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Why Trustmarks are Vital in the Online Retail World

Trustmarks are an established part of the online shopping experience. Security conscious people look to them as a sign the business they are buying from can be trusted to deliver, even if the company is not a well-known brand name. read more


Multi-Channel Retailing – The Challenges and Top Tips

Henry Selfridge, one of the great innovators in retail, coined the term ‘the customer is always right’. Over 100 years later this adage still holds true. More than ever, customer expectations are driving retailers to deliver the optimum retail experience. read more


How to Maximise Your Success in E-Commerce

Google Shopping, Twenga, Kelkoo, Ciao and Nextag are to name just but a few that come to mind when you hear the term of “price comparison sites”. These are just a few sites out of the hundreds offering to help boost turnover and attract visitors to your E-Commerce website. read more


Marketplaces: The Benefits and Challenges for Ecommerce

Online marketplaces are likely to be a key area of focus for e-commerce in 2015. 95% of UK retailers are already selling via this channel with almost half using them to trade overseas. Amazon is the most popular site amongst UK companies with around 86% selling on the marketplace giant, followed by 68% on eBay. But not all marketplaces are the same. read more


Have you Thought about your Delivery Options Recently?

Although the Christmas rush is now over, eCommerce retailers will have noticed the impact of increased purchasing from consumers on their systems, processes and infrastructure. As such, retailers should be asking themselves how they can ensure they offer the best possible service to customers and what they can improve. read more


Match Made in Heaven: 10 Services Retailers Should Expect from their Delivery Partners

Most shrewd small/medium online retailers realise that they need to engage an expert to help with their delivery process. This approach gives them access to specialist knowledge enabling them to make their deliveries better value and more reliable. But a delivery partner should offer much more than making sure parcels get from A to B. read more


Un-appy Shoppers Demand More from UK Retailers this Winter

The relentless rise of people shopping online, using mobile devices in particular, has left many retailers struggling to keep up. This is compounded by customers’ expectations growing too. Flawless performance, extensive functionality and top-notch security are being established as standards by leading shopping apps and websites. Those retailers that do move at the speed of their shoppers, however, may reap rewards from appreciative customers who are set to spend large using their tablets and smartphones this January. read more


How Click and Collect Could be a Miracle for Christmas 2015

For a time of year that is supposed to bring good tidings and cheer, Christmas is often an incredibly stressful period; too much to do in a short space of time and a deadline of the 25th December that can’t be moved! And it’s not just peoples’ time that is squeezed at Christmas; money can be tight, too. So when retailers slash prices to the levels we saw on Black Friday and Cyber Monday; it’s little wonder consumers rubbed their hands together with glee – discounted items delivered to the home in plenty of time for Christmas! Sounds simple, right? read more


Embrace Showrooming to Ensure Customer Loyalty

As trends like online shopping, smartphones and social media have matured, so have the ways customers research and purchase products and services. read more


Tackling Customer Criticism in a Digital Age

Customer criticism is part and parcel of the digital age; even the most experienced and successful retailers can now easily fall by the wayside, especially following unforeseen circumstances such as unexpected Christmas sales volumes (reaching double the analyst forecast), and providers such as Yodel having to defer collections for up to 48 hours. read more


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