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20 Business Tips

Last week, we asked the Bizcrowd community to share their top business tips with us. We had an amazing response, with tons of really inspiring advice for small business owners. Take a look at the first twenty. read more


Ten Skills Your Employees Will Thank You For

Whether you employ one person or 1000, there are ten skills that no employer or manager should be without. If used appropriately they will enhance your work environment and make your team happy. read more


Why Businesses are looking in the Wrong Places when it comes to Problem Solving and Nine Tips to help you look in the Right Places

If a business has a problem that needs solving, whatever it is, there tends to be a pattern as to where the business owner will look for a solution. Some will almost always look inward i.e. at the internal processes and systems, and other will almost always put their focus externally i.e. at the market and business environment. While both have merits neither is sufficient on its own. read more


Using Social Media to Increase Consumer Engagement

Over time, social media channels such as Facebook and Pinterest have become an integral part of our everyday lives. As a result, the retail industry has seen the proliferation of e-commerce retailers marketing their companies and products through Facebook and other social media platforms, with many experiencing significant success. read more


The 5 Biggest Mistakes When Using Storytelling In Business

Storytelling can be a powerful tool for building and promoting your business – but only if you get it right. Here are five common mistakes that businesses make when using storytelling. read more


Bad News: Travels Faster By Tweet

Social media is a powerful and persuasive environment. Online interactions via Twitter or Facebook have now replaced local coffee shops as gossip centres. This has changed the way that news spreads, and most significantly, the speed that it circulates. Now, anyone and everyone can share a negative story within seconds, and retweets only fuel the fire. read more


Export Week: Top Tips For SMEs Considering A Successful Export Strategy – What You Need To Know When Taking The First Steps Towards International Trade

For businesses looking to adopt a successful export strategy whilst minimising risk, here at Watson Burton we have put together a ‘top ten’ list of essential elements to consider. read more


Your Clients Have Been Abused... And What To Do About It

There was a golden age in the years before the internet. Clients of lawyers, accountants, architects, business consultants and financial advisers looked up to and respected their advisers. In fact, it was a two-way thing. read more


10 Things To Do In The Next 10 Days

Half the business world is incredibly busy whilst the other half is just waiting for something magic to come along. This checklist is aimed at businesses that are slowing down… feeling like they have got stuck… stuck staring into the headlights like the proverbial rabbit! read more


How To Optimise Your Website For Sales

Customers can be easily discouraged from purchasing items through an otherwise adequate website if the payment element is confusing, time consuming or unsafe. Etailers should therefore recognise that the area that deals with transactions warrants attention. read more


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