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Dispelling the fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding Unified Communications

I am a little wary when anyone professes to understand exactly what Unified Communications (UC) actually means and where it fits in today's business environment. read more


Integrating 'IP Look Up' technology with your outbound sales calls

The next generation of business to business (B2B) web analytics uses ‘IP Look Up’ Technology that identifies the company name of visitors to your business website, giving you an untold number of new ‘warm’ sales leads for your outbound call centre to contact. read more


Public Service Network: What to expect?

This year will be a crucial year for the Public Service Network (PSN). Discussion of the PSN first began in 2008, when the Cabinet Office created a programme to develop the defining standards for the public sector's 'network of networks'. read more


Grow Your Business With Technology

IT is essential for growing a business, whatever the size. It directly affects everything from your ability to deliver new applications and adapt to changing consumer demands, to your brand perception and the productivity of your workforce. read more


Micro Projectors For Easy Transfers

If you regularly encounter some different situations that require you to have a micro projector, such as a meeting or conference or you are a teacher of any type of class, there are many micro projectors that have the power and quality of resolution to make anything you present to others a success read more


Why The Need For A Firewall?

A firewall protects your computer from attack by unauthorised users, either internally (from an organisation’s own users) or via the internet. It is also used to stop your staff accessing certain websites. As a result, a firewall can filter information, i.e. information that is sent and received. read more


Essential Tips For Social Networking Best Practice

Social networks are an inherent part of today’s Internet and used by more than a billion people worldwide. They allow people to share ideas and interact with other people, from old friends to strangers. This interaction reveals a lot of information, often including personal information visible to anyone who wants to view it. read more


Working faster, harder, smarter – why we need to speed up to keep up

Despite a tough financial climate, the UK continues to hold its position as one of the world’s most influential countries. There is still an importance on developing infrastructure, investing in science and encouraging business success. It seems odd then, that we lag behind on something as simple as broadband internet speed. read more


Gen Y and the Technological Generation Gap?

Recently Ross Gittins wrote, “In the quest to lift the flagging productivity of labour, we can go back to old, failed ideas or move on to new ones.” read more


How to Make Cloud Computing Work For You

Cloud computing - you manage the content, but someone else deals with all of ‘that technical stuff’ over the Internet to deploy, maintain and upgrade it. So, is this fully managed service beneficial to your business or a risk with too many variables and unknowns? read more


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