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The Tech Dinosaurs: Tape Recorders and Fax Machines Top

'Having a clone' and 'a place in the office that provides natural sunlight' tied for first place as the dream tools professionals wish they had. read more


World’s Smallest Smart Antenna To Revolutionise Smart Phone Performance

Edinburgh-based Sofant Technologies has unveiled revolutionary miniature antenna technology that is predicted to transform the performance of smart phones and tablet PCs, making poor reception, dropped calls and short battery life things of the past. read more


Ofcom Welcomes The Progress To Bring 4G To The UK

[b]Ofcom[/b] has welcomed the significant progress that has been made in moving forward the delivery of competitive 4G mobile services across the UK. read more


Don’t Lull(zSec) Your Business Into A False Sense Of Online Security

DDoS, the denial of service attack which can cripple websites, email servers and, in fact, any piece of internet-connected infrastructure isn’t something which has been short of attention in the news recently. read more


Five Cost-Effective Ways The Internet Can Help You To Test Your Business Ideas

The ability to make informed decisions is a key skill for any successful entrepreneur, especially when starting a company or launching new products and services. Does your offering have a viable market? What product attributes do people value - and how much are they willing to pay for them? Understanding your customers and making sure what you are providing appeals is notoriously difficult (and expensive) to do. Previously there was a choice of backing a hunch, asking friends and family or investing in expensive and time consuming market research. read more


Bring Your Own Device — The Threat Behind the Promise

There can be few businesses that are not aware of the concept of ‘Bring Your Own Device’, otherwise known as BYOD. And if you are not aware of the term itself, you will almost certainly be familiar with its effect and the growing practice of employees using their own IT devices in the workplace or for work purposes. read more


Smartphone Security Winners & Losers

In the mobile space the BYOD trend is becoming a minefield for IT administrators. Many companies have experienced a data breach as a result of an employee owned device accessing the corporate network. When the stakes are this high, corporate IT needs to know which platforms to allow and which to refuse. read more


Finance IT!

24/09/2012 By Ben Weiner, CEO, Conjungo These days, the use of technology for organisations regardless of size is considered a necessity but sometimes the upfront cost can be seen as prohibitive despite the benefits and gains that will be made. What is asset finance? Essentially this means partnering with a finance company who... read more


Better Safe Than Sorry. Storing Data Is One Thing, Making Sure It’s Robust Enough To Stand The Test Of Time Is Another!

24/09/2012 By Ben Weiner, CEO, Conjungo Storage solutions are an absolute necessity in these times. Why? The most obvious is that we need to back up our data and programmes just in case our PC, network or other devices suffer from some form of critical failure. And they do, believe you me.... read more


Securing Your Data – The Financial Consequences Of Loss Of Data To Your Organisation

24/09/2012 By Ben Weiner, CEO, Conjungo With the growth in demand of remote access or remote working practices, the risk of losing data, and ‘intellectual property’ has increased. The result of such loss through ‘hacking’ or other breach in security can be devastating and can result in a court case, heavy fines,... read more


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