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What? You Want To Pay Me In Euros?

If you’re deliberately targeting an overseas customer base or acquired them recently, have you had that moment when you say, “What? You want to pay me in euros/dollars/rupee/etc.?” Having navigated your way to finding reliable trade partners, understanding the perks and quirks of your new market, and getting to grips with the legal implications, you may have thought the main challenges of breaking into a new market were behind you. read more


Innovation, Not Cost, Should Drive Customer Experience

IT now permeates every fibre of every business — and increasingly it must extend outside the traditional business boundary. With 77% of people using mobile as primary route to the internet according to Google Think Insights, organisations need to think carefully about how best to interact with customers across multiple channels. But while it is tempting to exploit online and mobile channels to streamline processes and encourage customers towards self-service activity, cost alone should not be the driver. read more


Playing to our Strengths: How UK Businesses can Harness Omnichannel to go Global

The UK has become the world’s second biggest online retail exporter. According to the British Retail Consortium, shoppers from all over the world are demanding UK goods, from UK brands, purchased easily over the internet. Consumers don’t mind if a product they want is at a local store or in a shopkeeper’s window halfway around the world. It’s now less about location and more about consumer engagement — anytime, anywhere. read more


The Murky Waters of Mislabelling

The issue of mislabelling came under a huge amount of media scrutiny in 2013 with the horse meat scandal, where UK supermarket chains including Tesco, Iceland, Aldi and Lidl were caught selling frozen beef burgers containing horse meat. This pushed up the number of food related recalls in 2013, with 58 per cent of all recall notifications being related to food products. This highlights how intrinsically linked mislabelling and recalls can be. read more


Starting an Online Retail Business? Tips and Tricks to Choosing the Right Platform

There is so much potential for home retailers and small businesses when selling on online marketplaces. But with so many platforms to choose from, it can be hard to know which will suit the needs of your business and reach the right audiences. To help retailers make the most of the marketplaces available to them, ChannelAdvisor has come up with some top tips to amplify sales and expand your online presence. read more


In Search of Satisfaction: Five Steps to Customer Satisfaction Management

Albert Einstein's quote, ‘Only a life lived for others is the life worthwhile’, could not be truer for brands operating in an era when a reputation for delivering customer satisfaction can act as a marketing trump card. A satisfied customer can be equivalent to many advertising £’s as they will act as a human marcomms tool for the brands they support, through enhanced brand trust, the power of recommendation and sharing positive experiences through social media. Here follows five steps to getting customers to this satisfaction haven. read more


Making The Most Of Website Visitors

Traditionally, the primary challenge for any business with a website has been to generate traffic from potential buyers. As a result, the last few years have seen an explosion of new online marketing methods focused on driving new customers, from search engine optimisation and video advertising through to social media and affiliate marketing. read more


How Will The New VAT Changes Affect Your Business?

Carol Cheesman of Cheesmans Accountants explains the new VAT changes and how they will affect businesses. read more


Emerging Grey Cinema Market Offers Exciting New Opportunities

The ‘grey market’ is a section of society not so often considered by marketers. Many brands and big names choose to focus their campaigns on younger audiences, assuming that they are more likely to engage in social media and other modern forms of advertising and marketing than their parents or grandparents. This may be due to the fact that modern technology, the internet, digital television, and mobile phones are assumed to be the playground of the young; but in reality, this is not necessarily the case and marketers may be missing out on a golden opportunity. read more


How do you Build up Trust as an Independent Retailer?

It can be tough for a small ecommerce retailer to build up their brand and grow the business. They have to shout louder to get their voices heard, don’t have the economies of scale that the big boys have and are continually working on building their customer base. read more


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