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The Importance Of Authenticity in Video

There's a reason homegrown, low budget videos go viral more often than huge advertising campaigns with big budgets. The advent of social media has given the user control. read more


Get Your Video Noticed - Top Tips For Driving Engagement

Video is great. It’s good for SEO, driving visitors to your website and keeping them there for longer (five times longer, according to a recent survey). Google recognises and rewards great content, so a popular video that’s shared around a lot not only helps establish you as a voice of authority; it gives your page rank a boost too. read more


Businesses Are Standing In A Crowded Room When It Comes To Visual Marketing

You’re in a crowded room, you know a few people but they’re all talking to someone else. You go over to say hi, but they’re deep in conversation and it looks hard to get a word in let alone start a conversation. read more


Recovering From Penguin 2.0 Penalties

Google launched this tool way back in October last year which was coupled by the Google Penguin update. Link penalties were being dished out by Google in response to their desire to clean up bad links that sites had been building. Google’s goal has always been to prevent spam which has had a drastic effect on the techniques some SEO’s were using. read more


Google Adwords - Add Descriptions to Sitelinks

Google AdWords is introducing another new feature to encourage advertisers to convert their campaigns to enhanced campaigns. Google is now allowing advertisers to nominate specific text that will display for their sitelink descriptions within their ads. read more


The Building Blocks Of A Successful Email Marketing Strategy

Effective Digital marketing requires marketers prioritise the consumer and not favour one marketing channel over another. In fact successful campaigns should utilize all channels in which consumers interact with brands - social, web, mobile and email - to create a collaborative dynamic customer experience. read more


What Marketing Channel Is Best At Motivating Action?

What is the most annoying advertising medium? How do people react to commercials on TV, radio, online? What marketing channel is best at incentivising people to take action? The responses of people across the UK to different marketing communication channels have been under scrutiny as part of a major survey. read more


The 50 Plus: Why Businesses Are Missing The Big Fish

Let’s start with a bit of myth-busting. You’ve probably seen them. Those ridiculous ads showing a son, daughter or grandkid helping an older adult hack it out with new, confounding tech. There seems to be a pervasive myth in our society that unless you were born plugged in, chances are you don’t have a clue how to use the web. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. read more


The Advent Of Customer Engagement Marketing

We went through a recession, and while we weren't looking, the world of marketing changed. We discovered as an industry that making certain that marketing governance is based on sound principles is critical in a recession. read more


How To Convince A Personal Brand to Use Your Company Brand

Personal brands (bloggers) aren’t in your employ. They have their own agenda — which is to usually to build followers through uploading interesting content they know their readers will enjoy reading and commenting on. read more


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