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The 7 Worst IT Mistakes Made by Businesses

Izak Oosthuizen, consultant at Exec Sys, highlights the common mistakes that most organisations make when setting up and maintaining their IT infrastructure. read more


Using Social Media to Increase Consumer Engagement

Over time, social media channels such as Facebook and Pinterest have become an integral part of our everyday lives. As a result, the retail industry has seen the proliferation of e-commerce retailers marketing their companies and products through Facebook and other social media platforms, with many experiencing significant success. read more


Bad News: Travels Faster By Tweet

Social media is a powerful and persuasive environment. Online interactions via Twitter or Facebook have now replaced local coffee shops as gossip centres. This has changed the way that news spreads, and most significantly, the speed that it circulates. Now, anyone and everyone can share a negative story within seconds, and retweets only fuel the fire. read more


Staying Flexible: What UK Plc Stands To Gain By Acting Smaller And Working Smarter

It’s no secret that the UK’s small businesses, with their dynamism and agility, have long been the envy of many of Britain’s biggest enterprises. The rate at which the UK creates and adopts new technologies plays right into the hands of those quickest to react, and small businesses are able to simply avoid many of the challenges of scale that come with size, whether that’s coordinating the work of hundreds of employees across multiple locations or sharing knowledge across disparate functional groups. As a result of this greater flexibility, small businesses are better able to respond to new challenges and opportunities as they arise. read more


A Better Way, A Better Result

Great brands require more than just a good product – it’s the full experience people have across the product, all interactions and their outcomes. Like consumer businesses aspire to be a lifestyle brand, I believe we are in the midst of creating workstyle brands that will change the way we communicate, collaborate and work – forever. read more


How To Transform Your Customers Into Your Online Brand Ambassadors

Dr Ganesh Rao, founder of health and beauty comparison site discusses how businesses can leverage the increasing visibility of the internet and social media to boost business. read more


Top Five Tips For Software Management In Small Businesses

Software licence management has always been something of a dark art, and with a raft of different licensing options and complex vendor agreements, it’s easy to lose track. For smaller businesses that invariably have tight budgets and finite resources, licence management often falls to the bottom of the priorities list. However, failure to address the licence issue could be opening companies up to legal and financial exposure that cost significantly more in the long-run. The time for small businesses to ignore the risks related to software licensing has to be over, with recent research showing that vendors are targeting small- to mid-size enterprises (SMEs) with greater frequency. read more


Your Clients Have Been Abused... And What To Do About It

There was a golden age in the years before the internet. Clients of lawyers, accountants, architects, business consultants and financial advisers looked up to and respected their advisers. In fact, it was a two-way thing. read more


How To Optimise Your Website For Sales

Customers can be easily discouraged from purchasing items through an otherwise adequate website if the payment element is confusing, time consuming or unsafe. Etailers should therefore recognise that the area that deals with transactions warrants attention. read more


Physical v Virtual Business Innovation

Companies put a huge amount of effort into creating modern, productivity-enhancing offices. However, as IT heads further into the cloud, should virtual work spaces get the same treatment? read more


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