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Why Businesses Shouldn’t Switch Off When They Hear the Term ‘Cloud Computing’

When confronted with the term ‘cloud computing’, business-owners would be forgiven for being confused as to what it actually means. After all, what do clouds have to do with computing? This often creates a barrier preventing firms from adopting a service that could improve efficiencies and performance across the board. read more


Cloud — The New Cost of Doing Business

Today cloud, in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), is portrayed as a rapid path towards innovation. Companies believe that cloud enables them to lift the barriers of time and instantly grow their IT footprints in support of constantly evolving business requirements. To a great extent, this can be true. However, the reality is IT continues to struggle to effectively manage their new cloud services, causing them to fail to realise the benefits they expected. Successful operation of the cloud requires an entirely new set of skills and tools which many IT teams lack. read more


When Cloud Goes Wrong

It’s a well known fact that technical things go wrong. So what should businesses think about to ensure reliable and consistent operations with an added layer of complexity? read more


Raising Cloud Customers the Right Way

As a cloud vendor, you might find that winning a new customer can evoke the same feelings of warmth and pride that accompany the arrival of a new member of the family. In many respects, the two can be similar; you have the same feelings of responsibility and obligation that you get with the arrival of a new child, and the same desire to attend to their needs. But should the paternalistic (or even maternalistic) tendencies end there? read more


How Cloud Based Training Can Save Growing Businesses Time

Running a business stretches anybody's work-life balance to the absolute limit. Business owners have to closely manage their valuable time and make the most of every day spent in the office. Unintentionally or not, an inefficient use of time is partly responsible for the lengthy hours that business owners and employees are working in an average week. Not only can this mean days are taken up completing time-consuming administration, but additional stress and pressure piles up. read more


Why the iCloud Security Breach Should be a Wake Up Call to UK SMEs

This iCloud issue perfectly illustrates the blurring of the lines between consumer and enterprise. Just because Apple is a predominantly consumer product, doesn’t mean it’s not used in the enterprise as a means to access the network, or simply as a mobile communications tool. This just shows that no-one is immune to the risk of hacking. At the very least this wider issue will further Apple’s ability to provide a more secure environment for both consumers and enterprises in the future. read more


Why Cloud Technology Has Real Board Appeal

For the board of any medium sized business, the pursuit of rapid growth is the primary aim. However, such expansion often generates its own growing pains. One such pinch point is where organisations start to outgrow their existing IT systems, particularly on the financial side. In reviewing their back-office ERP technology, many such organisations discover that rather than delivering a set of efficient streamlined core business processes, their systems are subject to lengthy upgrades, legacy customizations, and complex integrations. All these require significant additional expenditure, management time and ultimately can thwart any growth opportunities that do present themselves. read more


Dare to Change; Innovate or Die

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.” read more


All for one, and one for all? Getting SaaS to Suit Your Business

Depending on which analyst report you read, the UK market for software as a service (SaaS) will be worth £500 million by 2015 (Pierre Audoin Consultants), or will be part of a global SaaS industry worth $22 billion (Gartner). Either way, cloud-based business apps are here to stay. The issue faced by businesses today is not so much which cloud-based apps are available, or how many apps are enough, but how efficiently they manage them. read more


Why Cloud-Based Communications is the Magic Bean for Cameron’s Growing SMEs

Napoleon Bonaparte, once famously said that "England is a nation of shopkeepers". Whilst many thought that this was a derogatory comment, Napoleon himself claimed it was in fact a compliment. He was stating that British power, which at the time was equal to that of France or Russia derived its wealth, not from the size of its lands and population, but from the collective industry and enterprise of a multitude of small commercial enterprises. The statement turned out to be incredibly prophetic ‘This land of shopkeepers’ went on to establish Great Britain as a dominant player in the world’s economy for the next 200 years. read more


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