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Reducing IT Downtime this Christmas

Christmas can be the most vital time of the year for many businesses, especially retailers, but whether it reaps the rewards of success, or the pressures of failure will in some part be down to how prepared they are to deal with the added demands of this particularly volatile time in the business calendar. For those businesses that rely heavily on technology and hardware, the pressure to perform at a level that meets and exceeds customer expectations can often make the difference when it comes to attracting customer spend. IT downtime simply isn’t an option. read more


Fuelling Growth for the Networked Economy

Looking back at economic revolutions to-date, what they have all had in common is that technological advances have driven major shifts in how businesses operate and how people live and work.   read more


Digital Marketing Show 2014

The Digital Marketing Show is over for another year. Thousands flocked to ExCel, London for the essential resource for the marketing professional looking to boost sales using search, social and email, to learn how to ‘go mobile’, to gain access to the experts, to find the best in class suppliers and get digital marketing advice & tips. read more


Businesses Face New Security Challenge from the Internet of Things

Despite the all the noise around the Internet of Things (IoT) today, the fact is that it's not new. There has been an IoT for at least ten years, if not longer. Webcams, printers and other machines have been connected and communicating via the IP protocol for quite a while. There have always been things communicating with each other. read more


Digital Landfills: The Best Days of Big Data are Yet to Come

It’s been described as Digital Exhaust – the small pieces of transactional information left behind by people, applications and interactions. George Dyson says it began when the cost of keeping information became less than the cost of throwing it away. Either way, the business case for Big Data is strong. By analysing vast tracts of information, it is possible to see correlations, patterns and – potentially – make predictions. read more


Has Bitcoin’s Time Come (or Gone)?

Bitcoin has received a lot of attention over the last year. This has largely come from its spectacularly rapid rise in valuation 12 months ago when it raced past the USD1,000 mark, to the crash and disappearance of MtGox, one of the key bitcoin exchanges, followed by a gradual decline in value so that it is now ‘only’ worth about £234 today. read more


Thinking Beyond the Tick-Box

The value of compliance is often questioned by senior executives who perceive it as an obligatory tick-box exercise that rewards little and subsequently lacks investment from the board. However, a change of approach that aligns compliance with Business-As-Usual (BAU) activities can deliver results that cast the whole exercise in a much more positive light. read more


Securing The Future: Using Predictive Analytics to Seek Out Hidden Threats

The only thing that you can be certain of in life is, that nothing is certain. For thousands of years the human race has tried to prove otherwise. People have attempted to predict the future with tarot cards, tealeaves and by staring into crystal balls. It’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever be able to see exactly what lies ahead, but thanks to significant technological advances, what we can do is use knowledge of the past and the present to drive a desired future outcome. In the field of IT security, today’s threat landscape is not the same one that we faced when the first PCs were introduced, but new technology creates an exciting opportunity for the security world to strengthen defences. And this is vital in a world where cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and targeted. read more


Sponsored Feature - Introducing O2 Business

O2 aren’t just there to help you stay in touch with those around you with the latest handsets. We also want to be there to help your business. There was a time when growth in a digital world meant having access to the most expensive equipment and technology, or at least required expertise in a variety of specialist fields. Today local businesses run by small teams can compete with larger corporations because technology is more readily available, easier to use and cheaper to run. read more


WebRTC is Finally Enabling Unified Communications for All — Is Your Business Ready?

In the past few years, business communication has rapidly developed from being a service to a smartphone app, and it is now moving to the web. WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is the next step in this process. In a nutshell, this new technology gives users the ability to make audio or video calls through their internet browser, without requiring a plugin or the installation of any additional software. read more


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