the role of the HR team will be and what software, technology or use of outsourcing the organisation can consider to make any change process run more smoothly. read more


Turnover That Can Damage A Business

Do you know how many staff left your company in the last twelve months? And crucially, what was the impact and cost of this to your bottom line? read more


How To Avoid Legal Problems During Recruitment

As the New Year approaches, many employers start gearing up their recruiting. With many companies receiving new annual budgets at the start of the year, January is the ideal time to start investing in recruitment. However, hiring the right candidate is critical.Getting the recruitment and selection process correct is vital; to avoid potential costly legal problems further down the line. read more


Rewarding Your Staff — An Entrepreneur’s Toolkit

How to create a reward strategy which supports your business’ culture and goals as an investment, not an expense. read more


Protecting Your Business From The War On Talent

What would you do if your star performer came into your office and told you that they were leaving and taking staff with them? read more


Giving Employees Reason For Cheer During The Festive Season

21/12/2012 By David Saul, managing director of leading serviced office operator Business Environment Christmas can be a busy and stressful time. Some of us will worry whether we’ve put the turkey on too soon or overcooked the vegetables. For others, the need to muster sufficient feigned delight upon opening a too... read more


The Christmas Period: Lost Time?

The Christmas period could be perceived as “lost time” for you as an employer. It is the time of year when employees like to take advantage of their annual leave entitlement, either because it is getting close to the end of an annual leave year, they need to take care of children during school holidays or just to spend time shopping and enjoy the Yule tidings. read more


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