How Does SMS Fit With Social Media?


By Gary Bury, Mediaburst

Firstly, what is social media? Is it Facebook and twitter, LinkedIn and Squidoo? What about those exciting new start-ups like Flipboard and Quora. What about SMS, is it possible that the humble SMS fits into this burgeoning exciting sector?

Social media is about the techniques we use to reaching out to people, finding people who are interested in whatever it is you have to offer, getting them to hear you, to talk to you, to engage with you, and ultimately buy whatever stuff it is you actually sell.

Facebook, twitter, hubpages, Quora, LinkedIn, and so on. These are all just...


...websites that help you along the way. And their popularity will shift, new ones will arrive, some will die, some will get bought out, and others will raise stupid amounts of money from VC funders in Silicon Valley when they have no viable business model (but that’s another story).

The trick with Social Media is to find an audience and speak to them, tell them what they want to hear, give them what they want to receive.

And that’s where SMS comes in.

Think about it like this, Facebook is great for connecting with people with a Facebook profile. LinkedIn is great connecting with people with a LinkedIn profile, Twitter for people on Twitter. And so on.

But what about those without a Twitter account, those not on Facebook, those who don’t answer questions on Quora.

There is circa 24million people in the UK with a Facebook account (but I bet there are less than 15 million active users). That means there are 38 million people without a Facebook account. Did you get that? More than half the population of the UK haven’t got a Facebook account.

You may well gasp in shock but these people do have money, and they buy stuff, from... continued on page two >


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