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An Interview With Mitesh Soma: Founder And CEO Of Chemist Direct

Mitesh Soma, founder and CEO of talks to Hatty Stafford Charles about online, consumer-led retail and keeping it in the family. read more


Investment With A Spark - How Spark Energy Broke Into The UK Energy Market

Modwenna Rees-Mogg looks into the success of Spark Energy, a new competitor on the UK energy market, and every business angel's investment dream. read more


Innovation And Entrepreneurship - Is Phil Pauley A New Leonardo?

Take a look at some of the images and videos around which this article is wrapped. I am sure you will get immediately why I liken Phil Pauley to Leonardo Da Vinci. They maybe displayed using the latest CAD and web technology, but here is a man who designs the machines of the future. read more


Partial Exit To Major Venture Capital Awards For YFM Equity Partners

British Smaller Companies VCT, managed by YFM Equity Partners, has long been a top performing VCT, as well as a long term investor in GO Outdoors. It should come as no surprise therefore that the winning VCT in both the annual Investor All Stars Awards and the British Private Equity Awards this year. read more


Salary Sacrifice Rewards You And Your Staff

As an entrepreneur or owner of a growing business you will always be looking for ways to cut costs. With your wage bill likely to be the biggest drain on your resources, salary sacrifice can be an attractive way to reduce it. read more


Stimulate To Innovate – Empowering And Motivating Your Staff

All growing companies want to improve performance, productivity and efficiency. With the right motivation you can achieve all three, yet many companies lack an explicit reward strategy and haven’t considered which incentives their employees respond to best. read more


How To Retain Your Best People

If you think finding the right people is demanding, then holding on to them can be even more challenging. Keeping your good people is essential — it reduces the disruption and costs associated with staff turnover and provides the foundations on which to build your future business. read more


No Opt Out – Make Sure You Don’t Break The Pension Rules

To get more people to save for their retirement, every employer will soon have a duty to offer a qualifying workplace pension scheme (QWPS) to employees. Between 2012 and 2016, companies will have to automatically enroll all eligible jobholders and make contributions on their behalf. There will be heavy penalties for failure to comply. read more


According To Gabriel - The Latest Antics From Our Friendly Angel Investor

My phone has been red hot in the last few days with calls from my mates and various advisers in my inner circle all wanting to know what I think about the Government’s consultation on venture capital tax break schemes. I can tell you its more usual for you to see my nose stuck deep into an intriguing plan to build human cities under the Atlantic than to be reading a government white paper, but when I heard rumours that something was going down that would give me 50% (yes 50%!) tax breaks on my investments it seemed worth pouring out another whisky and soda and popping out on deck to glance through it. So last night I did just that as Mrs G has popped ashore with the grandkids to take them to Harry Potter at the local flea pit. read more


Annual Report On The Business Angel Market In The United Kingdom: 2009/10 Revealed

The second annual report on investment activity by business angels in the UK prepared by Colin Mason and Richard Harrison has been released examining the 2009/2010 market. read more


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