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Mobile Device Insecurity — Securing Your App

The growth in smartphones has created, in recent years, an application-centric marketplace which is driving innovation. New businesses and business models are being developed and are opening up new revenue streams across all industries. Mobile’s increasing importance to organisations and consumers means that now more than ever there needs to be an understanding of the risks and threats facing mobile applications and the flaws in secure development. read more


Introduction to Launchpad: What it can do for you

Small and medium sized businesses are the foundation of the British economy. The technology they develop employs millions of people across the country and puts the UK on the world map as a centre of innovation. Very often those innovative businesses group together in clusters. read more


Managing the Data Mountain

Faced with ever increasing volumes of data and demand for storage, it’s simple for an organisation to spin up yet another virtual machine, and add or expand a disk to store even more data. Ultimately, however with data growth outstripping IT budget growth, a reactive approach isn’t sustainable and at some point financial considerations will force a more sophisticated response. It’s therefore essential that IT teams take a holistic view, considering solutions that will enable them to gain greater value from their information, and in parallel, avoid risks arising from regulatory compliance and legal claims. read more


TechUK’s Manifesto and the Impact it Could Have on SMEs

The initiative from techUK with their manifesto that calls for the government to invest more in digital technology is essential to the development of the sector here in the UK. The manifesto urges politicians and policy-makers to recognise the critical significance of the global digital revolution. read more


Cyber Security and the Risk from Electronically-Stored Data

In a world where robust IT systems are replacing padlocks and gates as the hallmarks of security, it’s no wonder that some of the most recent big security breaches to hit headlines have been electronic in nature. From eBay users’ passwords to Hollywood stars’ phones, hackers are accessing confidential information they intend to use maliciously. Despite this, I am surprised by the number of businesses and individuals who still fail to implement rigorous security systems to protect their confidential data. read more


Make Small Business Accounting Fun

Let’s face it, owning a small business is exciting but doing accounting isn’t. It’s important to have a solid understanding of your company’s cashflow but a lot of work is needed to get there. Traditional accounting software requires a great deal of data entry, making busy small business owners feel like they are neglecting other responsibilities by spending hours chained to to their desktop. read more


Why Cloud Accounting Is Good For Business

All businesses owners need to keep financial records but the software they use to do so shouldn’t make it a chore. Traditional desktop accounting software can be expensive, complicated and has become antiquated with recent developments in technology. It’s often tedious to use and can take the fun out of running your own business. read more


Beware the Risks of Fake Storage Devices

As the saying goes, if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Yet this isn’t stopping unscrupulous manufacturers from benefitting from a market for fake USB devices that purport to provide many gigabytes of storage while actually being based on a much cheaper 128 megabyte chip. read more


Mobile Payments: Why a Mobile Phone Needs to be More than a Fat Credit Card

Recent news that Amazon has announced a card reader and mobile app for small business owners to take payments on their mobiles shows just how far the payments industry has come. Couple this with Apple’s announcement that the iPhone 6 handset will include a ‘tap and pay’ iWallet wireless payment system and suddenly you start to realise that how you pay for things matters more to consumers now than ever. Offering people the right choices for payment can make all the difference between a completed purchase and an abandoned basket. read more


Getting Down to Business: The Impact of Network and Application Performance

There isn't a company in business today that hasn't suffered through an unplanned network outage – either internal outages that impact employees' ability to access vital systems such as business intelligence, customer relationship management, order fulfillment, voice services, and email; or outages that affect customer-facing applications including online ordering, customer support, and content delivery. read more


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