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Sunday Trading – The 7 Day Shopper

The rise and fall of the UK high street is well-documented and never far from the news agenda. With retailers scrutinising sales figures and competition being fierce, extending opening hours across Sunday could be a vital first step to rejuvenating the high street and beyond this, the UK economy. read more


How Can Retailers Cater for Millennials’ Shopping Needs?

Millennials spend a great part of their time on the internet, not just to learn, communicate and organise their social lives but to shop too. And for retailers, this means understanding more about how to engage with this demographic and working out what they require from a shopping experience. read more


The Importance of Customer Experience

A main engine for business growth is customer referrals. It's what people say about you when you are not in the room. Rather than investing heavily in marketing, focus your resources into generating a positive and memorable customer experience. read more


What is Gamification?

With the UK eCommerce sales reaching £38bn last year, there’s stiff competition to find new ways to attract customers to a website or app, keep them engaged while there and ultimately to encourage their return. read more


The Revolution of the Cashless Society and the Dawn of Connected Commerce

Ten years from now the way we think about cash and wallets will be very different. For most people cash, and specifically physical money, will be kept at home and used only on rare occasions when needed. read more


How UK Businesses Can Get Ready for the Rugby World Cup

The UK economic recovery is gathering momentum and this is set to continue with the upcoming Rugby World Cup taking place later this year. With approximately 14 million UK fans looking to watch the games and 500,000 tourists joining them from overseas, the tournament is set to benefit businesses across the country, and particularly those based within the 11 host cities. read more


Turning Digital Footfall into a High Street Reality

As omni-channel retail press goes, online retail seems to get all the glory and physical stores all the doom. Retailers have been bombarded by a constant stream of statistics threatening their high street presence. read more


How to Handle the Rise of Consumer Complaints

British consumers are losing their patience with retailers. Over the past year, retail customer complaints have doubled making the retail industry the most complained about sector according to Ombudsman’s Services annual Consumer Action Monitor survey. read more


5 Examples of How NOT to do Click and Collect

More than 50% of UK retailers have implemented click and collect in some form, and with numerous benefits there seems no reason not to do it. But how many of those retailers offering click and collect are providing an optimal experience? read more


The Road Less Travelled: Preparing for Tomorrow’s Challenges Today

In a sector that never stands still, many retailers find their in-store technology falls behind consumer demands almost as soon as it’s deployed. So how can businesses implement a point of sale solution that meets future shopper needs, even if their challenges are not yet known? read more


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