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The Shared Service Model: Outsourcing for the 21st Century

Over the past few years many CFOs of SMEs (and smaller listed entities) have focused on management accounting as a way of generating business growth. They have been pressured to produce better, more relevant information quickly which can not only help with business projections, but also keep costs down. read more


Creativity Through Collaborative Technologies

Creativity, and its corporate twin, innovation, are increasingly seen as indicators of business success. By 2020, the UK is expected to have an innovation and ideas economy rather than a purely knowledge economy. As that takes shape, collaboration will be the means to improve problem solving, increase creativity, and deliver that all-important innovation. read more


The #GenMobile Gap: New Workforce Demands Mobility

Chris Kozup, Senior Director of EMEA marketing at Aruba Networks, explores why a new breed of employee is influencing the workplace of the future… read more


Is your Website your Best Salesperson? Top Tips for Building a Great Business Website

There are many fantastic websites out there produced by smart people who know how to optimise opportunities in the digital world, but many businesses are still running out of date websites which are little more than expensive online brochures. Business websites are as important as great sales people and should be developed with the same level of focus as you would develop your team. In fact, if your website isn't your best salesman you should take a serious look at it. read more


Worried about Being Cyber-Attacked? You Probably Already Have Been

Vince Cable this week warned of the vulnerability of Britain’s essential services to a cyber attack and called for better IT security, but exactly how serious is the threat? read more


How Satya Nadella Can Make an Impact in his First 100 Days as New Microsoft CEO

06/02/2014 By Stephen Archer, Director of Spring Partnerships This week it was announced that Bill Gates is stepping down as Microsoft chairman to focus more on products and technology at the company. Gates will play a secondary role now to Satya Nadella, whom Microsoft has named as its new chief executive. Nadella... read more


Unified Communications: The High Value, Secure Lone

It’s a commonly held view that nothing works in isolation. But the estimated six million people in the UK classified as ‘lone workers’ may well disagree; they’re expected to do it every day. read more


How can 4G Help my Business?

Since it was launched in October 2012, 4G mobile networks have been positioned as not just great for the consumer, but great for business as well. read more


Are You Content With Your Marketing Strategy?

So it seems as though online site owners are waking up to the benefits of content marketing. Whether it’s because they’ve witnessed the aftermath of the Panda update themselves or they’re finally responding to advice from those who have, more people are investing in blogs, press releases and engaging website copy. But how many of these are actually monitoring the effects of their efforts? read more


Understand Content Filtering

Content filtering is a system that enables an organisation to monitor the activities of all personnel who have access to a PC. Content filtering systems filter emails according to a criteria set by the management of the organisation and either block them or prevent them being sent. read more


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