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Application Of Cloud: Scalability

In business, the biggest investments don’t necessarily produce the biggest results and the pressure is on bosses now more than ever to make the right decisions about which areas of their business to invest in if they are to give themselves the best chance of success. read more


Thinking About Instagram, Splunk, Valuing Companies And Big Data

A few weeks ago Facebook's acquisition of photo sharing site Instagram for $1Bn hit the news amid a flurry of speculation over whether we were in another technology bubble like the late 90s. read more


Technology.... Grrr

As many of you will know, I am a self-confessed and unashamed techno geek. If something can be done using the latest gadget, that's for me, irrespective of other - possibly quicker - ways of dealing with it. read more


Cloud Computing To Create 14 Million New Jobs By 2015

In March Microsoft published research findings it had commissioned from analyst firm IDC on the global impact of Cloud Computing. The report indicates that cloud computing will create nearly 14 million new jobs globally by 2015. It goes on to predict that revenues from cloud innovation could reach $1.1 trillion per year by 2015, which, combined with cloud efficiencies, will drive significant organizational reinvestment and job growth. read more


Technology Then And Now

Looking back at over 30 years in the accounting profession, it is fascinating to see how the technology has evolved over that time. read more


Is Hybrid The Best Of Both?

Sometimes discussions of the pros and cons of cloud technology can be oversimplified with debates often reverting to dedicated vs cloud or public vs private. read more


Private Cloud: The Full Package

There is a recurring theme when SMEs are asked why they have not adopted cloud technology within their business: security and reliability. read more


Making Cloud Work For You

To put it simply, cloud delivers computing as a service rather than a product. So, rather than having your applications stored and running from the computer at your desk, they are served from the cloud, via the internet, through your browser. read more


Cloud In A Recession

The growing popularity of cloud technology in the UK has coincided with a tough economic climate for the country’s small businesses perhaps because of the cost benefits it can allow and the fact that it gives users the option to pay only for what they need, when they need it. read more


Business Continuity Lies In The Clouds

Imagine if your entire team lost their data and the ability to use your internal systems. How long would it take for your IT team to reinstate the systems and get the workforce moving again? How long might it take to retrieve lost data? read more


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