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What’s Missing from The Franchise World?

When I started Cleanhome Domestic Cleaning my aim was to establish a company which would stand out from the competition and offer franchisees something that they couldn’t find elsewhere. read more


How UK Retailers Are Harnessing Trends In "Bricks and Clicks" To Increase Footfall

Almost 90 percent of UK retail purchases still take place in physical stores today - and contrary to what many had predicted, online commerce has not signed the death warrant of shops and stores. However, retail brands are increasingly learning how to leverage digital tools to drive in-store sales, from providing information (store locators, product locators), to preparing a sale by allowing customers to book a product or an appointment online, to paying for their purchase ahead of time with "click & collect." read more


How To Cope With Peaks In Demand Online

The Christmas shopping season is on its way and with it comes a welcome surge in customers, both in-store and online. As retailers prepare shop floors with more staff and stock to meet the rush, similar preparations must be made to ready websites for the inevitable increase in traffic. read more


High Street And Online – A Match Made In Retail Heaven

As the British Retail Consortium reports substantial high street retail growth in July, retailers may take some encouragement that consumers are beginning to spend in-store again. But they must not be complacent about the need for innovation if they are to remain relevant in an evolving industry landscape. read more


The 50 Plus: Why Businesses Are Missing The Big Fish

Let’s start with a bit of myth-busting. You’ve probably seen them. Those ridiculous ads showing a son, daughter or grandkid helping an older adult hack it out with new, confounding tech. There seems to be a pervasive myth in our society that unless you were born plugged in, chances are you don’t have a clue how to use the web. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. read more


Green Shoots Or Mud

If good news grew on trees, right now you could be forgiven for thinking that the UK economy is covered in forest. The news on jobs, industrial production, retail sales, and inflation has been so good that one could almost forget we were in the midst of the worst economic downturn in recorded UK history. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the UK economy xxxxx in Q3 this year. But, it is a mistake to get too pre-occupied with the technicalities of whether we are in recession or not. Besides, by the time the statisticians have finally finished revising estimates of GDP, it may well be the case that the ONS completely contradicts its initial findings. The biggest of all the green shoots relates to read more


Alternative Christmas Presents from UK Small Businesses

In the wake of The Toy Retailers' Association making its top toy predictions for Christmas 2011, which include a remoisturising doll and high-tech tablets for kids, DHL Express has proposed an alternative list of British toys manufactured by UK SMEs. read more


10 Tips to Boost Mobile Retailing this Christmas

Maxymiser, the global expert in multivariate testing, personalisation and optimisation solutions, today announces Ten Top Tips for retailers to boost their mobile retailing strategy in the run up to Christmas. read more


The Checklist for Staying Safe On-line

As the countdown to Christmas is now well and truly underway, many shoppers will be avoiding the high street crush and opting to go on-line to find the latest must-have gift. read more


The Trust Catalyst: who can you trust online?

James Varga, CEO of miiCard discusses how firms can boost their trustability online, helping facilitate high value transactions read more


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