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Flexible Working – Who Cares? Do Estate Agents?

It has long been the case that many estate agents just fall into the industry. Usually it is very early in people’s career, their first or second job. They start as a junior negotiator and work their way through the ranks, typically very quickly. Estate Agents earn a decent income for their age and skills as a direct comparison to other industries and many are believed to have a work hard, play hard ethos. read more


Don’t Lose Sleep Over Office Relocation: Tops Tips From The Experts

Relocating a business to new premises can present something of a headache. Keeping the business trading whilst orchestrating the move might seem like an insurmountable task. But with careful planning you can reduce downtime and be up and running again with minimal disruption. read more


Are Commercial Woodlands A Good Place To Invest Surplus Business Cash?

If you have surplus cash then it makes sense to invest it and get it working for you. There are, of course, many ways to do this. With interest rates remaining low for the moment, buying woods or a forest is becoming increasingly popular. read more


How to Afford a Hedge Fund Location without a Hedge Fund Budget

I recently read some research that will leave many business owners speechless. It showed average rents for the most expensive office locations worldwide, and the figures are mind-boggling. They’re particularly hard to contemplate when 80% of entrepreneurs think that lack of access to cash is one of the key obstacles to setting up a business, according to our own research. read more


The Only 4 Ways To Grow Your Business

As a business it might seem like that the opportunities for growth are myriad and many. Quite simply, this isn’t the case. There are only 4 ways for you to grow your business. There are many ways of making profit, but if you want to expand and grow the business overall then there are only four routes for you to take. read more


Financial Advice for Tech Start-Ups Looking For Commercial Success

According to a recent report by UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), the technology sector is one of the largest wealth creators in the UK and has become one of the fastest growing business sectors over the last decade. Most tech companies tend to be clustered in London and the South East with Wokingham attracting the highest cluster of tech company employment outside of London. read more


Building Communication into the Property Portfolio

Broadband is the second service set up by individuals in a new home – only electricity is deemed more important. So why are many property developers and landlords still failing to ensure the quality and reliability of both broadband and mobile services in new buildings? In an era of ubiquitous mobile coverage, tenants are far from impressed to discover the use of modern insulation and tinted windows effectively blocks any mobile signal entering the building; whilst the lack of good broadband when speeds of 1Gb are now available, can only be blamed on poor planning. read more


Is the Tide Turning for the Eastern Fringe?

After ‘location, location, location’ the phrase ‘the ripple effect’ is probably one of the most heard of expressions when it comes to making that crucial decision, where you should base yourself. And this decision is no less important for the commercial occupier than it is for the residential purchaser. read more


Making Remote Working Productive

Governments, multinationals, SMEs - organisations worldwide are turning to remote working as a way to attract talent, retain it, and help their staff manage job and home-life more productively. Sometimes it's a response to specific events, like the recent London Underground strikes. More often, it's a longer-term strategy. read more


Make Sure You Can Claim For the Business Use of Your Home

Are you one of the many self-employed people in the UK who works from their own home? If so, then there’s good news for you: you’re entitled to include part of the running costs of your home in your accounts, which will save you some tax. But how do you work out exactly how much you can claim? read more


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