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Maximising Efficiency In Retail

Whether they’re online or on the high street, it’s crucial for customer experience to be a priority for all retailers alike. read more


Turning high-tech ideas into successful technology businesses

Coming up with that big idea is just the beginning. Taking the idea and developing it into something tangible that is worthy of mass sales is where it really starts to get complicated read more


The Five Lessons of IT Consumerization

Consumerization of IT is happening with or without the support of the IT department and this is creating more complexity for businesses. read more


Is Business Travel Worth the Investment?

Spending time on the road travelling to and from meetings can be tedious at the best of times, but when you are on the road for a majority or your working week you soon become frustrated. read more


The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

The Wind Energy Industry brings together skills, technologies and science that have not been previously combined on a single system. read more


Pay-as-you-go Cloud Delivers Agile Budgeting to UK Businesses

PAYG cloud services match costs to changing IT budgets read more


Essential Business Kit, Books And Tech To Put Your Business Ahead In 2012

Essential reading for anyone who likes new things, and wants to give their business the edge in the new year. read more


What Is Agile Computing?

Yet another term that is being used by the technology sector! Like so many other expressions generated by the ICT sector, this can leave people confused or in some instances mislead. So what is it? What does it mean? What are the benefits? read more


The Rights And Wrongs Of Tablet Computing

When the first tablet style computer was launched, I guess it’s safe to state that it was the Apple iPad or so I believe, I wasn’t sure as to the purpose or need for such a device. In the first instance, I guess I wasn’t necessarily the right demographic that Apple was targeting as I didn’t see the point of a screen without keyboard read more


What To Expect From The Workplace Of The Future

Not long ago the workforce was predictable and easy to define with most employees working routine office hours and using a fixed desktop office computer. Today working practices are highly variable: we respond to emails at all hours from smartphones, work from a variety of places and collaborate and exchange ideas via different platforms including social media. read more


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