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How to prevent common small business payroll mistakes

A smooth­ running payroll system is vital to the success of any small business. Staff payment problems can lead to low morale, poor productivity and perhaps even a government audit. read more


Making small business accounting fun with the cloud

Owning a small business is exciting. You get to do what you love, day in, day out. Most entrepreneurs start their own company so they can do something they’re passionate about, have control of their future, or be their own boss. read more


How to choose the right accountant

Choosing an accountant is like choosing a new business partner. The right accountant will become a trusted colleague that you can depend on, who offers advice and guidance as your business grows. So what are the top things you need to look out for? read more


Tis the Season to be Giving

There is no shortage of global crises at any given moment. The world seems to be beset by any number of issues affecting quality of life, despite the great work of dedicated charity professionals. Fortunately, the Christmas period is the time for giving, when many choose to support the work of charity professionals around the world. read more


Graph Databases: Making Meaning from the Internet of Things

Morgan Stanley recently predicted there will be 75 billion connected devices in use worldwide by 2020, a number rapidly approaching the estimated 86 billion neurons in the human brain. We know that human intelligence comes not from the sum of neurons in our brains, but from the connections between them and the way they interact with each other. While one could easily take this analogy too far, two points are worth taking away. The first is that it's the connections as much as the devices that will truly bring forth the latent possibilities in the Internet of Things (IoT). Devices in isolation will do very little. The second is that we're not just speaking about billions of connections, the IoT will have many, many trillions of connections. read more


Small Businesses Need to Think Big: Why All Businesses Need to be Online

In a remarkably short period of time, the internet has moved from a fixed user experience with a desktop computer, to a part of everyday life, accessible almost everywhere. This omnipresence of the net has led to incredible opportunities for businesses and helped some online companies become household names in almost no time at all. It’s incredible to think that the likes of Amazon and eBay were pretty much unknown just a generation ago. read more


Make Improving Data Security Your New Year’s Resolution for 2015

Many people will be starting 2015 with New Year’s resolutions – with plans to be slimmer, healthier and fitter. These goals are perfectly recognisable personal targets, but why don’t we apply these aspirations to our organisations? read more


Learning the Lessons of Shadow IT

For SME businesses, Shadow IT might sound like the next big technology scare story. Indeed in this age of security concerns, the idea of anyone using unauthorised IT within a company is bound to be a cause of concern. read more


2015 Predictions from Kaspersky

Cyber criminals are growing in confidence: before they tended to attack users of banking services, seeing them as the weak link in the security chain, but next year Kaspersky Lab experts anticipate high-stakes targeted cyber-attacks pinpointing the banks themselves. And the fraudsters won’t stop here; we expect they will go for broke and try to develop new malware that can take cash directly from ATMs. In addition to financial cybercrime, 2015 is also likely to bring even more privacy concerns, security worries about Apple devices and renewed fears about connected devices to prevent hackers using tools like network printers to penetrate corporate networks. read more


Predictions for Mobile POS Technology in 2015

Before we get to pay with our cards we typically have to queue at a cash register first and then insert a credit or debit card into the POS terminal. This particular behaviour will start to change in 2015. Consumers will be able to cut the line due to the increasing number of sales agents who will be equipped with mobile POS terminals – small high tech devices connected to smartphones or tablets in order to process payments on the aisle. read more


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