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Is Big Data just for Big Businesses? Not Anymore – How Data-as-a-Service Levels the Playing Field

If “a week is a long time in politics” then it must be worth an eon in world of enterprise IT. Another day and another ‘Anything-as-a-Service’ cloud offering popping up to provide a new competitive advantage for beleaguered CIOs. read more


Relationship Technology Powers the Next Generation of Small Businesses

If you open any newspaper or news website these days, you will probably see an article about one of the “digital wunderkinds” of the twenty-tens. These are the founders of extremely successful start-ups like Airbnb, Uber and Snapchat, which have sprung up like mushrooms in the past few years and – deservedly – are attracting equally big numbers of users and investors. read more


Breach of Data Security: Protect your Small Business

Hacking is once again in the news after the adultery site Ashley Madison suffered an attack by the “Impact Team” that claims to have stolen details of names, addresses, credit card details and sexual preferences and threatens to publish them unless the site is shut down. read more


BYOD: Making it Safe for the Enterprise

For many in the workforce, carrying two or more smart and/or mobile devices at all times has become the norm. As a result, the ‘bring your own device’ or BYOD trend within the office is fairly commonplace, especially within companies looking to save on costs and increase mobility for its remote employees. read more


Future Proofing your Business with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides businesses with additional ways of communicating with their customers and their devices. With almost anything capable of being connected to the net, the amount of data points available are near infinite. read more


Small Data, Big Danger

By nature, the most high-profile hacks in the last couple of years have been on big companies such as Target, United Airlines,, JP Morgan and Sony. However, in digesting coverage of these large enterprise hacks, small business owners could be forgiven for assuming that they are somehow immune to attack. But they’d be very wrong. read more


The Technology That Can Make Your Business More Profitable and Productive

Reams of articles have been written about how businesses can embrace and use technology to change what they do for the better. For the most part, businesses large and small have moved with the times. read more


Make On-boarding Count: Laying the Technical Foundations for a Positive First Impression

The UK tech sector is expanding at a phenomenal rate, so much so that in 2015, UK tech businesses are set to grow four times faster than the national GDP. Against this backdrop, forward-thinking organisations are considering whether they have access to the rich stream of tech talent needed to fuel expansion. read more


Big Data and the Customer Experience

‘Big data’ became the big buzzword back in 2012. Since then, a number of companies have launched analytics solutions, some of which allow unprecedented access to large volumes of data, the ability to analyse that data and query what you want, whenever you want. read more


Privacy Schmivazy – Does it Apply to Small Businesses and What Can They do About it?

There has been a rise in awareness of data privacy and the monetisation of personal data by big companies recently, exacerbated by the phone-hacking trials and Snowden revelations. read more


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