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Trouble On The Streets Emphasises Need For Business Continuity Planning

Many people up and down the country were left reeling in the aftermath of the UK riots. The damage was horrendous, with high-street businesses bearing the brunt of the trouble. read more


How Businesses Can Raise Equity For Expansion

For privately owned companies, a liquidity event – giving up equity to finance the business – can be both exciting and overwhelming. On the one hand, you have access to enhanced funding to grow the business. On the other, there will probably be a new set of shareholders, an independent board of directors and regulators to whom you are now accountable. read more


Using contracts to control financial exposure

When contracting, you accept certain responsibilities, for example, to deliver products or services to a certain standard. When the products or services fall short of that standard, the customer has the right to claim for any financial loss suffered. read more


Investing Tax Efficiently In Today’s High-Tax Environment

With top tax rates at 50% and tax thresholds reducing, you may feel that your pips are squeaking. If so, this article focuses on how you can invest tax efficiently in today’s high-tax environment. read more


Investing Your Wealth In The Current Climate

As an owner-manager or entrepreneur your focus is on growing your business, but there’s life outside as well! read more


Making Your Business More Profitable

Businesses need constant reinvention. To thrive, they must earn more, spend proportionately less, and spend wisely. In this article, we look at how you can manage your costs to improve your profitability. read more


Five Essential Steps To Building A Successful Business

A clearly articulated business strategy is fundamental to the success of your business. But, it’s important that it actually works! read more


When Is the Right Time For Your Business To Grow Through Acquisition?

Making an acquisition of the right target at the right time can sometimes be the best and most effective way to grow your business. Whether you want to increase your market share, spread your fixed costs, gain better control of your supply chain, diversify your activities or expand overseas, pursuing an acquisition strategy can bring these benefits at a faster pace than organic expansion might otherwise allow. So is now the right time to consider an acquisition? With ongoing economic uncertainty, funding tight and many business owners concerned about their futures, there may be some very attractive and affordable acquisition opportunities out there. read more


How To Benefit From The New Pension Rules

The Government is bringing in some fundamental changes to the way work-based pensions are to be provided in the future. Until now, providing pension benefits for staff has been at the discretion of employers – except for the need to have in place a stakeholder pension scheme that employees can join if they want to. The new legislation will change this voluntary approach to retirement savings. In the future, every employer will be required to make pension provision for staff. read more


Top Tips On How To Close The Working Capital Gap In Your Business

In a fluctuating economy, it’s business-critical to understand your working capital cycle and to manage the funding gap between securing those all-important orders and cash arriving in your bank account. In addition, previous recessions have taught us that more businesses collapse as the economy returns to growth, rather than in a downturn. Here are some procedures you can introduce to shorten the working capital cycle and reduce your funding requirement from lenders and investors. read more


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