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Agile vs Waterfall Software Development: Communication and Collaboration is Vital

Collaboration and communication can make or break the success of software development projects. Without them, results will likely fall drastically short of a client’s expectations and could even result in redundant product creation. read more


The Future of Financial Apps – Where to Manage your Money?

When growing a business it’s important to have access to the right financial information and this is becoming easier thanks to the rise of smartphones and tablets. Technological change has accelerated people’s hunger to interact with financial services digitally and companies are beginning to react to this. read more


Why Data Plumbing is Necessary to Unblock Cybercrime

Cyber-warfare is a grim reality increasing in its frequency and sophistication. Government and local agencies in particular are constantly targeted by cyberattacks that often result in significant data breaches. But they do not need to be left vulnerable. Several proven data protection technologies are available and of particular relevance to government organisations aiming to secure their systems against data breaches and cyber-attacks. read more


The I/O Blender: What is it and why does it Matter?

The I/O blender, the computing term for describing input/output, is the commonly used phrase for describing performance in virtualised environments. Over the years, virtualisation has continued to grow. In fact, today about 70-80% of workloads are virtualised and that number is only expected to increase in the coming years. read more


Data Safety

There is little doubt that cloud will play an increasingly important role as more and more organisations adopt cloud based strategies to underpin their IT infrastructures. Indeed, cloud hosting offers a wide variety of advantages to companies with the expertise to take advantage of it. read more


Great Reasons to Sell your Technology on the Web and How to do it

There’s no getting away from the fact that selling on the web widens your reach and a wide reach is particularly important for tech start-ups. It may be that your product has a global (as in a really wide market) appeal, in which case, with the right web strategy you should be able to make a killing; or it could be that it’s so niche that you need to cast a global (as in worldwide) net in order to have the chance of reaching out to sufficient people to make your business worthwhile. Either way, there are endless great reasons to sell online, so don’t let the thought intimidate you. read more


Meeting the Challenge of Providing Secure Content Access, Sync and Share

The advent of mobility is radically affecting the way organisations conduct business. Financial services, healthcare organisations, pharmaceutical companies, education institutions, publishing houses, government agencies and others, are all embracing enterprise mobility. read more


Next-Generation Firewalls Must Evolve to Remain Relevant

When Gartner coined the phrase "next generation firewall", in 2003, it captured a then-nascent approach to traffic classification and control. Combining traditional packet filtering with some application control and IPS layered on top, today’s ‘legacy’ NGFWs do pretty much what they say on the tin. read more


How Can Real Time Data Help Businesses Effectively Manage their Projects?

Technology is transforming the way we work. One of the most fundamental advances technology has made in relation to flexible working is its ability to provide access to real-time data. read more


Data Roaming Remains a Big Issue for Businesses

No matter the size of your company, international business is not easy. There are many barriers to successful practice: language, culture and laws need to be researched and navigated for smooth business negotiation. Face to face meetings are essential to overcome these obstacles; to secure long term business relationships and close deals and this inevitably involves vast amounts of international travel. read more


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