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Making Smart Decisions

Perhaps the above title stirs up memories of spoof spy films, and for those of you whose memories of such films have been fondly stirred, I apologise as I now bring you back to reality. Getting SAM Smart is about understanding some of the key considerations required to achieve a trustworthy Software Asset Management, (SAM), position. So, why would you want to “Get SAM Smart”, how do you do it and what are the benefits? First let’s tell you why you need to! read more


The Changing Nature Of Desktops

Desktop computing has become a major challenge. While it’s essential for delivering must-have applications and services to end users, managing and securing physical PCs requires a tremendous amount of time, complexity and cost. PCs can consume 7-10% of IT budgets, but provide no competitive advantage. read more


The 21st Century Mobile Culture has Changed IT Security Forever

Radical changes in IT in the past half-decade have resulted in a fundamental shift in the relationship between technology, consumers and businesses. For the first time in the Information Age, consumers now own and use mobile technology that far surpasses that found in the typical office, or provisioned by an employer, and they want to use these new devices in a way that will make the workday more efficient and enjoyable. read more


Mobile Device Security: Don’t Be Alarmed

Portable devices have changed a lot since the first array of laptops in the 80s. As they’ve evolved, they have granted businesses increasing levels of flexibility, allowing them to benefit from improved productivity and efficiency, regardless of an employee’s location. Today, staff can write reports on a train on their way back from a meeting on their Ultrabook, write notes in the meeting itself using smart pen technology on a tablet or smartphone and attend conference calls wherever they are. read more


Can Business Intelligence Change The Fragmented Service Supply Chain? — PART ONE

With the current economic business pressure, reducing costs in the service supply chain without compromising customer satisfaction is a challenge which must be faced head on. Managing this balancing act requires business intelligence, which refers to the applications, tools, infrastructure and best practices which enable raw data to be transformed into significant information, and as such can be utilised to improve outdated processes. read more


When Is It The Right Time To Upgrade To Windows 8?

Over the last few months there has been much discussion amongst the business community about the merits and potential pitfalls of Windows 8, the latest operating system from Microsoft. It holds a lot of promise for businesses looking for enhanced security, touch screen capability and new user experiences. read more


Top Tips On Flexible Working In The Modern World

Earlier this year Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer caused an uproar in the business community when she banned employees from working from home. The general feedback was that while she might have the best intentions, our fast-paced world is learning to accept and even embrace flexible working and as such, big companies like Yahoo need to get on board. However, the current discussion around flexible working needs to change as the phrase needs to encompass more than working from home or being a telecommuter. read more


The Personalised Internet And What It Means For Business

Despite its relatively short life, the internet has already gone through several iterations. From the boom, to web 2.0 and the ‘internet of things’, how users and businesses experience and make use of the internet is constantly in flux. Throughout this time, how people browse the internet has remained largely unchanged, however this too is set to undergo a revolution, with personalisation being the key. An increasingly personalised browsing experience is set to raise expectations from users that their interactions with businesses online should be equally tailored. read more


How To Create Competitive Advantage With ‘Unified’ Remote Working

It wasn’t so long ago that the phrase, ’I’ll be working from home today’ would have been met with cynical smiles and knowing winks from everyone in the office, especially during a crucial stage of a test match. read more


Enterprise Video: the Privatisation of Television

Communicating in ways that engage employees emotionally and make the message stick is increasingly important and difficult to achieve. Enterprise video is a great medium to do exactly that. If approached cleverly and if the right platform is adopted, you can use it to provide your work force with a very contemporary tool for social business. read more


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