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Helping Staff to Relocate is More Than a 9-5 Job!

Companies spend millions of pounds a year relocating staff. From junior to senior management, moving from one country to another is a huge task that involves not just packing clothes and booking a flight. read more


Export Week: Five Reasons Why Exporting Is The Business For British SMEs

Brilliant! After five years of stagnation economic recovery is underway. Growth is up and unemployment and the annual deficit are both falling. What’s not to like? Well, the problem is we’ve got the “wrong kind of growth” fuelled by consumer spending at the cost of reduced saving. Businesses are still not investing enough and worst of all we’ve failed to impact our balance of payments position by exporting more. At some point we’ll have to reverse this or Britain will end up as a wholly owned subsidiary of the People’s Republic of China. So reason number one for SMEs to focus on exporting is it’s in our national interest. Ultimately British SMEs won’t do well unless Britain does well. We can’t do so unless we export more. read more


Export Week: Three Core Trends Impacting UK Supply Chain Skills In 2014

The British economy is bouncing back. Yesterday (Tuesday) the International Monetary Fund (IMF) revised upwards its projections for UK GDP to 2.9% growth this year, retail sales in December were reported by the Office for National Statistics to be up 5.3% on a year ago, and the CBI’s quarterly Industrial Trends Survey for the three months to January 2014 showed growth in new manufacturing orders was the strongest since April 2011. With encouraging signs of a resurgence in Britain’s economic activity, what are the expectations for supply chain careers in the coming year? read more


New Paths, New Opportunities For SMEs: What Are The Challenges That Arise When Starting Your Own Business?

One classic dilemma for SME owners is often the question whether and at what point a company should expand abroad. This is a tricky question with no hard and fast rules as it depends very much of the circumstances of the individual entrepreneur. Before rushing in, you need detailed knowledge of the respective market and a logistical setup which meets both the market conditions and the requirements of the respective product. read more


Don’t Make Capital Allowance Claims in Panic

Wolters Kluwer UK tax expert warns businesses and property owners not to listen to scare stories. read more


Physical v Virtual Business Innovation

Companies put a huge amount of effort into creating modern, productivity-enhancing offices. However, as IT heads further into the cloud, should virtual work spaces get the same treatment? read more


How SMEs Can Increase Competitive Advantage Through Better Energy Management

Phil Scholes, SME sales and marketing director at npower offers advice on how small and medium sized businesses could give themselves an edge over their competitors by reducing their cost base through better energy management. read more


Five Telecoms Issues You Must Consider When Moving Office

Dave Millett of Equinox (an independent telecoms consultancy) provides a checklist of the five telecoms issues you must consider when moving office. read more


What Estate Agents Can Learn From Recruiters

Selling your house is an expensive and painful process. Some of the costs, such as conveyancing and surveys, are justifiable from a price versus value perspective, but estate agents’ fees are harder to swallow. read more


Developing Your IP Strategy

As the recognition of the value of intellectual assets, including intellectual property (IP), increases, management teams are becoming more aware of the need to consider it as a part of their mainstream business planning. Whilst IP and its protection will be more important to some businesses than others, no one is exempt. You will therefore need systems that enable you to capture, exploit, monitor and enforce these important rights. read more


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