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Cloud, New and Improved

For years, technology evangelists have lobbied hard to get the public to believe in cloud technology. Many organisations have remained cloud wary – and who is to blame them? With security breaches, hacking and downtime, public cloud has had some bad press recently. read more


From a Cyber Attack to a Cup of Coffee - What’s Putting Your Business Information at Risk?

Whether you are a sole trader or an employer of 250 people, it is likely you will rely on various technologies to support simple access to important business data. With market indications pointing to data doubling every two years and paper-free environments on the increase, the need to be able to store, manage and retrieve data quickly and efficiently has never been greater. read more


Google’s Gone Mobile, Has Your Website Followed Suit?

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would expand its use of 'mobile-friendliness' as a ranking signal on 21 April 2015. This change has already had a large effect on search traffic for businesses as Google rewards websites for providing a ‘good’ mobile experience. read more


The CIO: From Gatekeeper to Enabler

As a result of new and advanced technology, significant transformation has been made to the way enterprises operate. Business units, particularly software and web development teams, but also marketing, HR and finance, want to take advantage of the new generation of cloud services, meaning that an interest in cloud technology is no longer solely the domain of the IT team. read more


How is Technology Changing Europe’s Energy Consumption Habits?

Technology’s integration allows companies to streamline processes, but, it’s also changing the model of how consumers use energy, and how companies provide it read more


Don’t Lose your Identity in the IoT Gold Rush

Technology has paved the way for an era of almost limitless imagination, and almost no technology in recent memory has done this more than the Internet of Things (IoT). A Web definition explains that in the IOT “everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data.” read more


Why Tech Firms are Wary of Supplying Start-Ups…and What you Can do to Address it

Technology makes the world go round. It is nigh-on impossible to run a business without technology and no-one would seriously consider launching a start-up without it. There are all manner of different types of software that are integral to modern business, from accounting systems to customer management software, and collaboration tools to HR platforms, and you would be hard-pressed to see a business that doesn’t deploy one or all of these. read more


The Customer is Always Right… and They Demand the Digital Enterprise

We are consumed by communications. Messages, tweets and status updates devour us pretty much wherever we go. Today, a huge proportion of the people we’re interacting with on a daily basis in our private and working lives – be that friends, colleagues or customers – are digital natives. read more


How can Businesses Achieve Digital Scalability?

If you’re a small business or enterprise it’s unlikely you’ll have the ability to invest in systems which will radically change the way you conduct your business operations, due to the large investment they require. But, it is essential to achieving business success. read more


How to Maintain Business IT Security

Companies of all sizes are susceptible to cyber-attack. The sheer number of high-profile hacking incidents over the last few years has meant that security breaches are viewed as an almost commonplace occurrence. However, while the severity of individual data breaches can vary significantly in terms of data loss, hacking incidents almost always cause major damage to the reputation of the business that is attacked. read more


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