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IT Managers’ Toolkit

It’s a minefield out there for today’s IT managers. Few other professions have undergone such radical change in a relatively short period of time. New operating systems, methods of working, technologies and compliance requirements seem to emerge on a daily basis in the IT profession. What’s more, a recent Timico survey found that 52% of IT managers are also responsible for business telecoms. read more


Business of the Future: What will the 2020 work place look like?

In the last few years alone we've seen how technologies such as cloud computing, digital and mobile technology have transformed the work environment. Employees are working on personal, mobile devices, attending virtual meetings and collaborating on tasks via social media, while some business owners are even doing their bookkeeping on their phones during their commute home. With technology constantly evolving, what will the workplace of the future look like and how will this play out across different areas of the business? read more


Banning Dropbox At Work Isn’t The Answer

Mobile devices and the internet had changed the office as we knew it, we are no-longer tied to desktop PCs and can work where, when and how we want. read more


How to Ensure BI doesn’t get Binned

It is now simpler for businesses to create, publish, curate and share data; but are SMEs really utilising it asks Conor Shaw, Vice President General Business and Partner Ecosystem at SAP. read more


The Five Top Tips For Effective Expense Management

Organisations are now starting to realise the importance of travel and expense management (T&E) as strategically significant. However, business intelligence specialists, Aberdeen Group suggest many companies cannot establish which expense management system will be most effective for them. read more


Meetings Are Dead, Long Live The Meeting!

I’ve seen meetings be a popular scapegoat when it comes to discussing productivity and business. They receive flack from business media commentators, often described as an area of inefficiency or referred to as a ‘productivity vacuum’. Yet, at the same time, studies are backing up the longstanding consensus that teams work better when they are encouraged to collaborate and have the opportunity to interact ‘face-to-face’. read more


Real-time Data: The Route To Success

The traditional method of processing data overnight is looking to become a thing of the past. This is the age of real-time, data driven customer engagement – the ability to target your customers on-the-spot and react to their actions using real-time business intelligence. read more


Why the Corporate Mobile App Store is On the Rise

The modern workforce is ready and mobilised. So what’s next? Corporate apps will drive the next phase in the evolution of enterprise mobility, according to Ovum. The prediction comes as businesses recognise the power of corporate apps to create new ways of working, and transform existing business processes. read more


How to Foster Innovation and Become a Transformer

The speed of change in enterprise technologies over the last five years has been astonishing. Trends such as social, mobility, cloud, and Big Data have disrupted existing business models. These new technologies represent a significant opportunity for businesses to innovate, improve efficiency, and provide differentiated customer experiences in highly competitive marketplaces. The challenge, however, is to ensure that repeated adoption of the ‘next big thing’ and next-generation applications delivers maximum benefit and optimal value to the business. read more


Putting the ‘Relationship’ back into CRM: How Big Data and Machine Learning are transforming CRM and Marketing Strategies

Relationships are generally understood to be personal things, driven by a mutual understanding and recognition. In the past, this has been difficult for marketers to achieve, with customer communication based largely on guesswork, trial and error or segmented targeting. In today’s information overload society though, personalisation and value in customer relationship management is absolutely key. In a crowded marketplace, marketers must find new ways to keep existing customers happy, stop them from transferring their business to a competitor, and increase their revenue. read more


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