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Four Key Email Marketing Trends Every Business Needs To Know

Email marketing remains one of the most popular and effective marketing tools today because of its high adoption rate amongst consumers. Customers often prefer email as a communication channel when receiving commercial messages, which is likely why the 2014 State of Marketing report from the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud revealed that 68 per cent of marketers view email as a core function to their business, and that 58 per cent also plan to increase their email spend this year. read more


Email deliverability: What you need to know

If you’ve ever been shopping around for Email Service Providers (ESPs), chances are you’ve come across the word ‘deliverability’. You won’t find it in any dictionary, so what exactly does this mystery word mean? Deliverability is an umbrella term used by ESPs to measure the success or chances of an email being delivered. read more


Reducing the Risk: Technology for Taking Secure Telephone Payments

If you are taking or making payments over the phone you are at risk of fraud in a number of ways. If the customer says their card details out loud when in the office, on public transport or while in the street, who could be listening? Could the contact centre agent taking the payment be passing on the credit card numbers? And if the sensitive card information is passing through your computer systems, how can you be sure that it is completely secure from hackers, who have developed clever and sophisticated ways of obtaining sensitive data over company networks without being detected. read more


How Apps Can Help Small Businesses Boost Productivity

While the economy is on the road to recovery, small businesses across the country still need to focus on driving efficiencies and productivity wherever possible. Workplace apps are one of the ways small businesses have been boosting productivity, helping them to concentrate on the task at hand – building their business. One in four employees of small businesses use their own free apps at work, like Google Maps, Skype and Google Drive, and almost one in ten small businesses have built their own mobile apps, to complete tasks like enabling staff to book in holidays. read more


New Rules for the New World – Ramblings and Thoughts

Everything and nothing has changed in the New World: The High Street is dying New, low-cost business models are everywhere Freemium and premium pricing models exist side by side. There are clearly new rules for what is rapidly becoming a New World for most of us. Here are 11 Rules for the New World. read more


Paperless Office Q&A

Q We have been talking about the possibility of a paperless office for decades — why do you think it hasn’t happened so far? A “The speed of technological advancements in the last few decades has been truly remarkable, but unfortunately the speed of organisations’ environmental attitude change has not. Organisations are still clinging to their paper, especially when it comes to spread sheets, large documents or drawings. Progress is being made we are still some way away at the moment.” read more


Why a Paperless Office is Unrealistic

Much has been written about the paperless world; a world where all information is digital or, at the very least, securely archived and readily accessible electronically. Yet every year, at least one study discovers that organisations are creating and using more paper documents than they did the year before and in fact, the use of paper is actually increasing in a third of firms. read more


Is ‘Paperless’ Realistic?

Do you actually know how much paper your business currently uses? My guess is that small and medium businesses have a clearer idea than large corporates. But even so, in my experience, paper and printing costs tend to be ignored when it comes to cutting down on overheads. read more


Function that Supports Process: Considerations for Rugged Tablet Deployments

All too often the deployment of ruggedised technology is borne of a quick analysis of the environment where the work will be carried out. Working in a safe, plush office full of suits? Use a consumer device. Out in the field recovering a breakdown or on the tarmac at the airport? Grab a rugged tablet such as Xplore Technology’s Bobcat. But this thinking is dangerously flawed – a throwback to the mindset that technology exists separately from the business it serves. read more


Are Organisations Being Paralysed by their Legacy IT?

There is no doubt that technology has played an integral part in helping today’s successful businesses reach the top of their industry. However, for many the IT department can be a barrier to innovation and technology change. This is as a result of being indentured to legacy IT, which is having a huge impact on the ability to keep up with consumer and market demand. read more


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