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What Can Retailers Learn From the 2014 World Cup?

With reports suggesting that England’s early exit from the World Cup may have cost the UK economy as much as £1.3 billion in sales* , it isn’t just the England squad that is trying to piece together what went wrong. Retailers have lessons to learn if they are to make the most of future sporting events such as the 2014 Commonwealth Games and Euro 2016. read more


Six Ways To Ensure Shoppers Complete Their Orders Online

Simon Horton from ecommerce plugin supplier ShopIntegrator, shares his tips on how to reduce shopping cart abandonment to increase online order numbers. read more


Am I Bothered? Why Customers Will Drive the High Street Revival

All the talk over the last few years around the death of the High Street continues to bother me. It assumes one thing: that online is killing traditional retail and will be the final nail in the coffin. But as I have continued to ask, is that really the case? read more


One Fifth of UK Hospitality Employees Admit to Regularly Stealing Money from Workplace

New research has revealed that almost one fifth of UK workers who are employed in the hospitality industry confessed to researchers that they steal money they have received as tips from customers in the work place at least once a month, rather than share the profits equally with co-workers. Furthermore, one in twelve respondents confessed that they had been guilty of taking money from the till in the past, or short changing customers in order to keep the difference. read more


Two Thirds of Brands Want More Control for ‘Leaked Codes’

New data released by the UK’s top money saving brand has revealed that almost all brands who provide discount codes are concerned by the level of control they have on their codes getting leaked, with half of brands unaware of the protection available to prevent this from happening. read more


Increase Your Average Basket Value By 7%

The basket value of online clothes shoppers who use a virtual fitting room while making their purchase is an average of 7% higher than shoppers who don’t, more than offsetting the general 1% decrease in average basket values experienced by UK clothing e-tailers over the last year. read more


Top Tips For a Successful Recall

Effective recalls must run like a well-oiled machine. Every aspect needs to be coordinated and documented, while communications have to be well targeted. Correspondence between disparate partners creating and selling the faulty product and the affected consumers purchasing the product must be made swiftly. Each individual concern of those affected has to be answered with an authoritative response. In addition, every detail must be documented carefully to prove due diligence to regulators. read more


Making Your Customers Work for You

How can businesses deliver true self-service without damaging customer experience? Asks Jeremy Payne, International VP Marketing, Enghouse Interactive read more


What? You Want To Pay Me In Euros?

If you’re deliberately targeting an overseas customer base or acquired them recently, have you had that moment when you say, “What? You want to pay me in euros/dollars/rupee/etc.?” Having navigated your way to finding reliable trade partners, understanding the perks and quirks of your new market, and getting to grips with the legal implications, you may have thought the main challenges of breaking into a new market were behind you. read more


Innovation, Not Cost, Should Drive Customer Experience

IT now permeates every fibre of every business — and increasingly it must extend outside the traditional business boundary. With 77% of people using mobile as primary route to the internet according to Google Think Insights, organisations need to think carefully about how best to interact with customers across multiple channels. But while it is tempting to exploit online and mobile channels to streamline processes and encourage customers towards self-service activity, cost alone should not be the driver. read more


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