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Next-Generation Firewalls Must Evolve to Remain Relevant

When Gartner coined the phrase "next generation firewall", in 2003, it captured a then-nascent approach to traffic classification and control. Combining traditional packet filtering with some application control and IPS layered on top, today’s ‘legacy’ NGFWs do pretty much what they say on the tin. read more


How Can Real Time Data Help Businesses Effectively Manage their Projects?

Technology is transforming the way we work. One of the most fundamental advances technology has made in relation to flexible working is its ability to provide access to real-time data. read more


Data Roaming Remains a Big Issue for Businesses

No matter the size of your company, international business is not easy. There are many barriers to successful practice: language, culture and laws need to be researched and navigated for smooth business negotiation. Face to face meetings are essential to overcome these obstacles; to secure long term business relationships and close deals and this inevitably involves vast amounts of international travel. read more


SME Guide to Data Security

Following a multitude of breaches publicised by the media, ‘data security’ is a concept that is gaining significance. Yet, it mostly remains an afterthought for many SMBs who are often too complacent, thinking "it won’t happen to me.” After a data loss, it may be the larger companies who are publically scrutinised, but all attacks come at a cost that even smaller businesses must face. read more


Why are Wary IT Decision-Makers Putting Savings Ahead of Data Security in Cloud Paradox?

Half of IT decision-makers have adopted the least secure mass-market cloud services, despite their growing concerns over data security in the cloud, according to research published last month by BT. read more


DIY Diagnostics: The Mobile Phone Repair Landscape is Changing

So your phone's playing up and you can't get it to work properly. It's just not doing what you expect from such a sophisticated piece of equipment. What’s your first, and supposedly only, course of action? Taking it to the nearest phone store or back to the dealer from where you bought it. Then what? You’re told your phone must be sent off to a repair workshop – or even back to the manufacturer. You’ll be days, maybe even weeks without a phone, and possibly face a huge bill at the end of it. read more


Will your Database Scale for Big Data?

BI tools are playing an increasing role in the data estates of many big businesses. They hold out the promise of offering the end user the opportunity to do self-service reporting and analysis on data. This can make the business more responsive and also free up expensive database administrator (DBA) time. However, this freedom comes at a cost. BI tools are by their nature unconstrained, allowing the user to ask almost any question of the data. This places an increased strain on the underlying database because this kind of behaviour is very difficult to optimise for. read more


How Can You Avoid a Data Fine?

The increase in corporate mobile device use, fuelled by Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and advances in technology, means there are many more ways in which data can be lost; whether through employee mistakes or malicious theft and sale of confidential information. As a result, GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) is one of the biggest issues facing companies at the moment. Unfortunately, the average business hasn’t realised this and remaining on the right side of the law can be a real problem. read more


Fraud in a Mobile Digital World

With an increased reliance by consumers on mobile devices to communicate, transact and authenticate, the hot topic of identity theft and mobile fraud has progressed from being merely a niche occurrence to a widespread and global concern for many. The concerns not only stem from banks, retailers and mobile payments providers, but also for mobile service providers too, who are managing their reputation and brand within this problematic industry. read more


Are Angry Birds Flying Away With Your Corporate Data?

BYOD is everywhere in today’s workplace— whether that means smartphones, tablets, laptops or other personal devices. Convenience, improved productivity and the potential for cost savings are undeniable benefits; but, this practice poses a huge security risk to the business. All of those personal devices accessing the network are loaded with apps that make life simpler and more fun, and not just for the user. After all, who hasn’t seen a game-laden phone handed to a grouchy toddler in a restaurant? read more


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