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Pen Testing is Broken & Large Companies Are Being Failed by Once-a-Year Security Testing

For large businesses the traditional once-a-year security test, or penetration test, has become at best problematic and at worst unmanageable. Unwieldy spreadsheets and a lack of communication between the business and IT are leaving organisations with exposed business-critical information, while resource is spent on ineffectual fixes. read more


The 21st Century Lawyer - Accessible, Productive, Profitable

What clients are looking for today are lawyers who are responsive and have all the information about their matter available all the time. The days of waiting for your lawyer to get back to the office for matter information are gone. read more


Finding the Best Blueprint for your IT Project

IT projects are a central part of today’s business world, and it’s vital IT managers use the most efficient methods available to develop high quality business solutions, while managing costs and the level of risk involved. read more


Meeting Expectations of the Collaborative, Mobile Workforce

Ovum research recently found that senior executives waste roughly 139 hours, that’s three working weeks, each year waiting for meetings to start. To put this monetarily, the average cost of late meetings to a medium-sized enterprise is an eye-watering £3.6 million. read more


Top Down Efficiency

Over the past few years, growing numbers of UK boards of directors have started to move away from the inefficiency of paper board packs to embrace an online model that utilises tablet technology to help drive down cost and improve collaboration. But why is this approach limited to the top brass? Agenda led meetings occur at every level of the organisation – and the need for immediate decision making and action can be equally as pressing at operational level than for strategic directors. read more


Using a Headset Increases Productivity

In the past, IT managers have overlooked the headset as an office tool, as it usually sits behind a list of Voice over IP (VoIP), audio, video, and web conferencing choices. However, it’s often the humble headset that can be the most practical investment for the workforce. read more


Top 5 Considerations for Businesses Colocating in a Data Centre

As information, computing and data communications technologies evolve, business demand for data centre services grows simultaneously. That demand is split into two parts; public cloud, where computing is available on demand and delivered from data centres owned and operated by large US corporations, and commercial data centres. It’s vital companies understand which method will prove most beneficial for their business. read more


The Electronic Theatre of War

We have to face the fact that in our current day and age our communications systems have become a theatre of war. read more


Enabling the Software-Defined Enterprise

People across the globe are increasingly expecting to power their lives with software. We now watch movies via Netflix instead of renting from Blockbuster, and we read books from Amazon on our Kindle instead of going to a library or visiting a bookstore. read more


Let's Not Repeat Past Mistakes with Big Data

It's been 15 years since the data management (DM) industry botched the decision support revolution by delivering inflexible data warehouse systems and developing unusable business intelligence (BI) tools. We forced organisations to change their business processes to suit our own product agendas. Now, in the nascent Age of Big Data, we’re gearing up to do it all over again. read more


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