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A Robust And Secure Network Can Manage Your Employee’s Smart Devices

Along with their company laptop and mobile phone, my staff also have personal smartphones which are brought into the office and connect to our network. In addition, several employees have their own iPads and those in the marketing department use iMac’s at work. But I know it’s not just the NETGEAR office that faces the challenge of managing multiple work and personal devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets connecting to our network. Personal devices are making their way into the workplace of every small and medium businesses throughout the UK and this trend has been magnified by the expectations of a new generation of workers. read more


Enterprise Efficiency, The Benefits Of The Virtual Datacentre

Staying ahead of the competition in IT terms is a constant source of concern for any business. In today’s Virtual Era, technology and business go hand in hand. With growing pressure on IT managers caused by ever-expanding quantities of data and increased threats to data security, the winners in this Virtual Era will be those who can simplify, standardize and automate their infrastructure to spend more time managing the business rather than the technology. read more


Points To Remember When Purchasing A PC

What are the most important factors to consider when purchasing, investigating or buying the most appropriate computer? read more


Why Use Finance Or Leasing For Your Technology Purchases?

Preserving cash that is generated in the business for much better uses such as product development, hiring new people, marketing, and acquisition of other businesses. All these areas should generate a much higher return on the money invested and it is therefore a significantly better use of your company’s cash. read more


Foursquare - The Phone App That Uses GPS Technology

On Monday 20 June, Foursquare announced that their community was now over 10 million strong and with a London office opening soon it’s only a matter of time before the 2 year old New York start-up enters the UK mainstream. Simply put, Foursquare is a phone app that uses GPS technology. It’s a mashup of a social network, guide book and game that in Foursquare’s words helps people ‘find their friends and explore their world’. read more


4G — Is your business ready?

It’s great news that the first trial of 4G has been announced in the UK particularly as a recent report from Ofcom outlines a large speed gap between mobile and fixed line broadband read more


Technology Advances & The Benefits It Brings To Businesses

The invention of the wheel, the discovery of gunpowder, the designing of the printing press, the formation of the internet - for thousands of years we have reaped the benefits of technology in a myriad of forms. Today we are inundated with a proliferation of devices, applications and widgets. And therein lies the problem for businesses - an abundance of choice, and those who have to make the choice remain confused over what to buy, who to source it from and the best way to install it. read more


Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets et al: Which New Technology Is Right For My Business?

In recent times there’s been a plethora of developments within the computing market. Up until fairly recently, if you needed a computer your choice was either a PC otherwise known as a desktop or a laptop. This the changed with the development of the notebook which retained similar features to laptops but were smaller even more portable as a result. Today, we have a greater choice, net books and now tablets. Even more confusing a devices that sit between tablets and mobile phones which muddies the water even more! read more


IT Infrastructure: The Key To Maximising Profits And Staying Ahead Of Competitors

In the financial services world, operational efficiency is essential for paving the road to success. With regular legislative changes, and shifts in economic and public expectations, the insurance industry is required to be one of the most adaptable sectors in the UK. Firms servicing the insurance sector need to be just as flexible in their approach. From start-ups looking to develop an enterprise-level platform from the ground up, to established companies aiming to refresh their IT infrastructures in line with their business ambitions, implementing a virtualised, streamlined IT infrastructure is key to maximising profits and staying ahead of the competition. read more


Asus' Padfone: tablet meets smartphone

After its eee pad transformer took the market by storm, Asus are no strangers to innovation. And given the response the company received at the Computex 2011, the Taiwanese firm have apparently done it again. read more


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