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Small Businesses and PR: A Measured Approach

For entrepreneurs looking to get their businesses off the ground, PR is often perceived as a ‘nice-to-have’ or an activity reserved for the biggest and boldest of budgets. I believe those common misconceptions are largely a result of a failure to properly define and measure campaign objectives. Getting those elements right from the start will ensure the business objectives are met and the benefits can be seen. read more


The Brand That Cried Wolf

Over the past few weeks our inboxes have been full of emails from journalists asking for comment on everything and anything related to the election result. Questions like ‘What does the result mean for social enterprises/ tech companies/ IT resellers/ new startups/ old startups...etc’ were coming in thick and fast. read more


Why we need authenticity in PR

Authenticity is a word that means different things to different people. In the dictionary you’ll read that something authentic possesses, ‘the quality of being real or true’. To me, as a PR, this description particularly resonates with me. Being real and true is something my team and I strive towards on a day-to-day basis as we work on our clients’ campaigns. read more


How to Manage your Business’ Reputation: Top Five Tips

When it comes to planning and devising a business strategy for the year ahead, many CEOs and Managing Directors consider investment in technology, talent, contacts and development more important than reputation management. However, in the event of a business crisis, a good solid PR strategy can safeguard your business and facilitate an easy transition back on to the steady road. read more


How PR can Expand your Business

There is still a widespread misunderstanding within business that PR is a fluffy discipline, incapable of delivering anything tangible. read more


PR 101 in the Real World: Speaking the Right Language

Teaching anyone to suck eggs is a dangerous place to go, but there remains a huge amount of assumption, confusion, and general malaise about what PR is and what it is not. PR is just another form of advertising, right? Wrong. In reality, PR is all about partnership, both between you and your agency, and your agency and the media. But how does the partnership work? read more


How to Run a Successful Consumer PR Event

Press events are an excellent way to raise awareness of a brand or service amongst consumers and key members of the press. If executed well, an event provides an incentive for journalists to leave their desks and interact directly with the brand, which in turn provides a level of exposure and engagement that money can’t buy. read more


The PR 'Effect'

Getting your sales message right and letting your potential market know about it can seem like an obvious high priority, but when you are up to your neck in muck and bullets, somehow it always seems to come a poor second place in the day-to-day priorities. read more


Digital Marketing Show 2014

The Digital Marketing Show is over for another year. Thousands flocked to ExCel, London for the essential resource for the marketing professional looking to boost sales using search, social and email, to learn how to ‘go mobile’, to gain access to the experts, to find the best in class suppliers and get digital marketing advice & tips. read more


10 Top PR Tips for Start-Ups

Attracting customers who will buy your product or service is the key to success for any new business. You can spread the word in many ways and public relations (PR) should not be overlooked because it provides excellent returns. Effective PR can create awareness and enthusiasm for your business and drive sales of your product or service. Your public includes customers, potential customers, your peers and your competitors, as well as opinion formers and influencers such as the media. read more


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