Mistakes When Hiring an Intern


By Rui Zamith, co-founder of Internwise

Once interns were just for large companies, but now many small businesses have benefited from hiring interns too. However, many struggle to get the best out of their interns and have them making tea, photocopying and doing gofer jobs. For those companies that didn’t provide pain internships in the past, they can no longer take advantage of free labour now with the HMRC cracking down on unpaid internships.

As a business you can really benefit from having an intern this summer. However, companies in the past have overlooked the needs of their intern and have...


...consequently not been able to reap the rewards. Because of this, here are the 10 most common mistakes businesses make when hiring interns.

1) Not having a clear purpose for having an intern
Do you have a reason for hiring an intern? You are not going to take on a new member of staff without a purpose, so why should an intern be any different. Having a job description highlights how you will integrate them into becoming a great resource for your business.

2) Failing to define terms and conditions for your intern
An intern is another employee, so terms and conditions are a must. A start/end date must be established. Plus where they will be working and even something like holiday entitlement are simple pieces of information which any employee would need when starting a new job.

3) Interns never understanding the company culture/ vision/ results/ achievement/ founders story
Every member of staff needs to know about how and why the business was created. This sets the tone for why the business operates and what you as the employer are looking for in terms of growth and employee expectations.

4) Forgetting interns want to impress you
Internships are great ways to find a job these... continued on page two >


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