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Real-time Data: The Route To Success

The traditional method of processing data overnight is looking to become a thing of the past. This is the age of real-time, data driven customer engagement – the ability to target your customers on-the-spot and react to their actions using real-time business intelligence. read more


Why the Corporate Mobile App Store is On the Rise

The modern workforce is ready and mobilised. So what’s next? Corporate apps will drive the next phase in the evolution of enterprise mobility, according to Ovum. The prediction comes as businesses recognise the power of corporate apps to create new ways of working, and transform existing business processes. read more


How to Foster Innovation and Become a Transformer

The speed of change in enterprise technologies over the last five years has been astonishing. Trends such as social, mobility, cloud, and Big Data have disrupted existing business models. These new technologies represent a significant opportunity for businesses to innovate, improve efficiency, and provide differentiated customer experiences in highly competitive marketplaces. The challenge, however, is to ensure that repeated adoption of the ‘next big thing’ and next-generation applications delivers maximum benefit and optimal value to the business. read more


Putting the ‘Relationship’ back into CRM: How Big Data and Machine Learning are transforming CRM and Marketing Strategies

Relationships are generally understood to be personal things, driven by a mutual understanding and recognition. In the past, this has been difficult for marketers to achieve, with customer communication based largely on guesswork, trial and error or segmented targeting. In today’s information overload society though, personalisation and value in customer relationship management is absolutely key. In a crowded marketplace, marketers must find new ways to keep existing customers happy, stop them from transferring their business to a competitor, and increase their revenue. read more


Releasing Your Inner Innovator

The role of the IT Director is changing. Having fought for years to gain a seat on the board, with mixed success, the inevitable shift of IT infrastructure to the cloud finally presents the IT Director with a chance to fundamentally change the role and deliver true strategic innovation. Removing the routine tasks of day to day infrastructure administration and planning for server/networking refresh releases the IT Director to focus on the real areas of technology innovation that can support business growth. read more


Cloud Accounting Takes the Pain out of Finances

It may sound painfully obvious but, for any business, getting the finances right is critical. If the owner doesn't have a good handle of the finances, it won’t thrive and grow. However, our own research found that almost one quarter of all the business owners and leaders asked stated that finances and accounting was their biggest cause of stress, while 20% admitted to having forgotten to invoice for a job. In total, this means small businesses in the UK are losing out on potential revenue of around £3.7 billion - a staggering amount. Clearly, therefore, many firms are struggling. read more


Conquer Travel Disruption With A Mobile Workforce

Earlier this month, major strikes on the London Underground left tens of thousands of workers stranded. Many employees were late or couldn’t even make it to work which severely cost London based businesses both financially, and in terms of lost productivity. read more


Cloud Computing: The Path to Transforming the Workplace

You don’t need to be a business or technology expert to see that cloud computing is having a profound effect on some our working practices. It’s hard to overestimate the significance of this culture change: just as businesses needed to evolve by the introduction of the PC or the internet, the cloud represents another decade defining shift of evolution. read more


Plugging the Gap in Cloud Resiliency

Moving core applications and data to the cloud is compelling on many levels – not least anytime, anywhere access to information and services. The flaw in this plan, however, is when ‘anytime, anywhere’ delivery is impacted due to a network outage resulting in the office, shop, factory or wherever staff are located being ‘off-line’. read more


Taking Control of Your Cloud

Cloud computing services are increasingly being adopted mainstream and are fast becoming an integral part of every organisation’s IT strategy. Many industry analysts are saying that cloud will become a major platform for growth for organisations and especially for mid-market businesses. This is because, previously, if an organisation wanted to get a new idea off the ground, they would often have had to make a significant upfront investment in IT before they even knew if their business idea was going to work. The cloud, however, levels the playing field. read more


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