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It’s me, not you…

It might seem like the right thing to do, but blowing one’s own trumpet really hard can often lead to disenfranchised customers and disinterested prospects. After all, it’s not about you is it? Ashley Carr, Managing Director, Neo PR, discusses how all the time one is monologuing one misses out on having a dialogue. read more


Taking Your Business Global

When going global you need to remember that it is about markets and people – not just languages. As long as that is at the heart of everything you do, you are already one step closer to kicking off your international business. read more


Successful Client/Agency Relationships

In order for clients to get the most value from their PR agency and for Press Relations Officers (PROs) to be able to work in the most efficient way on brands, a good client/agency relationship is essential. read more


How to run a successful business - Part 3: How to market…

1. Understand how you’re already marketing What is it that you do to customers through your door week after week? Is it your presence on a busy street, your shop signage or word of mouth that is bringing new customers in? Understanding where your customers are coming from can be as cheap and easy as asking them the simple question “Where did you hear about my business?” read more


The Power of Partnerships in PR

There are many different business lingo titles used to describe the coming together of two brands which share a synergy, with the ultimate aim of reaching a new audience, improving their service or purely to create PR ‘spin.’ read more


How can you Protect Your Company From a Media Crisis? Top 10 Tips

A media crisis can come from anywhere and can have a detrimental impact on your organisation if handled in the wrong way.' read more


Search Engines, SEO And Changing Your Site’s Primary Domain

How sites are positioned in search results is very important to businesses, and we’ve had a number of queries from domain owners in the last few weeks about any impact to this should the major search engines treat a .uk domain differently from a domain. Although having a strong domain name is an important factor in how consumers choose which websites to visit, we know that many online journeys start by searching. In fact, estimates show that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine query. read more


Get The Balance Right: Value Existing Customers

‘Out with the old, in with the new’ appears to be a favoured motto in modern society – whether this relates to material possessions or to more metaphorical ideals. We are a nation constantly striving to redesign ourselves time and time again. However, in business terms, this ceaseless unrest can be a hindrance rather than a help. Often incentives and rewards are only offered to tempt new customers, as exemplified recently by the fund shop announcing that it would be waiving exit fees for a year – but only for new customers. Rather than overlooking what is already there, businesses must focus their attention on the retention rather than acquisition of customers. Hand in hand with this is taking action on what current customers are saying and increasing engagement levels – only then will businesses reap the benefits. read more


The Most Effective Ways To Boost Your Online Presence

Google is the new high street for small independent companies, but how can you compete against large corporations who spend millions on their websites? Discover some simple tricks to effectively get noticed online and attract customers to your business, without investing a fortune. read more


How To Catch The Attention Of The Local Press

Bizcrowd user Justin Pugsley, CEO of JJP Associates, shares his professional views on the PR world and offers up tips on the best ways to catch the attention of the local press. Thanks to more than 20 years’ experience providing consultancy and copywriting services to SMEs, Justin has a bag of media tools to pick from and offers some valuable methods to make your company’s press release stand out. read more


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