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How to Keep Cloud-Stored Data out of Bad Weather

As cloud computing becomes more and more a part of our professional and personal lives, a new question has begun to pop up – is it all safe up there? Partly due to its novelty, the cloud has developed a mysterious veneer about it, causing us to question what the cloud customer should be doing to make certain that end users are not affected and whether it really is possible to insure ourselves against cloud outages. There is already an abundance of information at our disposal regarding how we can back up our local machines to the cloud, but there really is very little on how a business can ensure its data stored in the cloud is safe. read more


Every Cloud Needs a Home

While every cloud clearly needs a home – it cannot be just any home. In an era increasingly dominated by the quality, reliability and resilience of cloud based models, organisations cannot afford to jeopardise the life-blood of the business by failing to unlock the door of the right data centre location. read more


Are Businesses Getting Ahead in the Cloud?

Businesses today rely on innovation more than ever to drive growth and stay ahead of competitors. For some organisations this is putting developers of business-enabling applications like CRMs under great pressure from the business leaders to shorten time-to-market through fast development, agile iterations and frequent deployments. read more


Why Cloud Accounting Is Good For Business

All businesses owners need to keep financial records but the software they use to do so shouldn’t make it a chore. Traditional desktop accounting software can be expensive, complicated and has become antiquated with recent developments in technology. It’s often tedious to use and can take the fun out of running your own business. read more


What The Cloud and The Government Can Do for SMEs

Last week saw Coadec publish their Start Up Manifesto backed by over 150 of London’s top technology heavyweights. Its premise is to urge the UK government to relax rules and taxes in order to allow tech startups and entrepreneurs in the capital to continue to flourish. London is now officially Europe’s top tech boasting some of the brightest and most innovative minds, it would be a shame if roadblocks favoured towards larger companies put paid to this. Tech startups are becoming a significant part of the UK business landscape and the government has the ability to play a key role in supporting them. read more


Make Sure You Are Seeing Through the ‘Cloud’

For many small to medium sized businesses, the thought of moving critical business processes to the ‘cloud’ is disconcerting and one which is quickly filed under ‘to think about’. read more


Why Businesses Shouldn’t Switch Off When They Hear the Term ‘Cloud Computing’

When confronted with the term ‘cloud computing’, business-owners would be forgiven for being confused as to what it actually means. After all, what do clouds have to do with computing? This often creates a barrier preventing firms from adopting a service that could improve efficiencies and performance across the board. read more


Cloud — The New Cost of Doing Business

Today cloud, in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), is portrayed as a rapid path towards innovation. Companies believe that cloud enables them to lift the barriers of time and instantly grow their IT footprints in support of constantly evolving business requirements. To a great extent, this can be true. However, the reality is IT continues to struggle to effectively manage their new cloud services, causing them to fail to realise the benefits they expected. Successful operation of the cloud requires an entirely new set of skills and tools which many IT teams lack. read more


When Cloud Goes Wrong

It’s a well known fact that technical things go wrong. So what should businesses think about to ensure reliable and consistent operations with an added layer of complexity? read more


Raising Cloud Customers the Right Way

As a cloud vendor, you might find that winning a new customer can evoke the same feelings of warmth and pride that accompany the arrival of a new member of the family. In many respects, the two can be similar; you have the same feelings of responsibility and obligation that you get with the arrival of a new child, and the same desire to attend to their needs. But should the paternalistic (or even maternalistic) tendencies end there? read more


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