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BYOD - Bosses Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Personal Devices in the Workplace

Scarcely a day goes by without a new viewpoint on the Bring Your Device (BYOD) to work trend. Is it going to reshape the workplace, drive productivity, or redefine IT budgets as individual employees take control of how they access corporate IT resources? read more


Big, Little and BETTER Data Drives Performance

We live in a world which was shaped by the first industrial revolution, which saw manual power eclipsed by the intelligence and skill of human craftsmen automated by machinery. Today we are in the midst of a revolution potentially just as momentous, often referred to as the ‘digital revolution’. read more


Five Top Tips for Managing Security

Stephen Midgley, Vice President, Global Marketing at Absolute Software shares his top tips on how to avoid business security mishaps. read more


Skills Shortage In Cyber And Cloud?

A lot has been said about how technology is changing and the impact that is having on the way businesses operate and the way we live our lives. We’re more mobile, we have the world’s information available to us at the click of a button and our data is stored on interconnected servers spread throughout the world. read more


Tablets: A Business Toy or Business Tool?

Today’s business environment is continually changing, in part to keep up with numerous technological advancements and the shifting demands of the modern workforce. Some organisations have acted fast to implement a mobility business model in order to remain competitive and meet employee expectations, which are often strongly rooted in consumer experiences; but for those that have yet to invest in alternative mobility strategies and/or devices, a technological innovation gap between user experiences and business IT requirements has appeared. read more


Building Up The Knowledge To Knock Down The Competition

With 91 percent of consumers checking their email daily email marketing has never been more critical to the success of business growth and is therefore one of the most effective ways to accelerate customer familiarity with a brand. read more


Taking Advantage of London’s Developer Community

Chasing San Francisco and New York, London now hosts the third largest technology start-up cluster in the world and the biggest in Europe. To encourage this growth, the UK Government has proposed a significant amount of funding within this area and earlier last week Buckingham Palace hosted a reception to highlight the growing contribution of the start-up community to the UK economy. read more


Tips On Protecting Your Small Business From Hackers

You’ve no doubt seen news reports about hacking incidents at large companies — from eBay to Domino’s. It’s a growing problem, but generally, only the major incidents that affect millions get media attention. read more


Don’t Score An Own Goal With Security

A certain major sporting event is currently underway with the eyes of the world glued to their televisions, smartphones, tablets and laptops looking for the latest news coming out of Brazil and the fate of their national sides and favourite players. read more


Transforming Online Strategy with CRM

Organisations know there are many opportunities to transform customer relationships via the web and the creation of portals. But what is the best way forward? From dedicated web developments to extending individual business applications, such as trouble ticketing, the vast majority of organisations are failing to create a robust web strategy – they are simply adding information silos. The key to successfully changing the customer relationship and driving end to end self-service has to be accurate, in depth customer information that encompasses the entire customer lifecycle, from lead acquisition through contracts to orders and complaint resolution. John Cheney, CEO, Workbooks outlines the role of CRM at the heart of any web-enabled customer strategy. read more


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