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Is there such thing as a paperless environment in the digital age?

There is a suggestion that firms should reduce their dependence on paper and move towards a seamless and secure paper-free world. A world where all information is digital or, at the very least, securely archived and readily accessible so that it can unleash its full value into the business. And every year, at least one study discovers that organisations are, yet again, creating and using more paper documents than they did the year before. In fact, the use of paper is actually increasing in a third of firms*. read more


Why Football is Missing an Open Goal

Football is a global business, and business today means blending the commercial with technological know-how. But while commercial success in football is a refined art, the use of technology to manage key operations is yet to kick off. read more


Solving the BYOD Problem

Enterprise employees are increasingly bringing their own wireless smartphones and tablets to the office, and they expect them to work in all locations. The “bring your own device” (BYOD) trend threatens to swamp enterprise network capabilities and make for a lot of dissatisfied users. There are multiple factors driving this phenomenon, including the evolving workforce (remote and home office staff, the use of contract and temporary staff) and the growing role of technology in all types of businesses. BYOD places pressure on IT departments to act now to improve network services for wireless users, and the answer isn’t to simply beef-up Wi-Fi networks. read more


Consumer Devices: The Smart Phone Choice?

Smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly common in the enterprise domain, keeping BYOD firmly on the minds of IT managers. But despite portability and the ability to access critical content on the go, there are many reasons why consumer-grade smartphones might not be the smart choice for business. For workers in certain environments such as hospitals, retail stores and warehouses, consumer smartphones are not equipped to deal with the stresses and strains of that environment. Nor do they provide the voice quality necessary when dealing with messages that have a direct bearing on the welfare of customers or patients. read more


Narrow Artificial Intelligence: Coming to a Business Near You?

The perception of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that it something best reserved for science fiction. From the movies The Matrix and Terminator to War Games, AI has been depicted as the ultimate platform through which to anni-hilate the human species. However, it is already being used in ‘narrow’ form far more benignly in business and the potential is huge. It will not be long be-fore most companies commonly use it. read more


Preparing for a New Data World

Microsoft and Google are already taking ‘right to be forgotten’ requests as the data world prepares to modernise; but how ready is UK business for what lies ahead? read more


Tackling the Combined Security Hazards of BYOD & Social Media

Organisations today are increasingly becoming focused on cyber-security due to the many data breaches, vulnerability exploits and non-compliance penalties that are unsparingly plaguing one and all. As businesses are gearing up to augment security measures on many IT fronts such as network, systems, endpoints and the data centre, there is not enough attention paid to one of the weakest links in the hackable IT universe – humans. Yes, you, me and all other employees in all organisations who are unaware of the pernicious, yet ingenious ways of social engineering. read more


Do Entrepreneurs Still Need to Move to Silicon Valley to be a Success?

For a long time there has been a view in some quarters of industry that if you’re an entrepreneur – particularly working in tech or digital – you have to move to Silicon Valley to be a success.. Its reputation is as the birthplace of hot new businesses and technologies and the fund raising and networking opportunities it presents are certainly now almost legendary. But is Silicon Valley really the only place for any budding technology innovator to be? read more


The Dell Venue 11 Pro: Review

It has become increasingly popular for people to use tablets in work as opposed to using them just for play (see: reading the newspaper!), largely due to the introduction of the corporate tablet. read more


Managing Big Data in the Enterprise

All organisations are aware that ‘big data’ — the use of new search and discovery technologies to extract value from huge volumes of information — has arrived. They also know that the opportunities and payouts for big data can be huge. What they don’t always realise, however, is that none of this will happen without the proper network infrastructure in place. read more


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Partners Interview: Kirill Slavin

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