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Engaging Remote Teams

The way we work is changing, and whilst some businesses like Yahoo! are encouraging staff to relocate back to the office, for many businesses there is still value in allowing staff to work remotely. But implementing effective and inclusive remote working strategies isn’t always simple and is often a worry for managers. Here I explain why it doesn’t need to be a headache. read more


Why We Should All Take Our Cue From The Voluntary Sector

The CIPD's spring quarterly Employee Outlook survey of more than 2,000 workers shows the Voluntary sector clearly leading the way when it comes to employee engagement, even in difficult times. read more


Staff Motivation Is Best Achieved With A More Open And Collaborative Culture

The current economic climate is still having a significant impact on the way organisations operate. The pressure to cut costs and reduce expenditure has led to a fall in innovation and has also made it harder to motivate and engage employees on an on-going basis. read more


Boosting Business Through Health And Wellness

Employers, from SMEs to large corporates, are increasingly realising the good business sense of providing health and wellbeing solutions in the workplace, whether it be in terms of improving recruitment and retention, improving employee productivity and engagement or managing their overall healthcare spend. read more


Should Employee Performance Be Rewarded — Or Recognised? And How Can The Winners Be Identified?

Whether performance should be rewarded or recognised depends to an extent on the nature and culture of the business, and the category of job and types of personalities involved. read more


Talent Management And The Importance Of Nurturing The Next Generation Of Leaders

With nearly three quarters of organisations in England reporting a deficit of management and leadership skills* and 85% reporting that their line managers and supervisors lack abilities, the ‘cross your fingers and hope for the best’ approach to the next generation of leaders clearly isn’t working. read more


Tax Efficient Ways To Finance Employee Training

How to account for the cost of staff training is always an issue for business owners and the answer is never straightforward. There are always a number of factors to consider and the issue of whether tax relief can be claimed, or a course classified as a tax-deductible expense, comes down to what the course actually does for the individual in relation to his or her job role. read more


Enterprise Management Incentives Scheme Update

The enterprise management incentives (EMI) scheme is a tax-favoured share option scheme, designed to assist smaller and/or entrepreneurial companies to recruit, incentivise and retain employees. This is done through the offering of tax-advantaged share options in the company as an alternative to cash rewards such as bonuses. read more


Structuring Employee Rewards Without Using Shares

Employing people is usually the biggest cost and headache for most businesses; for companies to be successful, they need to attract, motivate, reward and retain the key individuals who will make this happen. This takes the form of reward, usually in cash, but a sense of ownership is also a huge incentive for those concerned. read more


Measuring Employee Performance

The success and growth of your business depends on your employees contributing effectively to your business objectives and priorities. Their contribution is a blend of achieving objectives (the ‘what’ of the job) and behaviour (the ‘how’ of the job). Both these aspects need to be based on clarity of what is expected, fair and meaningful measures, and regular feedback. read more


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