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Buying in Bulk: Why SMEs Should Cut Down on Suppliers

As SMEs become increasingly dependent on telephone, broadband, and web-hosting, many have engaged external multiple suppliers to provide these services. Time saving and cost efficient: SMEs are looking outside their hub to fulfil their needs. read more


Three Ways to Create a Smarter Data Backup Strategy

Evaluate your options. Most businesses run regularly scheduled backups - often daily - to protect themselves from losing more than a day’s worth of data. But which form of data storage should you choose? read more


M-Commerce: Adopting a Strategic Approach to Mobile Fraud

In the UK, Europe’s largest online market, consumers continue to embrace m-commerce at an astonishing speed – with an estimated one in every three online sales now made through a mobile tablet or smartphone. This might be excellent news for e-tailers but the growth in m-commerce also offers attractive new opportunities for determined fraudsters, says Chase Paymentech Europe’s CFO Kevin Moran, who offers tips to counteract such threats. read more


Out of the Backroom, Too Much for the Boardroom

Who is responsible for information in the new data world? read more


Is There Such a Thing as a Free Lunch? Looking at the Dangers of Open Source Software

With its inherent characteristics to significantly reduce costs, free ‘open source’ software (OSS) is growing in popularity with SMEs and start-ups. Free services to replace Microsoft Word and software to manage finances are fast becoming attractive money saving alternatives for SMEs and start-ups. Not only are these OSS products typically free to use, they also offer SMEs the flexibility and scalability they desire. Its open nature gives users the freedom to change the code, tweak it to suit their business needs and give users the capabilities they really want. read more


Erring on the Side of Caution

errāre hūmānum est, (to err is human) and it is the human that is often the weakest link in the chain when it comes to protecting an organisation against security breaches and threats. But we are all human and we all make mistakes; so what can we do to minimise if not eliminate the risks associated with the “human element”? read more


The Budget – Anything for Business Owners?

With the election looming, somewhat predictably the Chancellor went for a budget aimed to please individual voters rather than entrepreneurs. There were a few measures of potential interest to business owners (and particularly for those operating in the technology sectors), but a lot of the good news was in the form of consultations and future reviews rather than concrete measures. read more


Empowering Business Users to Deliver Internal Apps Without Risk

A recent survey of senior IT leaders, conducted by Samsung, confirmed 90% of companies are hanging their hats on internal applications to improve access to business critical data that will help inform key decisions or simply speed up business practices. From simple, bespoke corporate productivity applications that compile data from siloed spreadsheets so that it’s easier to analyse, to more complex apps for data analysis, internal apps of all sorts will become prevalent in the next five years. read more


Know your Enemy: Why it is Important to Think like a Cyber Attacker in order to Keep your Data Secure

Data protection in today’s business environment represents a very difficult prospect. Data is everywhere: on laptops, with vendors, on mobile devices, and in the cloud. As a result, there are countless potential avenues of attack that must be considered and effectively protected. read more


Could Superfast Broadband be a UK Vote Winner?

Prime Minister David Cameron and thousands of other candidates will stand for election to the UK parliament on May 7th as the British public chooses its 650 local MPs and decides who will form a new national government for the next five years. read more


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