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3 Questions Every Property Investor Must Ask Themselves

Whether it’s the draw of a healthy return on your investment or gaining long term security for your future, once you’ve decided to enter the property market there are factors to consider when organising your time and money. read more


How to Package your Business When Moving Premises

Moving house can be hard and stressful enough, but at least you can normally pack and unpack at your leisure. It doesn’t really matter if you don’t get every vase, family photo, or set of bedding out and available at the first opportunity. read more


The Road Home

As rents have soared on the wings of rising demand and been boosted by the lack of supply, many businesses have, over the last few years, taken certain strategic decisions when it came to their headquarters. read more


Making the Leap

You’ve successfully launched your own small business, but now your venture is beginning to grow and you need to make the leap from bedroom entrepreneur to a professional set-up. This transition can be daunting; where should you look for the right space? read more


Relocation, Relocation, Relocation: How to Make Sure Your Next Move is Hassle Free

British small and medium-sized entrepreneurs (SMEs) have now finally recovered from the 2008 recession, according to a recent report. What’s even more encouraging for the UK economy is that there are 400,000 more private sector jobs compared to pre-recession levels. To accommodate these new starters, many businesses are now finding that they’ll need to move offices to accommodate these new employees. read more


Flexible Working – Who Cares? Do Estate Agents?

It has long been the case that many estate agents just fall into the industry. Usually it is very early in people’s career, their first or second job. They start as a junior negotiator and work their way through the ranks, typically very quickly. Estate Agents earn a decent income for their age and skills as a direct comparison to other industries and many are believed to have a work hard, play hard ethos. read more


Don’t Lose Sleep Over Office Relocation: Tops Tips From The Experts

Relocating a business to new premises can present something of a headache. Keeping the business trading whilst orchestrating the move might seem like an insurmountable task. But with careful planning you can reduce downtime and be up and running again with minimal disruption. read more


Are Commercial Woodlands A Good Place To Invest Surplus Business Cash?

If you have surplus cash then it makes sense to invest it and get it working for you. There are, of course, many ways to do this. With interest rates remaining low for the moment, buying woods or a forest is becoming increasingly popular. read more


How to Afford a Hedge Fund Location without a Hedge Fund Budget

I recently read some research that will leave many business owners speechless. It showed average rents for the most expensive office locations worldwide, and the figures are mind-boggling. They’re particularly hard to contemplate when 80% of entrepreneurs think that lack of access to cash is one of the key obstacles to setting up a business, according to our own research. read more


The Only 4 Ways To Grow Your Business

As a business it might seem like that the opportunities for growth are myriad and many. Quite simply, this isn’t the case. There are only 4 ways for you to grow your business. There are many ways of making profit, but if you want to expand and grow the business overall then there are only four routes for you to take. read more


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