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What Is Cloud Computing? A Guide For Beginners

Ask 100 people at a cloud conference to define “cloud” and you’ll get 150 different answers. It’s a standard industry joke. So, at the risk of adding definition 151, how do we answer the question “what is cloud computing”? read more


Will The Cloud Break?

Virtualization is driving hardware costs down, but could Cloud Computing, which promises almost infinitely low-cost resources, backfire? read more


The Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Having recently started using a 'Clud' based email system, Ben Weiner of Conjungo looks back on the benefits he's discovered. read more


Tips for Selecting the Right Cloud Service for You

In recent years, a number of companies have developed a range of cloud services, ranging from storage for photos and videos, to data and running online applications, such as Google Docs. However how many of us make full use of these services, especially now we tend to lead time poor lives. read more


The Death of the Office Server

Andrew Peddie, managing director of First Hosted, highlights the changing landscape of business IT systems, storage and usage, and how these changes are completely transforming the technology landscape and the way businesses interact with it read more


Seven Reasons Financial Directors are Falling for Cloud Computing

John Leese, Chief Finance Officer of Star, offers an accountant-friendly run through the seven main implications of the rise of cloud computing. read more


Why do CIOs remain wary about cloud computing?

Cloud computing has been positioned as something of a new frontier for technology — a game-changing revolution in how IT is delivered to businesses. Gartner, for example, predicts the worldwide cloud services market for Infrastructure as a Service to reach as much as $10 billion in 2014. So, in the eyes of top IT executives, how much of it is hype? And is the cloud meeting the needs of these under-pressure CIOs? read more


Cloud computing: a new frontier?

After several years of hype and hyperbole from vendors, the media and even end-users, the age of the cloud is clearly upon us. Cloud projects are being implemented — and if not implemented, at least investigated — by organisations across the globe looking to cuts costs and increase business agility. read more


Why Multi-Tenant Cloud Solutions Are Better For Your Business

If the business solution you've chosen offers anytime, anywhere access, does the job at a good monthly subscription fee, and performs well, does it really matter if it is multi-tenant? read more


Flexibility And Freedom In The Virtual Office

Six months in, Richard Messik revisits his experience of using a virtual office environment to see how things have worked out, how processes have changed and how it has affected the way his practice operates. read more


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