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Who'll Own The High Ground?

The past couple of decades has seen Telco's move away to a large extent from what was once seen as their core business. This was originally as a result of the de-regulation of the business primarily monopolised by BT. Ultimately, it has given way to a more competitive environment and one where businesses and consumers alike have access to greater choice and lower priced services. read more


Multi-Touchpoint Communication In E-Commerce: With The Help Of The Right Web Technology

User behaviour on the Web has changed markedly over the last few years. Stimulated by the interactive potential offered by Web 2.0, users now expect not only social interaction, but relevant (i.e. personalised) content – and naturally at any time, thus including mobile usage. This latter context at least would seem to be familiar territory for multi-channel delivery. Yet digital channels have long since transformed themselves into interactive touchpoints, which demand more than the simple delivery of web content to different devices. read more


The Future For Smart Cards: Access All Areas

For many of us, smart cards are now part of our daily lives. We rely on their technology to use transport systems, gain access into our office buildings and give us access to networked computer systems. read more


Microblogging For Microbusinesses

When Twitter first launched in 2006, it was panned as nothing more than a passing fad. Consumers, businesses and the media struggled to come to terms with the concept of microblogging. read more


This Time IT’s Serious

Investment in business continuity must always be proportional to the potential risk. Many different theories have been put forward over the years as to how to go about calculating risk, but to my mind the most effective of these is still the simplest: Risk = Seriousness x Frequency. read more


Desktop Virtualisation: It’s Not Just for Large Enterprises

Virtualisation is not a new technology, in fact, it has long been heralded delivering cost-saving and Green benefits to many large enterprises worldwide. Since virtualisation was first implemented by IBM, market leaders such as VMware have deployed with more than 170,000 customers around the globe, and now boast 100% of the Fortune 100 as customers. * read more


Remote Control Software Aids In Recession

Analysts say that during a company crisis, demand for software is significantly reprioritized. According to information provided by CRN/RE Magazine, the survey question “Which way of getting your company out of a crisis is the most effective?” was answered most popularly (35.7%) with: “Minimizing of expenses and cost savings”; 28,6% said they would prefer stimulation of trade; 25% of people “optimizing cashflow”, and 10,7% use other ways to copy through a crisis. Obviously, the main interest in software during tough times is regulated by the product’s efficiency and price. Programs with multiple features and values are yielding to lower end solutions. read more


Social Media - Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Quantity?

Social Media Marketing will probably become the buzzwords for 2010 for the majority of advertising agencies and many businesses without a 'social media strategy' will be seen as terribly 'last year' in their thinking. Virtually all fashionable companies are gleefully announcing their entry into the social media scene with varying degrees of commitment and success. So how do you succeed with Social Media? read more


WiFi To Bring Mobile TV To The Masses With Revenues Reaching $7bn By 2015, Juniper’s Latest Research Finds

Technology will ease 3G network congestion but streamed services will still need further capacity relief as support for dedicated mobile broadcast networks fades. read more


Lots Of Data, But No Information; Dashboards Provide New Sources of ROI

Downturns magnify IT spend many times more than the norm, creating at the very least, caution when deliberating further outlay but also thrusting existing implementations into the spot light to prove their return on investment. read more


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