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Business Growth Fund: The New Giant On The Block

The recent launch of the Business Growth Fund (BGF) could be big and very welcome news for UK entrepreneurs. Many see it as a much-needed return to the availability of long-term growth capital, which hasn’t been seen by an entire generation of entrepreneurs. read more


Asset-based Lending: A Valuable Source Of Funding For SMEs

Asset-based lending (ABL) was once considered the lending of last resort. But times have changed and it is now a realistic alternative to conventional cashflow lending and attracts considerable interest. read more


2012: The Year of Social Enterprise

When everyone looks back in years to come on the investment phenomenon that is known as Social Impact investing, I predict that the investors and entrepreneurs will reminisce that it all started taking off in 2011 with the Big Venture Challenge, but that it was 2012 when it suddenly went mainstream. read more


Bridging the Gap: Angel Investing in Social Ventures

Gareth Zahir-Bill of UnLtd talks to Hatty Stafford Charles about why Angels should get involved in a different kind of venture. read more


Why It's Cool2Care With Social Investment

For 20 years until 2007 Phil Conway was your classic mainstream businessman at IBM, building a career in sales and marketing. Then, with the birth of his disabled son, everything changed, and Phil took the first steps towards becoming a social entrepreneur. read more


From Vision To Exit: Plain Sailing To Business Success

Marcus Leach talks to Guy Rigby about the inspiration behind his new book From Vision To Exit. The book offers an entrepreneur's guide to take a business from start up to selling up. read more


Seven Reasons Financial Directors are Falling for Cloud Computing

John Leese, Chief Finance Officer of Star, offers an accountant-friendly run through the seven main implications of the rise of cloud computing. read more


An Interview With Mitesh Soma: Founder And CEO Of Chemist Direct

Mitesh Soma, founder and CEO of talks to Hatty Stafford Charles about online, consumer-led retail and keeping it in the family. read more


Investment With A Spark - How Spark Energy Broke Into The UK Energy Market

Modwenna Rees-Mogg looks into the success of Spark Energy, a new competitor on the UK energy market, and every business angel's investment dream. read more


Innovation And Entrepreneurship - Is Phil Pauley A New Leonardo?

Take a look at some of the images and videos around which this article is wrapped. I am sure you will get immediately why I liken Phil Pauley to Leonardo Da Vinci. They maybe displayed using the latest CAD and web technology, but here is a man who designs the machines of the future. read more


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