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Doing business with your Government

In difficult and challenging times, companies naturally seek to maximise their current customer base and of course find new markets. Easier said than done. Still, if not the biggest but certainly one of the biggest potential customers is our own UK Government. read more


Software as a Service – what’s the real business benefit to smaller companies?

The whole notion of SaaS is that as it is known in the trade, is a great idea, has many benefits but it is, I believe still in it’s fancy. The benefits of SaaS are well documented but not necessarily understood simply because of the terminology used to describe them. read more


How I Accidentally Bankrupted my Company: A Cautionary Tale of Cutting Costs

Like every good story ours has a beginning, a middle and an end. While our tale is completely fictitious, the situation that our character finds himself in isn’t. It is based on real events happening in organisations across the globe. Perhaps, by reading it, you can avoid following the same path as our ill-fated CEO and change your destiny. read more


Data Security: It’s Not Rocket Science

Are NASA’s recent, highly-publicised data security incidents a sign that this problem is becoming too complex to manage, or just poor security practice that can easily be remedied? Check Point’s UK MD, Terry Greer-King, explores the issue. read more


Get Ahead of the EU Privacy Legislation

Earlier this year, the European Commission announced a comprehensive review of the EU’s 1995 data protection rules to strengthen online privacy rights in a bid to boost Europe’s digital economy. read more


The evolution of technology in the travel sector: good or bad business?

The majority of business bookings (53%) are researched and booked online, with 80% of all global flights booked through the internet. This migration from face-to-face bookings to online had been a steady process since the internet became a part of everyday business, but it was the recession that really revolutionised the process. read more


Security As A Service

I think that we all pretty much agree that probably the most important element of any computer system is ‘anti-virus’ and other systems that secure our PCs and networks from malware and other malicious programmes that seek to destruct our systems and gain access to confidential data. read more


Which Mobile Platform? Android, Blackberry Apple Or Windows?

There are a number of options now available for people and organisations choosing their mobile phones. Traditionally, the first choice was the phone itself. These days while it has a major influence, so does which mobile phone operating system because to a large extent this will dictate which applications you and your organisation will be able to use. read more


ERP — What’s In It For Me?

In difficult economic times it is important not only to maximise your customer base by selling more products and services but also increasing opportunities of closing further business with new customers. Business transactions are pretty much a process and ERP solutions make these processes more effective and valuable data more transparent. read more


Tips for Internet businesses and entrepreneurs

The UK Internet economy is growing at a rate of 10 per cent per year (source: Boston Consulting Group, Jan). Estimated to be worth £221bn by 2016, it is a lucrative market for entrepreneurs and Internet businesses provided their offering is unique and future-ready. read more


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