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What is Malvertising and How Could it Affect My Business?

In life, it is generally very easy to identify security threats. We are instinctively cautious of our surroundings when entering our pin code at the cash machine and keep a close eye on our belongings when we use public transport. However, when it comes to technology, criminal threats are often much more difficult to identify. When it comes to visiting websites we are often unaware of the risks, and that what is staring us in the face could actually be criminal activity in disguise. read more


Civil Litigators Who Do Not Consider Collecting Mobile Data Risk Missing Crucial Information

The blurring of the professional and personal lives of individuals has been accentuated in recent times with the reliance that is placed on mobile phones. It is infinitely harder for people to ‘switch off’ and leave work in the workplace, as the basic function of a mobile device is to enhance mobility. Indeed, with companies rolling out Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, employees are even more empowered and encouraged to work flexibly and remotely, without the absolute or definitive working hours they may have once had. read more


Digital Transformation Continues to Drive Innovation

We are in the midst of a period of great change. Evolving technology trends have altered the business world and as a result, the marketing function has had to adapt. Whole departments and seasoned marketers are being urged to keep up with changing online behaviours to optimise every aspect of business from recruitment decisions to daily tasks and processes. read more


15 Top Customer Contact Technology Trends for 2015

While the UK already sets the standard when it comes to innovative customer service delivery in Europe, 2015 is no time to hold back on innovation – particularly as mobile, social, cloud and big data continue to drive new possibilities. To help provide a framework for next stage customer engagement developments, Sabio has highlighted the 15 main infrastructure, solution and strategic topics that will help drive innovation over the coming year. read more


UK’s Digital Future: The Fear of Businesses Being Left Behind

In response to the recently published House of Lords report, Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future, it is clear that due to the increasing requirement for, and reliance on, universal public access to the internet, the concern that the UK, and businesses in particular, may be left behind in this new digital era must be addressed. read more


Why There’s Still a Long Road Ahead for ‘Tech Nation’

There’s been a lot in the press lately about ‘Tech Nation’; an interactive data project that shows the growth of digital businesses within specific areas / regions across the UK. The project has been developed by Tech City UK, a government-backed organization focused on the UK’s digital economy. read more


Move Over Mobility!

Mobility is a hot buzzword. Put the word mobile in a budget proposal and odds are good it will go straight to the top of the pile. But wait—not so fast! read more


5 Essential Steps for Creating a BYOD Policy for Your Business

Creating a BYOD policy for your organisation may seem like a daunting and complicated process, especially if you are unsure of where to begin or what exactly needs to be done. In the past two years it has risen to become one of the top areas of concern for many clients. read more


Time to Drop Dropbox: Why Businesses Need to Abandon Consumer Cloud Services

As “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) continues to take centre stage in the IT landscape, less attention has been given to the rise of another tech trend known as “Shadow IT” or “Bring Your Own Collaboration (BYOC), whereby employees use consumer-grade file-sharing and collaboration software, for example iCloud, in the workplace. Whilst BYOD has been seen by many as a largely positive trend, BYOC represents a huge threat and has significant security implications as it results in confidential company data leaving systems and networks controlled by the company’s IT dept, leaving it open to loss or theft. read more


How Rapid Mobile App Development Tools Are Helping to Plug the Skills Gap

With just over a month to go to Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile industry exhibition, this got me thinking about how the mobile communications revolution is driving so many of the world’s major technology breakthroughs. From wearable devices to connected cars and homes, mobile technology is at the heart of worldwide innovation. read more


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