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Unwelcome Surprises: The Six Hidden Costs of Cloud IT Services

It’s no wonder why businesses are moving their essential IT apps to the cloud. read more


Businesses Discover Entrepreneurial Spirit Through Cloud Computing

Although it is difficult to pin down just one factor that makes cloud computing such a game-changer for businesses, perhaps the key benefit rests in its ability to ‘level the playing field’. By removing much of the initial up-front costs, the cloud allows small and medium businesses to compete with their larger rivals – and in some instances, to surpass them! read more


The Future Looks Cloudy in 2015

The Cloud world is evolving fast, furiously gaining greater momentum as we go into 2015 and leaving legacy/on premise systems light years behind. Cloud has the ability to transform the way organisations work but with any change comes a time of adjustment and the process of cloud adoption comes with its own set of challenges. Questions about expected service levels, support contracts and technical flexibility are just some of the issues keeping IT leaders awake at night. So, what solutions can we expect to see sprinting to the rescue in 2015? What are our predictions? read more


Boosting Business: How Cloud Can Help Firms Tackle the Data Explosion

Technology has fundamentally changed the way business is done today; from employees expecting to be able to access personal or business data from any location or device, to the emergence of new business models like managed services or sharing economies. read more


SMEs Must Resolve to Give Up Age-Old Technology Issues in 2015

The working environment has changed drastically in the last few years. Workforces have become dispersed across multiple locations, and RingCentral research found that we are now much more open to working in locations other than the office, with 93% of us working from home for part of the week and 76% working while travelling. Furthermore, people’s home and work lives have merged, and a standard ‘9 to 5’ working day has become a thing of the past as a result of flexible working styles and rising customer expectations. read more


Implementing a Cloud Strategy? Prepare your Network First

Businesses are increasingly using Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for its ability to offer fast, agile and elastic computing with minimal operational overhead. These business benefits are driving IT to scale processes off corporate premises toward a hybrid cloud model that efficiently and cost-effectively meets the CIO directive of “asset-lite” IT. The resulting impact to the network is forcing a new look at legacy wide area network (WAN) connectivity, including visibility, control and performance. read more


A Mixed Forecast: the New Norm for Cloud

After years of debate and numerous predictions as to when cloud computing would reach widespread adoption, it seems that 2014 was the year where it finally came of age. With 78% of UK organisations claiming to have formally deployed at least one cloud-based service, and with saturation levels having increased by 61.5% since 2010, it is difficult to dispute claims that the ‘fluffy stuff’ has hit the mainstream. read more


How to prevent common small business payroll mistakes

A smooth­ running payroll system is vital to the success of any small business. Staff payment problems can lead to low morale, poor productivity and perhaps even a government audit. read more


Making small business accounting fun with the cloud

Owning a small business is exciting. You get to do what you love, day in, day out. Most entrepreneurs start their own company so they can do something they’re passionate about, have control of their future, or be their own boss. read more


How to choose the right accountant

Choosing an accountant is like choosing a new business partner. The right accountant will become a trusted colleague that you can depend on, who offers advice and guidance as your business grows. So what are the top things you need to look out for? read more


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