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Digital-Age Marketing And The Importance Of Big Data

Big data has been a buzzword for some time now, but the volume, velocity, variety and variability of data are so great that marketers are in danger of being overwhelmed. At precisely the moment when real customer understanding seems so within reach, the avalanche of data makes it seem as far away as ever. read more


Online Retailing Q&A – Ownership Of Websites And Other Issues

Q) I run a boutique fashion company, designing and selling womenswear. We currently operate three high street stores and have recently decided to sell online as well. We have arranged for a website developer to design and create the website. Who will own the website and would we be able to use content and images found on the internet? Also, are there any legal differences to selling products online of which we should be aware? Ms W W Webb read more


Why Your Website Needs to Respond

I'm writing this whilst on the train to London to meet a new potential client about a website they'd like my creative team to design. I'm on my iPad and using my Googledocs account to write this in the 'Cloud'. Our lives are becoming more dependent on mobile technology to work and play; from software, to Cloud storage, to office solutions. read more


The Real Benefits Of Controlling Your Own Company Hosting

As online business continues to expand at record levels, websites facilitating digital power players are growing ever larger, more complex and more sophisticated. These days, businesses rarely stop. Business never does. Somewhere someone is always looking for a product or service and the omnipresent nature of the online world means that there is always someone ready to supply it. read more


Responsive Web Design

In a new report called the 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, MarketingSherpa asked marketing agencies and professionals about email marketing developments for 2013; 58% said the pervasiveness of mobile smartphones and tablets. read more


7 Steps For Planning A Video Production For Your Business

The most crucial part of any video is the planning phase. ItsIt’s about you, the business owner, creating a level of clarity that you can communicate to the producers of your video. Here are the seven key questions you need to answer in order to give your prospective producers a full brief. read more


Making The Most Of E-Commerce

The e-commerce industry in the UK is currently worth £78 billion and set to exceed £87 billion in 2013. Businesses are starting to realise that having an optimised website is a must to attract new customers and gain business. read more


Five Tips For Improving Website Performance

On the Internet nothing causes people as much grief, anger and aggravation than a slow loading website. If a website does not load within the critical first 2 seconds, 50% of viewers will simply click away and most of them won’t return, according to surveys by Akamai and This means lower conversion rates, lower rankings on searches and anaemic traffic. read more


2013’s Five Most Common Networking Objectives of CIOs

The 2013 network priorities for typical midsized (500-5000 seat) organisations are an exercise in ‘pragmatic intelligence’ according to Exinda. read more


BYOD: Harnessing Employee-Led Innovation

For some time now IT managers and IT decision-makers have come under increasing pressure to enable the use of personal devices in the work environment. In just a short period of time 'bring your own device' has become common business parlance. read more


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