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Navigating Through the Mobile Security Battlefield

Mobile technology has transformed the way we work. This is evident in the workplace as mobile workforces become increasingly common. BYOD has helped drive this adoption and has had a huge impact, not only on employee productivity and morale, but also company culture, collaboration and mobility. It has allowed great flexibility in where and how we work and communicate, making both personal and work life easier for many. read more


5 Elements of a Truly Secure Password

The Heartbleed bug, a major security flaw at the heart of the internet, had everyone scrambling to change their passwords. But now the dust has settled, it’s time to choose strong passwords which will have the best chance of protecting your personal information - to help you out, here are a few tips. read more


Data Losses: Times Change, but the Threat Remains

How should organisations mitigate their risk of suffering a damaging data breach? A stepwise approach to the problem read more


Device Security Must Be Priority Number 1 in Development of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things will mean a better-connected world with huge possibilities for positive change — and big opportunities for cyber-criminals - Security must be placed at the heart of the next generation of internet connectivity. read more


Malware Threat Grows, but it's Not ‘Gameover’ Yet

What trends are driving the sharp rise in malware and bot attacks, and what practical steps can firms take to turn the tide? read more


The Rise Of The Cloud Integrator

Three quarters of UK businesses are now officially ‘in the cloud’ in one form or another. The universal, horizontal cloud benefits of agility and utility are undeniable and compelling, but businesses still need to be able to translate these into enablement and competitive advantage. read more


New Flexible Working Regulation – How Technology Can Help

There has been plenty of debate in recent weeks about the new rules around flexible working and what this might mean for small businesses. As employees with more than 26 weeks service are now able to submit one flexible working request per year, The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills predicts that up to 20 million people across the country could be inundating their employees with submissions to work flexibly. read more


Office In The cloud: What Are You Waiting For?

Despite the fact that it has had such a transformational effect on so many businesses and marketplaces, many organisations are still too afraid to adopt cloud computing. I have seen a large number of flimsy barriers placed in cloud computing’s path over the last few months, from it posing an increased security risk to the prospect of losing control. Some businesses have always had an in-house IT person and cannot see life continuing without them. read more


Search Engines, SEO And Changing Your Site’s Primary Domain

How sites are positioned in search results is very important to businesses, and we’ve had a number of queries from domain owners in the last few weeks about any impact to this should the major search engines treat a .uk domain differently from a domain. Although having a strong domain name is an important factor in how consumers choose which websites to visit, we know that many online journeys start by searching. In fact, estimates show that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine query. read more


How Supercomputing Technology Can Power Big Data Projects For Entrepreneurs

‘Big Data’ is a term popularly used to describe the exponential growth and availability of data in recent years, and can range in size across sectors from a few dozen terabytes to multiple petabytes (thousands of terabytes). read more


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