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Protect Vital Data

According to Symantec, the cost of data breaches to UK firms has risen 68 per cent in the last five years to £79 per affected record. read more


The Importance Of Managing Your Data

Despite data storage being a key enabler of business services, embracing new technologies to support this data growth is not always a straight forward exercise. read more


Business Focused PCs

When it comes to mobile computing for business where do you start? With laptops there are already a handful of dominant players such as HP, Toshiba, Dell, Asus and Lenovo. But today I’m reviewing the new kid on the block — Samsung. read more


The Demand For Mobile Computing

It is practically a given that most organisations regardless of size or number of employees now have systems in place that allow unparalleled levels of communications (compared to even 10 years ago). All of this capability can be delivered via one device — the mobile phone or as they are referred to these days as ‘Smart Phones’. read more


An ethical hackers view on the dangers of mobile malware and what steps to take to stop it

The mobile phone is unrecognisable in comparison to its original ‘brick’ form of the 80s. Instead of a ‘yuppie’ status symbol, now it’s considered by many as a necessity with practically every handbag and pocket hiding these modern miracles of technology. read more


Dispelling the fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding Unified Communications

I am a little wary when anyone professes to understand exactly what Unified Communications (UC) actually means and where it fits in today's business environment. read more


Integrating 'IP Look Up' technology with your outbound sales calls

The next generation of business to business (B2B) web analytics uses ‘IP Look Up’ Technology that identifies the company name of visitors to your business website, giving you an untold number of new ‘warm’ sales leads for your outbound call centre to contact. read more


Public Service Network: What to expect?

This year will be a crucial year for the Public Service Network (PSN). Discussion of the PSN first began in 2008, when the Cabinet Office created a programme to develop the defining standards for the public sector's 'network of networks'. read more


Grow Your Business With Technology

IT is essential for growing a business, whatever the size. It directly affects everything from your ability to deliver new applications and adapt to changing consumer demands, to your brand perception and the productivity of your workforce. read more


Micro Projectors For Easy Transfers

If you regularly encounter some different situations that require you to have a micro projector, such as a meeting or conference or you are a teacher of any type of class, there are many micro projectors that have the power and quality of resolution to make anything you present to others a success read more


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