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SaaS Cloud Solutions for Small Businesses

For many new or smaller organisations, cloud computing relates to data storage or email, but it can revolutionise a business, enabling organisations to compete more effectively with businesses ten times larger. read more


The Advent of BYOD - What does it Mean for Printing?

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon is sweeping over businesses large and small like a tidal wave. Recent data from market research provider, Vanson Bourne indicates that it is rapidly becoming the norm within businesses, with 84% of UK IT decision-makers reporting that employees are using their devices for work purposes. read more


How the Cloud is Leveling the Playing Field of Global Commerce

The cloud is revolutionizing the way small and medium enterprises are engaging with large, global manufacturers and retailers. A new generation of cloud-based global commerce platforms has enabled “technology leapfrogging” and is leveling the playing field of global commerce. read more


Cloud Security for SMEs: 7 Key Steps

Cloud security remains a key concern for SMEs, and is still often cited as a chief impediment to moving to the cloud. This is understandable, as security breaches can have major negative repercussions for a business. read more


G-Cloud: More Needs to be Done to Make It Work

Imagine a world where the public and private sectors work harmoniously, boosting the economy with innovation and giving taxpayers more for their money. Imagine a platform for finding and contacting new businesses with new ideas, that will engage with and surprise an organisation while meeting its specific needs. read more


There is More Than One Type of Cloud – Make Sure You Select the Right One

Organisations tend to have one of two IT strategies today: those who are already planning and eventually implementing cloud strategy, and those who are going to be doing it soon. However, the options that companies are faced with are dizzying, often contradictory, and usually dangerously expensive. With these choices in front of them, what’s the best way for organisations to get focused and find the ideal cloud solution for their specific needs? read more


How Green is a Green Data Centre?

The public has become increasingly aware of data centres over the last few years. In parallel, there has also been a steep increase in public awareness of environmental issues. read more


How Small Businesses Can Really Benefit From the Cloud

When a small business makes an investment in IT (or anything else for that matter), it’s vital that it pays immediate dividends, whether in reducing costs, improving productivity or enhancing the experience delivered to customers. read more


The Rise Of The Cloud Integrator

Three quarters of UK businesses are now officially ‘in the cloud’ in one form or another. The universal, horizontal cloud benefits of agility and utility are undeniable and compelling, but businesses still need to be able to translate these into enablement and competitive advantage. read more


Trust Is A Key Part Of The New Flexible Working Law

On 30th June, change to UK legislation meant that all employees now have the right to request flexible working, provided they have been in continuous employment for at least 26 weeks. But although employers have a statutory duty to consider applications, they can also reject them, and recent research from Citrix suggests that the latter may be indeed the case. It found that only one in ten small and medium sized businesses see the change as a positive move, despite the government predicting it will generate £475 million of economic benefits through increased efficiency and employee satisfaction in the first ten years. read more


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