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Step by Step guide: Developing a Mobile Strategy

There are over one billion smartphones worldwide today and mobile commerce (m-commerce) revenue is expected to reach 19.2 billion in Europe by 2017, according to Forrester. In order to remain competitive and profitable, SMEs should do all they can to target and support the ever increasing customer on the move, which will be a significant revenue driver over the next few years. read more


World Wide Web Turns 25: Starting an Internet Business

Jonathan Kettle is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of successful online businesses and Having run a number of online businesses during his career, Jonathan provides his top tips on starting and running a successful internet business. read more


World Wide Web Turns 25: The Impact of the Internet on Customer Engagement

This year marks the 25th birthday of the Internet. It’s fair to say that its inception and subsequent global success has transformed the way we do business. This is never more apparent than the way in which brands approach Customer Engagement. read more


Winning the Race to Connect with Customers

Like any major sporting event organiser, the team at the Castle Triathlon Series are no strangers to the complexities of dealing with large numbers of people converging at a location for a short period of time. Castle Triathlon’s logistics are amplified by the fact that they run triathlons at five historic locations across the UK, France and Ireland. The UK and Irish castles and the French chateau provide a draw not just for the athletes but also for their families and friends who come to cheer them on. read more


5 Ways Storytelling Can Empower Your Business

Storytelling is a powerful communication tool. The wisdom of the ages has been preserved because it was handed down the generations through myths legends, fables and parables. If it can survive thousands of years, then imagine what it can, right now, for your business. read more


Three Tech Trends Will Shape Retail In 2014

Over the last decade emerging technology has increasingly encroached on the traditional retail journey; from the addition of mobile shopping channels and social shopping discovery sites to multi-channel customer service and crowd funded product launch finance. read more


World Wide Web Turns 25: What the Internet Means to Business Today

This month marks 25 years of the world wide web. And despite an American survey suggesting that 15 percent of people think the internet has been bad for society, there’s little doubt that it’s been good for small businesses and entrepreneurs. read more


Top 5 Tips on How to Successfully Advertise your Growing Business

With the limitless advertising opportunities available for growing businesses, finding the right strategy for you can feel like negotiating your way through a minefield. read more


Information Overload

We live in a time when there has never been more information than there is currently. We are constantly told of the value this information holds and its importance to business success, while industry analyst Gartner talks of us all ‘entering the era of the Digital Industrial Economy’. read more


The Data Ownership Problem: Why Brands Needs To Understand Who Is Really Benefiting From Their Data

There is so much emphasis on customer data at the moment. In the search for a competitive edge, marketers are focused on gaining the most valuable insight and building smarter and stronger personal relationships with their customers. read more


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