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How to Tackle Cloud Growing Pains

At the heart of any IT strategy is the need to uphold data security. Yet the rise of cloud computing has led the battle lines, once clearly marked as ‘us’ versus ‘the outside world’, to become blurred. Mobile, social, BYOD and the increasing demand to access applications anytime, anywhere has drastically altered the IT landscape and for many IT decision makers, it’s a struggle to simply stay in control. read more


IT Services Are An Essential Part Of A Successful Cloud Computing Strategy

Jon Milward from IT consultancy Northdoor highlights some of the key considerations businesses need to make when adopting a cloud strategy. read more


Careless Whispers: Mobility and Security

Unsurprisingly, security is the top enterprise concern for the burgeoning smartphone movement. The influx of mobile devices into the work place, which initially elicited fear, has now largely been met with complacency. Whilst more and more companies are allowing employee owned devices into the work place, the vast majority of these are governed by policy only (if anything). This approach leaves organisational security in the realms of trust and companies unwittingly at risk. read more


European Cloud Providers Hit By Cyber Attacks – The Why And What Can Be Done

Last week research revealed that growing cloud adoption among European enterprises is causing the number of cyber-attacks to mushroom. The figures show that Europe is the worst continent when it comes to the number of attacks against cloud infrastructures. Worrying news indeed, but not altogether surprising. read more


10 Key Questions To Ask A Cloud Provider

UK organisations now face a vast number of cloud options – private, public and hybrid, which is great if you know what to look for, but can spell disaster if you don’t. Izak Oosthuizen, consultant at Exec Sys, provides some expert advice on questions to ask a cloud provider to make the best choice - and avoid the pitfalls. read more


How To Keep Your Business Moving During The Tube Strikes

Although the headlines are full of the disruption caused by tube strikes, there are some steps that any business can take to ensure they’re as prepared as possible to deal with the impact of transport troubles on their workforce. Leon Rudd, Head of SMB Marketing at O2, outlines his top tips on how to stay connected even in difficult circumstances. read more


How to Minimise the Effect the Tube Strikes have on UK Businesses

The tube strikes are a serious matter. Not only will the 48-hour tube strike cause commuting chaos but companies are facing several days of disruption and a massive loss of profits. The Federation of Small Businesses estimated that the London underground strikes in early February cost small businesses, which make up about 99 percent of London companies, about £600 million ($1 billion) in lost working hours, business and productivity*. read more


Impact of Technology on your Business

Phrases like ‘Big Data’ and ‘The Internet of Things’ are being squeezed into every (wannabe) intellectual corporate conversation spoken with competitive counterparts. Undeniably there has been a paradigm shift towards a universal recognition of how vital the incorporation of technology is key to a businesses’ survival. But, for the most part, these conversations assume a ‘fake it until you make it’ undertone. read more


Shift Your Focus From ‘Big Data’ To ‘Fast Data’

While the concept of ‘big data’ is nothing new, the way in which businesses choose to make sense of the masses of data available to them is becoming increasingly important. read more


Setting the CIO Free - How Outsourcing Can Give them a New Lease of Life

CIOs and IT directors may be winning the fight for a seat at the boardroom table but the evidence suggests that most still struggle to exert influence over business strategy. This message emerged clearly from a recent poll we conducted at Calyx, which gauged the views and opinions of 200 CIOs and IT Directors. It highlighted the key issue: senior IT decision-makers are too busy ‘fighting fires’ and trouble-shooting IT problems, to focus on driving the business forward. read more


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