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“I Gotta Feeling…” – But When Should Data Support Instinct?

Many people who take the leap to set up a business are often driven by a gut instinct to follow their dream, to leave corporate life or to be their own boss. That initial passion and instinct is key in getting an idea off the ground, but once you become a business owner, you can’t rely on instinct alone to guide your decision making. read more


Network Access Control - Changed for the Better

Recent reports from research company Frost & Sullivan have found that network access control is having a market resurgence, with continuing strong demand predicted for the next few years. read more


Data Collection Anytime and Anywhere

Companies across the UK receive a daily influx of payments-related documents from business partners, suppliers and customers. Each day the data tide continues to rise, making it difficult for organisations to keep the massive amount of data under control. To effectively deal with growing numbers of invoices and other payments documents, companies must ensure information travels through the right channels and is processed as quickly as possible. read more


The Role of DDoS in the Cyber Battle Over Our Data

With news of 2014 being a record-breaking year for distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, with attacks such as Sony and eBay continuing to fuel the news agenda, it is even clearer that the battle for consumer data is upon us. read more


Slow Loading Speeds put International Performance Marketing at Risk

As the digital landscape continues to develop, the world is becoming smaller. We can communicate across borders, buy products from different countries and browse the world. With all of these opportunities at our fingertips, it’s easy to see why we are becoming less patient. read more


Get Flexible on Service Level Agreements

Whilst SLAs, with defined delivery criteria, attempt to drive improvements in supplier's performance by providing an effective measurement function, there is growing evidence that they actually reduce the level of the service being delivered. read more


Why Should Small Businesses be Outsourcing?

IT is a growing concern for many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). From new vulnerabilities to widespread security issues, IT challenges are by no means limited to large corporates. The evidence suggests that SMEs should be putting IT at the heart of their agendas. read more


Time for Resellers to get Serious about M2M

From smart phone enabled bike locks and kettles to talking vending machines, innovative machine to machine (M2M) communication is fundamentally transforming day to day life – for both businesses and consumers. read more


Future-Proofing Your Investments

The world of printers and printing has evolved just like every other aspect of business - which is great for small companies as it brings with it new opportunities. However, the shifting landscape makes it difficult to make a sound decision without some guidelines. read more


The Digital Economy is the Economy — and Apps are the New Business Platform

In 1995, Don Tapscott coined the term “digital economy” in his book of the same name, to describe a new category of business enabled by the Internet. Fast-forward 20 years and a lot has changed. We used to think the digital economy was primarily about “Internet companies” like Amazon, eBay, LinkedIn, and Google. But over the years, the digital economy has affected virtually every company in every industry, and many have been completely disrupted by it. read more


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