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Green Benefits From The Cloud

Today’s challenging economic times can make it difficult for businesses to do the right thing. Choosing to be “green” when faced with financial constraints presents a dilemma–and for many businesses, the only viable solution is finding eco-friendly practices that can also save money. Companies can reduce their carbon imprint in a number of ways, whether it’s by using less electricity or reducing waste.Green technology solutions offer numerous opportunities, but IT professionals face notable challenges when evaluating options. Many technology vendors claim to be green, but it can be difficult to determine which solutions are actually eco-friendly and which are primarily marketing spin. The biggest obstacle to implementation, though, is justifying the green initiative to management. Now more than ever, IT teams must demonstrate that the chosen solution will deliver corporate savings and ROI in addition to environmental benefits. read more


How Technology & Efficiency Counts In A Greener World

The choices that consumers make today are increasingly likely to include a green alternative. These so-called environmentally conscious options are now becoming more accepted as people understand that they bring positive consequences for the environment while at the same time they can also deliver real-time economic and operational benefits. The energy sector is a prime example. read more


Cloud Computing: It’s All About Data

Your data will be stored in the vendor’s data centres. Typically, they will store it in two or more facilities for redundancy and continuity. Before signing up, check where your data will be stored. Look for confirmation that their data centres are secure and well run. For example, Microsoft has nine layers of best-in-class security measures, including intrusion detection systems, and multiple data centres to provide a fully-operational backup. This lets Microsoft offer a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. read more


Cloud Computing: Do I Really Need It?

- Your internet connection is very slow or unreliable. This can be a challenge for companies in rural areas. - You want absolute physical control over your data. Although cloud services are secure and vendors strictly control access to your data, some organisations may want or need the extra reassurance of having their data under their physical control. read more


Cloud Computing: What Are The Financial Implications?

How much does cloud computing cost? As you would expect, prices vary from service to service and vendor to vendor. Although many online services are free, they come with adverts and may not be suitable for business use. Business class services and applications start at a few pounds per-user, per-month and some applications can cost a lot more. However, the price and conditions should be clear up front. read more


Cloud Computing: What’s It All About?

If you use a webmail application like Windows Live Hotmail or an online service such as Facebook, you’re already using a type of cloud computing. Unlike conventional software, which runs on your own PC, cloud computing (also called software-as-a-service or SaaS) means running applications over the internet. Examples include web-based email, customer relationship management or web conferencing. read more


HTC Sensation multimedia smartphone unveiled

Taiwanese smartphone manufacturers, HTC Corp. have today announced their much speculated dual core device: the twin 1.2 Ghz HTC Sensation. read more


Samsung Galaxy S2 product review

We review the latest Samsung Galaxy that is set to be released in the UK on May 1. read more


This Business Tool Strikes The Right Note!

Every now and then a new business tool comes along that’s so handy, pretty soon you are wondering how you managed without it. That’s certainly true of my latest discovery, which is a digital notebook called OneNote, part of Office 2010. read more


Driving Costs Down The Road To Greater Efficiency

Keeping an iron grip on business expenditure is a priority at the best of times. In this challenging commercial environment it’s an absolute business imperative. But increasing competitiveness and driving up efficiency, often means harnessing the benefits of information driven technology. read more


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