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Setting the CIO Free - How Outsourcing Can Give them a New Lease of Life

CIOs and IT directors may be winning the fight for a seat at the boardroom table but the evidence suggests that most still struggle to exert influence over business strategy. This message emerged clearly from a recent poll we conducted at Calyx, which gauged the views and opinions of 200 CIOs and IT Directors. It highlighted the key issue: senior IT decision-makers are too busy ‘fighting fires’ and trouble-shooting IT problems, to focus on driving the business forward. read more


How To Take A Break And Still Run Your Business

As a small business owner, it can be hard to justify being away from your desk for a day, let alone find the time for a proper trip. So, we were wondering if it is actually possible to go on holiday and still keep your business running. Here are ten suggestions that we’ve come up with to help you take a well-earned break. read more


The 7 Worst IT Mistakes Made by Businesses

Izak Oosthuizen, consultant at Exec Sys, highlights the common mistakes that most organisations make when setting up and maintaining their IT infrastructure. read more


Staying Flexible: What UK Plc Stands To Gain By Acting Smaller And Working Smarter

It’s no secret that the UK’s small businesses, with their dynamism and agility, have long been the envy of many of Britain’s biggest enterprises. The rate at which the UK creates and adopts new technologies plays right into the hands of those quickest to react, and small businesses are able to simply avoid many of the challenges of scale that come with size, whether that’s coordinating the work of hundreds of employees across multiple locations or sharing knowledge across disparate functional groups. As a result of this greater flexibility, small businesses are better able to respond to new challenges and opportunities as they arise. read more


Physical v Virtual Business Innovation

Companies put a huge amount of effort into creating modern, productivity-enhancing offices. However, as IT heads further into the cloud, should virtual work spaces get the same treatment? read more


Best Business Practice - Tips On Improving Password Security

With the wide adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Cloud computing, businesses are looking to find different ways to maintain a controlled secure environment. Previously only a concern for larger companies, now even the greenest start-ups are looking to protect the business. read more


2014: The Year Of The Next-Generation MSP?

Darron shares his advice for organisations looking for a managed services provider that will not just ‘keep the lights on’, but have a truly transformative impact on your business. read more


Exploiting the Unused Data within our Businesses

According to Gartner, around 80 per cent of the data within a business is considered to be unstructured. But what does this mean, and what is the data that enterprises are struggling to classify? read more


Stand Up For Better Meetings

It’s not as if we didn't notice: The ‘smart’ phone vibrated on the table as each message arrived. The sequence was always the same – a furtive glance at the message followed by some exaggerated nodding to pretend he was listening to the speaker before he then tapped out an email on the laptop in front of him. Finally, just as we thought the topic was done, he interjected with some point vaguely related to the topic that left everyone slightly bemused. And this was the team leader. This went on all day. Oh how tedious! read more


Five Mistakes Small Businesses Make When It Comes to Document and Print Technology

For many small businesses, print requirements can be considerable — a high volume of documents are often required on a fast turnaround, placing a great deal of pressure on a company’s printing devices. Tony Burnett, professional services director at Altodigital, one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of digital print and document solutions, examines five costly mistakes that small businesses make when it comes to their print and document infrastructure. read more


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