Dos & Don’ts: Points to Consider When Writing Business Bios for Social Media


By Ben Austin CEO of SEO Positive

So you’ve set up your newest social media profile, be it with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn or another of the networks cropping up across the web. You’ve uploaded your company logo, started putting together your photo albums and you’re even frantically adding friends and family to try and get the ball rolling, but how do you go about selling your business to your consumers and crafting a slick, professional, and, above all, convincing company bio?
You need to persuade potential customers to spend their time and money with you in the following ways:

- Grabbing their...



- Engaging them

- Reassuring them

- Selling to them

Though company bios are often overlooked in favour of all the witty posts, eye-catching images and other colourful media found on your social media profile, they’re often the first thing users who have never come across your company before see. This is why you need to spend some time crafting copy that communicates your brand effectively and doesn’t intimidate or alienate your potential customers. Below I’ve listed a few dos and don’ts to bear in mind when writing this short but crucial piece of content!

• Use simple and clear language: Don’t dumb down specialist terminology and isolate users that DO know what you’re talking about, but be sure to fully explain your products and services to those who may not know a lot about your industry.

• Keep your bio informative but succinct: Users don’t want to sift through paragraphs of self-praising waffle. Make sure you mention key details, don’t exceed two or three paragraphs.

• Include mission statements: Relevant, punchy and to the point, mission statements give consumers a better grasp of your core values and objectives as a company and should be included where possible.

• Include a call to action: Point users in the direction of... continued on page two >


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