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What A Cloud Can Do For You?

In today’s world, everywhere you look people are on their smart phones or engrossed in whatever it is they are doing on their tablets. It seems that everyone is connected all the time, whether they are at work, at home or out and about. A result of such perpetual connectivity is that applications are being introduced that allow us to have everything we need right at our fingertips. This is where cloud computing comes in. read more


Why the biggest threat to your company’s data security could be your employees

In today’s work culture of ‘always on, always accessible’, employees have expectations of seamless access to documents and files both on and off the company network and on mobiles or tablets, without concern for potential security issues. read more


Are Small Businesses Making the Most of 4G?

Since its launch, 4G has seen a considerable uptake amongst UK’s large enterprises, offering superfast connectivity and increased workforce collaboration. However whilst larger firms are quick to adopt and reap the benefits, the question is, are small businesses making the most of the opportunities that faster mobile broadband can bring? read more


How Mobile Advertising is Mirroring Human Behaviour

Fifty years ago, we all imagined that by the time we got to the year 2014, we’d all be living in a world run by robots. We imaged that by now, we would be living in a world similar to that of the Jetsons, where flying cars are the norm, communication is instantaneous and a robot greets you when you return from work. Although we haven’t quite achieved the flying car or the robot maid just yet, we shouldn’t underestimate the strides we have made. read more


The Impact of Cloud Computing on Data Compliance

It might have been a buzzword within the IT industry for some years now but more recently we’ve seen the mainstream appetite for - and adoption of - cloud computing rise significantly. Whether it’s public, private or hybrid services, the promise of greater flexibility, scalability and cost-effective pricing models has been too enticing for many businesses to ignore. read more


Scaling The Data Mountain

Faced with ever increasing volumes of data and demand for storage, it’s simple for an organisation to spin up yet another virtual machine, and add or expand a disk to store even more data. Ultimately, however with data growth outstripping IT budget growth, a reactive approach isn’t sustainable and at some point financial considerations will force a more sophisticated response. It’s therefore essential that IT teams take a holistic view, considering solutions that will enable them to gain greater value from their information, and in parallel, avoid risks arising from regulatory compliance and legal claims. read more


IT Managers’ Toolkit

It’s a minefield out there for today’s IT managers. Few other professions have undergone such radical change in a relatively short period of time. New operating systems, methods of working, technologies and compliance requirements seem to emerge on a daily basis in the IT profession. What’s more, a recent Timico survey found that 52% of IT managers are also responsible for business telecoms. read more


Business of the Future: What will the 2020 work place look like?

In the last few years alone we've seen how technologies such as cloud computing, digital and mobile technology have transformed the work environment. Employees are working on personal, mobile devices, attending virtual meetings and collaborating on tasks via social media, while some business owners are even doing their bookkeeping on their phones during their commute home. With technology constantly evolving, what will the workplace of the future look like and how will this play out across different areas of the business? read more


Banning Dropbox At Work Isn’t The Answer

Mobile devices and the internet had changed the office as we knew it, we are no-longer tied to desktop PCs and can work where, when and how we want. read more


How to Ensure BI doesn’t get Binned

It is now simpler for businesses to create, publish, curate and share data; but are SMEs really utilising it asks Conor Shaw, Vice President General Business and Partner Ecosystem at SAP. read more


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