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A Quick-Start Guide to Universal Analytics

Like regular Analytics, Universal Analytics uses a snippet of code to track metrics, but this new code allows more customisation. Regular users have access to configuration options that only developers could use before and that means enhanced ability to refine the data you collect. read more


Content Marketing Show

On May 31st we had the honour of welcoming SEO and digital marketing enthusiasts from across the UK to our second Content Marketing Show. The conference, which took place at Holborn’s historic Conway Hall welcomed 17 guest speakers and hosted over 350 delegates from agencies, in-house marketing teams and business owners. read more


Building a Content Marketing Strategy

Knowing that the demand for content marketing is increasing, it's worth investing resources to start researching and learning more about the opportunities content marketing can bring to a site. With 86% of B2C companies and 54% B2B all looking to increase their content marketing spend over the next 12 months it can only mean one thing; content marketing is the new darling of the marketing industry. read more


What Is Social Bookmarking?

Firstly it’s a great way of sharing your top quality content on your site whether it’s a blog post, a report, a video or even a podcast episode. Social bookmarking can facilitate your content reaching further exposure as well as increasing readership, comments and votes. There are several benefits of use social bookmarking sites for sharing your content. read more


Make Your Content Feel Personal – Google Authorship

Google is evolving and so is its algorithm. What it perceives to be important and relevant when it comes to search rankings has seen a big switch with the introduction of authorship. read more


Quality Content Builds Quality Links

One aspect of Search Engine Optimisation that is considered a ‘black hat’ technique (a technique that is not approved by search engines) is link spam. Wikipedia defines link spam as 'links between pages that are present for reasons other than merit'. It's a technique you should definitely avoid. read more


The Importance Of Fresh High Quality Content

In early 2011 search engine giant Google started to make a series of significant changes to its search results algorithm that penalised low quality sites and rewarded high quality sites. Nick James looks at how to make sure your site is rewarded, not penalised. read more


Developing A Content Strategy For A Business Website

Before you start developing and generating content for your website the first thing you need to do is to formulate a content strategy. Strategy may sound like a word that's only for big corporates, but a content strategy for a website is really no more than what Blackadder's Baldrick would call ‘a cunning plan’. Nick James looks at what elements you should consider when producing content for your website. read more


Generating Website Content: Is It Safe To Rely On Users?

Having good content on your website is important for two main reasons - search engines, and site visitors. Nick James looks at why, and gives user-generated content a wide berth. read more


The rise of online content discovery

The unstoppable rise of Facebook and the social culture of sharing that consumers now live in means marketers are having to re-assess how they build a community or audience around their brand. read more


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