Gunning for Green Growth

< continued from page one bandwagon, the practice of ‘greenwashing’ is emerging. Greenwashing involves promoting a misleading perception that a company's policies or products are environmentally friendly. This is not only disingenuous; it calls other companies green initiatives into question. By proving a genuine commitment to sustainability a company can differentiate itself from the crowd.

However, while the business rationale for forging a green agenda is clear, it has been delayed by the recession as acute financial concerns have taken hold. That’s not to say the two are unrelated. Each motivation for pursuing a sustainable strategy will also support a company’s transition...


...from recession, to recovery to growth.

For instance, accounting software firm Benchmark Solutions used the Carbon Trust Standard to open a positive dialogue with its customers in order to retain and win new business. Its experience of carbon data capture also enabled it to add carbon monitoring features to its own customer accounting software, which it is now successfully promoting to its customer base. In Benchmark Software’s case, taking a stand on its carbon footprint not only made the company a more ethical and therefore desirable company to work with and for, but it enhanced its business proposition.

Taking a sustainable approach to carbon emissions can also have a direct and positive impact on reducing operating costs, which is highly desirable in these tough times and against a backdrop of rising commodity prices. The Government recently warned that energy bills may increase by as much as 26 per cent in the next 10 years. Unless action is taken to reduce energy use, these price hikes will have a detrimental impact, particularly when cash flow is tight. Equally those companies that dedicate time to examining how their emissions can be reduced are often better placed to implement more efficient business practices overall.

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