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How Can You Avoid a Data Fine?

The increase in corporate mobile device use, fuelled by Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and advances in technology, means there are many more ways in which data can be lost; whether through employee mistakes or malicious theft and sale of confidential information. As a result, GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) is one of the biggest issues facing companies at the moment. Unfortunately, the average business hasn’t realised this and remaining on the right side of the law can be a real problem. read more


Fraud in a Mobile Digital World

With an increased reliance by consumers on mobile devices to communicate, transact and authenticate, the hot topic of identity theft and mobile fraud has progressed from being merely a niche occurrence to a widespread and global concern for many. The concerns not only stem from banks, retailers and mobile payments providers, but also for mobile service providers too, who are managing their reputation and brand within this problematic industry. read more


Are Angry Birds Flying Away With Your Corporate Data?

BYOD is everywhere in today’s workplace— whether that means smartphones, tablets, laptops or other personal devices. Convenience, improved productivity and the potential for cost savings are undeniable benefits; but, this practice poses a huge security risk to the business. All of those personal devices accessing the network are loaded with apps that make life simpler and more fun, and not just for the user. After all, who hasn’t seen a game-laden phone handed to a grouchy toddler in a restaurant? read more


5 Unexpected Ways Businesses Can Use Smartphones to Drive Profit

No matter the product, service or industry, mission or corporate philosophy, nearly every business is bottom line-driven. And, there is no shortage of ingenuity as to how companies try to glean more profit out of existing processes. Every so often, a new technology emerges that radically changes the productivity landscape and industry’s related profitability potential in kind. Some notable advancements, of course, have included the assembly line, telephone, fax machine and the Internet. Today, there is a ubiquitous technology poised to revolutionize how business is done: the smartphone…but NOT for the reason you may think. read more


Security’s Second Chance

When a person stands in court, the judge has only one chance to determine the verdict. Double jeopardy prevents anyone from being tried twice for the same crime and so, no matter what comes to light later on, there are no second chances. Even if that person is guilty, they have escaped and are free to cause more damage. read more


Why SMEs Should Focus on Customer Experience

The importance of customer service in business barely needs restating. We’re all more likely to go back to the barista who remembers our name, who serves our coffee with a smile, than the one who slams it down on the counter, moving swiftly on to the next customer. Indeed, a recent survey of 800 people by Vodafone found that 76% said they would tell at least one other person about an episode of poor customer service from a company. read more


The Rise of ‘Social’ Customer Service

Customer service was one of the things I had to think about very carefully when we started our business. We had a product – a social CRM – that would be new to many of the people using it. read more


Social Media for Customer Service - 5 Tips for Getting Started

A multi-channel approach that embraces social media is a key part of future proofing your customer service strategy. But, setting up your customer service via social media requires careful thought, especially when resources and manpower are limited. How much time will it take? How can you be sure you are reaching out to people in the most effective way? Below are 5 tips for businesses that are thinking about starting out. read more


New media, Same Rules

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘customer service’? Do you feel confident that, if something doesn’t go to plan occasionally, your customers will have a positive experience? read more


Intelligence-Led Testing delivers intelligence-led decision making

With the June launch of the CBEST scheme, the term ‘intelligence-led testing’ arrived into the consciousness of the information security community. As a relatively new concept for many people, it is worth taking the time to understand what it is, where it works well and conversely, the situations where it is unlikely to yield much value. read more


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