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How To Benefit From The New Pension Rules

The Government is bringing in some fundamental changes to the way work-based pensions are to be provided in the future. Until now, providing pension benefits for staff has been at the discretion of employers – except for the need to have in place a stakeholder pension scheme that employees can join if they want to. The new legislation will change this voluntary approach to retirement savings. In the future, every employer will be required to make pension provision for staff. read more


Top Tips On How To Close The Working Capital Gap In Your Business

In a fluctuating economy, it’s business-critical to understand your working capital cycle and to manage the funding gap between securing those all-important orders and cash arriving in your bank account. In addition, previous recessions have taught us that more businesses collapse as the economy returns to growth, rather than in a downturn. Here are some procedures you can introduce to shorten the working capital cycle and reduce your funding requirement from lenders and investors. read more


Exporting Into Emerging Markets

Two years ago, many were questioning the viability of the Anglo-Saxon capitalist system. In the absence of a workable alternative, the leaders of the G20 nations agreed a series of inflationary measures – the total worth of which was about $4 trillion. With the global economy worth about $50 trillion, it would have been surprising if the global economy had not responded. Growth in the emerging markets rose strongly, and the developed world was pulled out of a recession, with varying degrees of success. Any country selling goods and services to the Asian and emerging market economies has recovered strongly, while those countries orientated towards the developed world have continued to struggle. read more


UK Banks: Lending Money To Small Businesses

It’s results season for many businesses. The time of year when companies big and small make a public statement about the last twelve months: the ups and downs, what has worked and what might not have been so successful. Many UK banks have followed suit, and it was interesting to gauge the media reaction to a range of issues that the results generated. read more


How To Secure Investment For Your Business

Raising equity finance can be a lengthy and arduous process that will absorb the management team, so you’ll need to be focused and prepared. Whether you choose a business angel, an institutional investor or even a corporate investor, here are our ‘top ten’ tips to take on board. read more


How To Find The Right Investor For Your Business

Finding the right investor with the right style and level of involvement is challenging, but remember that meeting potential investors is as much about you picking them as them picking you. With this in mind, here are some key things to bear in mind, from the people who should know — the investors themselves. Trusted relationships Nearly all of the investors we speak to stress the importance of long-term relationships and trust. read more


The Role Of Venture Capital & Private Equity: Assessing The Options

The private equity world comprises a myriad of investors and funds that make equity investments directly into privately owned businesses. Venture capital is a subset of private equity. It is normally provided to early stage businesses with high growth potential, typically after the establishment of the business but before it has achieved scale. Venture capital investment, whether by business angels or funds, therefore carries high risks and offers the potential for extremely high rewards. read more


Equity Funding: Does Your Business Need Or Want It?

It’s often assumed that raising external equity is a prerequisite to business success. In many cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Most businesses start with very limited funding, typically provided by the founder, or by family and friends. ‘Keeping it in the family’ is generally the preferred choice – you get to keep your potentially valuable equity, along with the choices and freedom that brings. Many entrepreneurs fear any loss of control and strive to retain as much of their shareholding as possible. read more


Business For Sale And Succession Planning

I've just come back from a most depressing two days in North Wales (Bangor and Wrexham) - the area and the people were great: real warm hospitality. The problem was the subject I was discussing... succession planning. Like writing a will, you can always put off succession planning till tomorrow... and that is the problem. read more


Relationship With Your Accountant

The last few weeks I've been working with and talking to accountants of all shapes and sizes... most have loved what I have to say but some have found it a little too challenging. A while ago I did an interview (Accountancy Age interview – a 25-minute interview on "What accountants should be providing to their clients). read more


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