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Cloud: The Silver Lining Helping Small Businesses Reach For The Sky

As anyone that has been through the experience will admit, running a small business demands blood, sweat and tears. Every day is a careful balancing act of sales, solvency and processes, all in an often unpredictable bid for growth. It takes hard graft, an understanding of the processes involved in getting an idea off the ground — and crucially, how to keep it running. As a result, small business owners have to be laser-focused on the bottom line in order to keep their heads above water. read more


Why Clouds Have a Silver Lining for Business Funding

The business finance forecast has looked gloomy for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) since the financial crisis of 2008, with traditional institutions remaining reluctant to lend. However, thanks to a surge in adoption of technological solutions, the outlook seems brighter. read more


‘I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now’: Why Hosted Cloud Disappoints (and why true cloud won’t)

If you’re running a small business, you’re probably sick of hearing about cloud technology. It’s supposed to have revolutionised the way we work for years, and yet for many of you, all it will have accomplished is trading old frustrations for newer ones in shinier packaging. read more


Cloud, New and Improved

For years, technology evangelists have lobbied hard to get the public to believe in cloud technology. Many organisations have remained cloud wary – and who is to blame them? With security breaches, hacking and downtime, public cloud has had some bad press recently. read more


Will Public Cloud Kill the Data Centre?

Technology experts send mixed messages. Some will state the data centre is dead due to businesses adopting cloud technology en masse, while research will show data centre growth for colocation has never been so fast and the industry is on an exponential upward curve due to the cloud. read more


Why Storing Data in an On-Premise Server is Like Stashing Cash Under Your Mattress

Many of you may have a grandparent or relative who fears that their money isn’t safe in the bank. Some of them may actually even keep their money under their mattresses or hidden in their freezer. Never mind all the other advances that made banks far more secure—or that a house fire was far more likely than someone robbing a bank. read more


Don’t Wait for the Public Cloud ‘Sync N Share’ Bubble to Burst

Do you know how many of your employees are using public cloud sync and share services? Despite many IT leaders’ best intentions, they remain a popular way to share and collaborate within the enterprise. Yet the truth is that these services are not only bad for your business but are failing commercially. So what happens if or when they start to disappear, taking your corporate data with them? read more


Is your Web Security Cloud Application Proof?

From Dropbox to Twitter to WeTransfer and Salesforce, the use of cloud-based applications has become an everyday part of the modern business ecosystem. Research has shown that the average employee uses a staggering 27 apps at work. To accommodate this trend, most companies are now deploying cloud-based solutions; the expectation being that by 2018 around 59 per cent of companies will be using software-as-a-service (SaaS). read more


The Third Platform Marks the Start of a New Journey for the CIO

The CIO is the supreme ruler of his or her company’s IT empire today. Irrespective of company size, structure and IT infrastructure, the primary role of the CIO in a defined and rigid hierarchy is to manage the IT estate, frequently without any suggestion of cross-departmental cooperation. read more


Up in the Cloud - How Online Accounting Could Help Your Business

If you run a small business you may be using an Excel spreadsheet to manage your accounts - either at the behest of your accountant or simply because because it appears to be a cost-effective way to keeping on top of the books. read more


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