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2014: The Year Of The Next-Generation MSP?

Darron shares his advice for organisations looking for a managed services provider that will not just ‘keep the lights on’, but have a truly transformative impact on your business. read more


Using Big Data To Recruit Smarter

Now more than ever, big data is at the forefront of conversations across a host of industries and sectors. Where marketers once led the way in exploiting data to fine-tune their strategies, those in recruitment and HR are seeing the value in adopting such approaches, with many using the data they have collected to help them improve an organisation’s recruitment function and to demonstrate the return on investment of recruitment activity. Something which in turn will benefit the wider business and its goals for success. read more


Top tips: Creating A Magnetic Profile On LinkedIn

More than 250 million people globally are now using LinkedIn. Over 12 million people in the UK are members and nearly 90 per cent of budget holders in FTSE100 companies have LinkedIn profiles. Despite such staggering statistics, not all of these people are actually using it to maximum advantage. Creating a compelling LinkedIn profile and presenting yourself effectively online can make you look savvy and therefore generate a competitive advantage for your business. read more


Top Tips: How Small Business Owners Can Ease The Daily Accounting Struggles

Even with a return to economic stability, entrepreneurs are faced with a number of pressures to ensure business survival. The key to longevity is to eradicate common business problems, including day-to-day frustrations such as managing accounts, which can be time consuming and costly due to cumbersome accounting requirements and processes. read more


BYOD Is Here To Stay – Manage The Risk And Optimise It!

With growth statistics suggesting that 40% of workers are using their personal devices to access business applications and resources, BYOD is a trend businesses can’t ignore. Although there is growing pressure on IT to manage the risk posed by BYOD, there is a real opportunity to turn BYOD to a business advantage by driving improvements in employee productivity, performance and adding extra support for the growing numbers of remote and mobile workers. read more


World Wide Web Turns 25: How Social Media, Google and its Algorithms Have Changed The Way Businesses Operate Online

What would life be like today without the World Wide Web? Inconvenient might be one word to describe it. We can book our plane tickets and manage our finances online, keep up-to-date with world news in almost real time and with just a few clicks of the mouse we can have our shopping conveniently delivered to our door or a local store for collection. read more


Flexible Working – Why SMEs Should Take Notice

Working patterns since the economic crisis in 2008 have changed up and down the country, in large corporations through to SMEs and microbusinesses. A major part of this shift is due to flexible working, and it would be hard to find a business owner who hasn’t noticed the number of workers opting for a more flexible working pattern over the past few years. read more


World Wide Web Turns 25: The Impact of the Internet on Customer Engagement

This year marks the 25th birthday of the Internet. It’s fair to say that its inception and subsequent global success has transformed the way we do business. This is never more apparent than the way in which brands approach Customer Engagement. read more


World Wide Web Turns 25: How the Internet has Changed the Way People Access Finance

25 years ago the concept of being able to access hundreds of pounds simply with a few taps of your mobile phone while walking down the street would have been completely alien. The internet has totally transformed the way that both consumers and businesses access finance. It has provided them with a wealth of options where people can quickly and easily compare loan options from across the world. No longer are consumers forced into taking a loan from their nearest bank or money shop; they can log on and compare rates and see what is best for them. read more


Mumpreneurs Take Advantage of Fellow Mums’ Skills to Boost Growth

As shadow childcare minister Lucy Powell says that mothers working part-time are often more productive than other employees, mumpreneurs working with GrowthAccelerator have extolled the virtues of employing other mums. read more


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