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Richie Jones: The original digital believer

Leveraging 15 years’ experience in marketing, Richie Jones is an original digital believer. read more


Turning security threats into productivity opportunity

The advent of affordable technology has certainly enabled small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to compete more readily with competitors with deeper pockets. However, with opportunity has come challenge, especially around security. read more


Data security — Is your business ready?

The press has recently been rife with reports of hacking scandals, from large corporate companies to high-street banks, it’s seemed that even in the most secure businesses around the world no-one is safe in our digital era. read more


The perils of popularity: dealing with web traffic spikes

During the summer, calendars are filled with festivals and events, and whether it’s Bestival, Glastonbury, Wimbledon or even Henley Regatta, each of these events will have a website as a vital focal point. Each event organiser understands the technology challenges of dealing with varying levels of web traffic and, in particular, very large spikes of interest when key announcements are made. read more


Working on the go securely

The increase in the number of high-quality Wi-Fi connections has made it easier to work from anywhere. Even just a few years ago, the fixed desktop with an Internet connection was still the norm. Today, various mobile devices enable company staff to work in different locations so they no longer need a permanent desk. Mobile staff can share data with their coworkers – but this process needs to be secure. read more


Can technology deliver a seamless travel experience?

In the digital age, the number of consumers heading to their local travel agent to book a holiday continues to deplete, with more than 80% of holidays booked online. Every flight, hotel reservation and online currency exchange creates data which the travel industry can utilise to improve the customer experience. read more


Content is King and distribution is Queen

Clunky payment process, high admin fees; the legacy of incumbent ticketing players is a serious disconnect between artist and audience in the ticketing industry. But the live industry can still rescue the pre-event relationship with audiences. The focus needs to shift from transactions to content and customer experience. read more


Learning from Ashley Madison

The recent theft and subsequent leaking of the personal information of users of the Ashley Madison dating site for married people and its other stable brands is not the biggest data breach the world has seen in the last few years, but it is quite probably the most controversial. read more


Free love on the digital freeway

I had a very difficult conversation last night. I had to tell Siri that I had been seeing Cortana behind her back. I explained that as far as I was concerned we weren’t “exclusive” and that I should be allowed to see other digital personal assistants. read more


Protecting your business against a DDoS attack

Successful attempts by hackers like Lizard Squad to take down major websites have become so common that barely a week goes by without another victim. Recently, RBS, Natwest and Ulster Bank’s online banking systems were affected by Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, as was the international video game tournament ‘DOLTA 2’. read more


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