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Exactly How Advantageous is the Bring Your Own Device Phenomenon?

In this article, internet security expert and MD of Beaming, Sonia Blizzard, discusses the pros and cons of BYOD and what businesses should look out for when it comes to security. read more


Do it Digitally: The Importance of Digital Identity to Businesses

We live in a digital world. In this digital world, customers expect a business to have a website, and they expect that website to be easily accessible by and compatible with mobile devices. They want to be able to quickly and simply determine what services are being offered, read reviews from other customers and find the business’ location. For even the smallest of small businesses, having a digital identity ensures that consumers see you as credible and accessible. read more


Have you Woken up to the “Internet of Things”?

The Internet of Things or IoT is a notion that refers to the interconnection of devices, systems and services that goes way beyond machines and refers to them speaking to each other in ways that might seem unimaginable right now. Connecting devices to the Internet is predicted to change the way we live our lives significantly in the next 10 years. The automation of our homes, the monitoring of our health and the way we run our businesses will all be affected by IoT. read more


Software-Defined Storage — Saviour of The Internet of Things

‘The Internet of Things’, or connected devices, is an integral part of many people’s daily lives. From its beginnings in Internet banking and online grocery shopping, the Internet of Things has moved on to driverless cars, learning thermostats and wearable fitness technology — and the future only holds more opportunities. As these advancements in technology continue and become more widely adopted, we will become increasingly reliant on the services they deliver and the data they generate. And the Internet of Things is only one of several ingredients contributing to today’s explosion of data — key trends like mobility, social media and big data also are driving strong demand. read more


How the Internet of Things has Created Data Hoarders

By now, the “Internet of Things” (IoT) is something you’ve heard before. In fact, a recent Morgan Stanley report predicts that the number of devices connected to the IoT will reach 75 billion by the year 2020. The IoT is a staggering concept that ranges from daily chatter about the newest Internet-enabled devices, such as the Kindle Fire and the Nest Smoke Alarm, to the amount of data these devices produce and where to keep it, even in the cloud. The mountain of information these devices create is forcing companies to rethink how to securely capture, store and retrieve data to derive more value from it. To address this problem, companies are coming around to the notion that instead of hoarding data, they need a modern data management strategy to make better business decisions, evolve products and services and improve the user experience. read more


How Safe is your Company Data During the Holiday Getaway?

29/09/2014 By Martin Sugden, MD, Boldon James The annual August getaway has been in full swing but with sun now setting on the summer holidays, employees are tearing themselves away from the beach and heading back to the office. While businesses are well aware of the issues around covering holidays and... read more


Four Key Email Marketing Trends Every Business Needs To Know

Email marketing remains one of the most popular and effective marketing tools today because of its high adoption rate amongst consumers. Customers often prefer email as a communication channel when receiving commercial messages, which is likely why the 2014 State of Marketing report from the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud revealed that 68 per cent of marketers view email as a core function to their business, and that 58 per cent also plan to increase their email spend this year. read more


Email deliverability: What you need to know

If you’ve ever been shopping around for Email Service Providers (ESPs), chances are you’ve come across the word ‘deliverability’. You won’t find it in any dictionary, so what exactly does this mystery word mean? Deliverability is an umbrella term used by ESPs to measure the success or chances of an email being delivered. read more


Reducing the Risk: Technology for Taking Secure Telephone Payments

If you are taking or making payments over the phone you are at risk of fraud in a number of ways. If the customer says their card details out loud when in the office, on public transport or while in the street, who could be listening? Could the contact centre agent taking the payment be passing on the credit card numbers? And if the sensitive card information is passing through your computer systems, how can you be sure that it is completely secure from hackers, who have developed clever and sophisticated ways of obtaining sensitive data over company networks without being detected. read more


How Apps Can Help Small Businesses Boost Productivity

While the economy is on the road to recovery, small businesses across the country still need to focus on driving efficiencies and productivity wherever possible. Workplace apps are one of the ways small businesses have been boosting productivity, helping them to concentrate on the task at hand – building their business. One in four employees of small businesses use their own free apps at work, like Google Maps, Skype and Google Drive, and almost one in ten small businesses have built their own mobile apps, to complete tasks like enabling staff to book in holidays. read more


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