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Clocking Off for Christmas

You have all worked hard all year, hit your targets and enjoyed the office party. But while your staff take a break you face a bleak time operating the office phones in case any of those last minute orders go astray. read more


WFH (Working from Home)

In the early to mid nineties, I was working for large corporations in the tech sector. Our PA’s and no doubt bosses liked to have visibility of our diaries in order that they could schedule meetings for us. read more


What Makes A Good Host?

Hosting is a service that enables businesses to rent or share space on a hosting company’s server(s) in order to carry out its web based activities, including running its website and the functions within it (such as online ordering). read more


Compliance — Part IV

Call recording systems were typically deployed by call centres but these systems are increasingly in demand by all types of companies, even small organisation where perhaps it was once perceived unnecessary. It is now used by all types of organisations regardless of size and type (including Government authorities) because most organisations can benefit from this form of technology. read more


Windows 8: What Small Businesses Need To Consider

With Windows 8 being launched into the UK at the end of October, businesses are undoubtedly faced with a new dilemma of whether to upgrade their existing devices. Windows 8 is the newest operating system (OS) from Microsoft and will combine all the best features of Window. read more


Windows Phone 8: The Last Piece Of The Microsoft Puzzle

Windows Phone 8 is the last piece of the Microsoft puzzle and an ambitious bid to bring together its desktop, tablet, Xbox and smartphone experiences, and riding on the crest of a reportedly billion-dollar ad campaign. read more


Mobile Marketing: Creating The Right Experience

Every month sees a significant growth in mobile devices and their increased use by more and more people across the planet. read more


Demystifying ‘Application Performance Management’

During the London Olympics, thousands of tourists descended en-masse to the city, and the telephone and data networks were placed under enormous pressure. They had to deal with far more traffic than normal, and they couldn’t always cope. read more


Are Businesses Encouraging A Collaborative Workforce?

The concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace is not new. It emerged as the smartphone and tablet computing technologies evolved and, coupled with the explosion in social media applications, mobile computing has now transformed the way we work. read more


Is User Enjoyment Key For e-Commerce?

Every day we are seeing new approaches being developed in ecommerce - the relatively dated theory of Social Commerce is dominating the buzz. read more


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