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How Small Businesses Can Really Benefit From the Cloud

When a small business makes an investment in IT (or anything else for that matter), it’s vital that it pays immediate dividends, whether in reducing costs, improving productivity or enhancing the experience delivered to customers. read more


The Rise Of The Cloud Integrator

Three quarters of UK businesses are now officially ‘in the cloud’ in one form or another. The universal, horizontal cloud benefits of agility and utility are undeniable and compelling, but businesses still need to be able to translate these into enablement and competitive advantage. read more


Trust Is A Key Part Of The New Flexible Working Law

On 30th June, change to UK legislation meant that all employees now have the right to request flexible working, provided they have been in continuous employment for at least 26 weeks. But although employers have a statutory duty to consider applications, they can also reject them, and recent research from Citrix suggests that the latter may be indeed the case. It found that only one in ten small and medium sized businesses see the change as a positive move, despite the government predicting it will generate £475 million of economic benefits through increased efficiency and employee satisfaction in the first ten years. read more


New Flexible Working Regulation – How Technology Can Help

There has been plenty of debate in recent weeks about the new rules around flexible working and what this might mean for small businesses. As employees with more than 26 weeks service are now able to submit one flexible working request per year, The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills predicts that up to 20 million people across the country could be inundating their employees with submissions to work flexibly. read more


Office In The cloud: What Are You Waiting For?

Despite the fact that it has had such a transformational effect on so many businesses and marketplaces, many organisations are still too afraid to adopt cloud computing. I have seen a large number of flimsy barriers placed in cloud computing’s path over the last few months, from it posing an increased security risk to the prospect of losing control. Some businesses have always had an in-house IT person and cannot see life continuing without them. read more


Small Businesses Must Free Up Their IT Departments To Drive Innovation

It is not uncommon to find IT departments in small businesses weighed down by the job of maintaining software, hardware and infrastructures which grow increasingly unwieldy. Just keeping the lights on in the data centre is a real burden. This has a massive impact on the ability of IT teams to drive innovation that can deliver competitive advantage for the business. read more


Remote Working Gives the Upper Hand on Strikes

Today (10th July), the UK faces the largest one-day strike over pay by public sector workers since 2010. Up to a million local government workers, civil servants, teachers, passport staff, health workers and firefighters plan to strike. read more


BYOD - Bosses Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Personal Devices in the Workplace

Scarcely a day goes by without a new viewpoint on the Bring Your Device (BYOD) to work trend. Is it going to reshape the workplace, drive productivity, or redefine IT budgets as individual employees take control of how they access corporate IT resources? read more


Five Top Tips for Managing Security

Stephen Midgley, Vice President, Global Marketing at Absolute Software shares his top tips on how to avoid business security mishaps. read more


Don’t Score An Own Goal With Security

A certain major sporting event is currently underway with the eyes of the world glued to their televisions, smartphones, tablets and laptops looking for the latest news coming out of Brazil and the fate of their national sides and favourite players. read more


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