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Up in the Cloud - How Online Accounting Could Help Your Business

If you run a small business you may be using an Excel spreadsheet to manage your accounts - either at the behest of your accountant or simply because because it appears to be a cost-effective way to keeping on top of the books. read more


Rental Returns

If you had said the word ‘subscriptions’ to someone a few years ago, they would have immediately thought of a regular fee paid to a club, society or magazine. These days everything from music to razor blades, and software to socks can be bought regularly by subscription. read more


Head in the Cloud? Keep your Feet on the Ground

With the proportion of worldwide cloud-related spend set to rise up to 3.8tn this year you’ll struggle to meet a CTO who hasn’t migrated some of their IT requirements to the cloud or at the very least seriously considered it. read more


Why CIOs must act now to rescue their file share strategies

CIOs today are faced with a dilemma. On one hand more and more data is moving to the cloud. Increasing numbers of corporate users are demanding better ways to access, store, manage and share their data with others across multiple devices. But on the other hand, public cloud services like Dropbox that make this possible can have major drawbacks for IT teams in terms of privacy, security and control. read more


Which cloud has the silver lining?

The buzz word in business for 2015 is ‘the cloud’. If your managed service provider or IT department has not yet moved your server to a cloud based application ask them why! read more


Businesses Need Greater Clarity of Purpose and Value with Cloud and CRM Tools

Today, ‘always on’ business users demand more of a consumer-centric experience with digital applications, particularly on mobile devices. This is due to the nature of the work people are doing on mobile. Businesses need to realise that transformation via cloud services needn’t take several years to achieve: here are three ways of understanding the potential of digital business today. read more


Building the Franchise: From the Front Cash-Till to the Back Office

The franchise sector is a modern-day success story for British business. While the UK economy shrank by 2.5% between 2008-13, franchising revenues grew by 20%, making it one of the few industries to demonstrate strong growth during the recession. By 2013 the franchise market grossed £13.7 billion, contributing almost 1% to UK GDP. read more


Keeping your Passwords under Lock and Key

The cloud has provided tremendous benefits for small businesses. Technology that used to be complex, expensive and perhaps unattainable for smaller organisations is now just a few clicks away. Today, just about everything we need to do is available as a cloud offering, so small businesses can have access to the world’s best technology faster than ever before. With that, we are putting some of our most valuable intellectual property into the cloud. read more


Why Hybrid Cloud is the Perfect Solution

Traditionally many organisations were sceptical of cloud computing. The thought of having data in a remote, seemingly insecure location caused plenty to be hesitant. However, by now most organisations have embraced the cloud concept and have in some capacity encompassed cloud computing into their overall strategy. Moving forward however, with increased efficiency the order of the day, CIO’s and IT organisations that adopt hybrid cloud environments will be able to enjoy new levels of flexibility whilst maximising the productivity of cloud services. read more


The Benefits of Document Digitisation in the Cloud

The rise of cloud computing has created a raft of new opportunities for businesses. In addition to users being able to store large files on the cloud and the ability to access documents anytime anywhere, users can also search, retrieve and print their files much more easily than ever before. read more


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