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Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Fold ‘Em

A few years into the building of blinkx, a very senior person on my team burned out right before my eyes. This person, let’s call him Dave, was (and is) a legendary contributor and one of blinkx’s best secret weapons. One night after work he sent me an email: “Urgent: can we meet early tomorrow morning? Not in the office—the Ferry Building at 8:30?” read more


Caring For Employees – What History May Teach Us

“In light of the lessons learned from major incidents from the early 80s onwards, most large UK organisations are aware that their role after a disaster in supporting their staff is pivotal in ensuring staff retention”… and now let’s put the text book down and go for the for the human version of that sentence… read more


How To Build A Stronger Team

The need for staff to pull together has never been more important as bigger workloads, tighter targets, redundancies and uncertainty take their toll on morale. read more


Has Performance Support Come Of Age?

The big question on everyone’s lips is: what can we expect workplace learning technologies to look like in 2013? The answer is a performance support solution. While this might not be a new answer (but rather an old answer marrying together a new technology with a new approach to business) the argument for performance support is stronger than ever. read more


Five Business Reasons To Invest In Developing Your People

Once a business has hired people, whether it’s as little as two or as much as two hundred, giving employees the opportunity for development is a must. Why? Put simply, developing your employees effectively helps to improve the success of your business - both the individual and the business benefit - it’s a win-win situation. read more


Dealing With Difficult People

In the words of the late Maurice Line; “Some people are born difficult; some achieve difficultness, and some have difficultness thrust upon them” read more


How To Build Effective Matrix Teams

Many organisations are finding that work now cuts horizontally across the traditional vertical silos of function and geography. They need to serve customers who want a single point of contact across the organisation, they need to manage multiple locations and run integrated supply chains and business processes and the old ways of working cannot cope. read more


What Qualities And Qualifications Make Up Today's Modern Digital Marketing Professional?

Rapidly changing times need people who are adaptable, innovative and who can work not on in a reactionary way, but with more strategic foresight. Not just using the latest technology, but working smarter with it. read more


Reclaim Your Lunch Break

UK companies are losing close to £50million a day in lost productivity as workers fail to take a lunch break. read more


10 Ways To Strike A Healthy Work-Life Balance

1.Be clear about what is important to you in life — writing down your long-term goals and aspirations may encourage you to realise them. read more


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