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Credibility Crisis: 4 Sure-Fire Strategies for Cultivating Consumer Trust

While the retail industry crisis has been well-reported, particularly with respect to dwindling foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores. However, even as consumers turn to shopping online and via mobile devices in droves, it’s shocking to learn that fully 97% of visitors to eCommerce and other sales-minded sites bail out without purchasing on their first visit. read more


How can Retailers Utilise Data from Wearable Technology?

With the recent influx of wearable technology comes the opportunity for businesses to capitalise on the human data captured by this new breed of personal devices. But amidst the rise of wearables as useful accessories, is it possible to harness the information collected by wearable technology in order to enrich business data and increase business success? read more


Integrating Digital into your Cross-Channel Strategy: Can Digital Aid In-Store Sales?

The latest Global Retail Ecommerce Index study shows that Europe, Great Britain, Germany and France are the most promising countries for ecommerce. These markets represent fantastic opportunities for pure play online retailers; for example Asos, an online retailer that doesn’t have any physical stores. read more


How To Get The Most Out of Your Signage

Signage is an integral part of any business, providing customers with a snapshot of what you have to offer. However, for most business owners, the amount of space available for a sign is finite, and has to be designed in an optimal fashion. To help you do this, here is a bit of expert advice on how to get the most out of your signage. read more


Why Should you Care About How Fast your Website Loads?

As a retailer, you would want to know if long queues were driving thousands of customers out of your shops. You would expect to be told if all your stores had to close on the busiest shopping day of the year. You wouldn’t put up with it in the real world. You shouldn’t put up with it online. read more


Eliminate Security Concerns of Today’s Digital Consumer

In today’s multi-channel retail world, the balance of power has moved swiftly and decisively away from brands into the hands of the digital consumer. Nearly every adult in the UK is now a digital shopper with many consumers using two or more devices to create their own unique shopping journey. read more


Signage and its Influence on Brands

When it comes to the success of a business, especially in retail, nothing comes close to the importance of proper branding. Its benefits are immeasurable as they form the basis of a customer's relationship with the business, cementing its core values. However, while there are numerous things that contribute to a brand, one of the most vital elements in this concoction is signage. read more


Online Marketplaces are a Vital Tool for International Expansion

Consumers are increasingly using mobiles, tablets and other electronic devices to make their purchase online; many are moving away from traditional bricks and mortar shops and into more of a multichannel environment. This shift offers the opportunity for consumers in any country to browse and purchase goods online from retailers all over the globe. read more


Why Interactive Retail Experiences Should Not be Reserved for Bricks-and-Mortar Stores

We all know how important the customer experience is. It’s what drives loyalty and sales, and ultimately gives businesses a way to avoid a race to the bottom on price. read more


Bridging the Online-Offline Gap: How can Businesses use Mobile to Supercharge their Omni-Channel Retailing?

For retailers looking to breathe new life into their ad campaigns, omni-channel retailing offers a massive opportunity to deliver captivating and relevant content, especially via location-based targeting. Among Britons online, smartphones are the most common internet-enabled device (1.7 per household), followed by laptops (1.3) and tablets (1.2), according to recent IAB/PwC data. read more


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