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Next Stop, Cloud

Recent research has shown that cloud computing has helped 62 per cent of UK start-ups get off the ground and scale as they grow, while driving between 25 and 75 per cent increases in profits. I’ve been running numerous SMEs for 20 years and have witnessed first-hand how the cloud has helped triple our revenue and double productivity year-on-year, so I wanted to share a few thoughts on how small businesses can embrace the power of the cloud. read more


How Satya Nadella Can Make an Impact in his First 100 Days as New Microsoft CEO

06/02/2014 By Stephen Archer, Director of Spring Partnerships This week it was announced that Bill Gates is stepping down as Microsoft chairman to focus more on products and technology at the company. Gates will play a secondary role now to Satya Nadella, whom Microsoft has named as its new chief executive. Nadella... read more


Is NASA’s Data Lost in Space?

13/09/2013 By Campbell Williams, group strategy and marketing director, Six Degrees Group NASA’s own auditor has recently rated its cloud computing deployments very poorly in a report that raises some interesting questions on the use of the cloud at the space agency. I’d encourage you to read the NASA report itself, if... read more


Cloud Computing 2013 and Beyond

With the initial flurries of disbelief and mania out of the way, cloud computing is now starting to settle. For many businesses the benefits in terms of cost and levelling the playing field are clear, with adoption steadily proceeding. read more


Application Of Cloud: Consolidating Servers

Of all of the championed benefits of cloud technology, the reduced capital expenditure and hardware costs are among the most prevalent. Virtualising servers means that there are less physical machines which ultimately leads to lower capital expenditure and maintenance costs. read more


Application Of Cloud: Collaboration

One of the key drivers of cloud computing is its omnipresence. Being accessible at any time from anywhere with an internet connection opens the possibilities of collaboration, mobile working and homeworking. read more


Application Of Cloud: Flexibility

In a tough and fiercely competitive economic environment, the flexibility to respond and adapt quickly to a changing environment can mean the difference between a business surviving and a business thriving. The flexible nature of cloud technology is widely considered one of its biggest strengths and is the reason that thousands of business, from SMEs to global giants, choose to adopt a cloud solution. read more


Application Of Cloud: Scalability

In business, the biggest investments don’t necessarily produce the biggest results and the pressure is on bosses now more than ever to make the right decisions about which areas of their business to invest in if they are to give themselves the best chance of success. read more


Thinking About Instagram, Splunk, Valuing Companies And Big Data

A few weeks ago Facebook's acquisition of photo sharing site Instagram for $1Bn hit the news amid a flurry of speculation over whether we were in another technology bubble like the late 90s. read more


Technology.... Grrr

As many of you will know, I am a self-confessed and unashamed techno geek. If something can be done using the latest gadget, that's for me, irrespective of other - possibly quicker - ways of dealing with it. read more


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