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Generating Website Content: Is It Safe To Rely On Users?

Having good content on your website is important for two main reasons - search engines, and site visitors. Nick James looks at why, and gives user-generated content a wide berth. read more


The rise of online content discovery

The unstoppable rise of Facebook and the social culture of sharing that consumers now live in means marketers are having to re-assess how they build a community or audience around their brand. read more


Why We Should All Help Matt Cutts Identify Content Farms

For the few that have not heard of Matt Cutts, he works for Google, and one of the main things he is tasked with is improving Google’s search results by preventing website owners and SEOs from gaming their precious algorithm and getting higher rankings than their content deserves. read more


Website Content Challenge 2011

When developing web content, companies must ensure it is highly relevant, personalised and geographically segmented. Companies must also be able to change or update local and international content quickly in response to a rapid market changes. Marketers must be creative and ensure content is punchy, relevant and compelling. Avoid wasting time churning out the disengaging, irrelevant waffle that customers will ignore. read more


Content, Community And Commerce Dictate Web Content Management Evolution

The convergence of Content, Community and Commerce is challenging traditional WCM. WCM systems have to evolve to reflect the need to integrate online communications and commerce or risk extinction. Regardless of your current situation; business to business or consumer, or government to citizen, the pursuit and creation of compelling content has historically been king. read more


How To Make Content A Valuable Asset

With at least 3.9 billion pages on the internet, there has been an exponential growth in ways businesses can publish content. With this ocean of information, the challenge that brands have is to make sure they are standing out in a very crowded marketplace. read more


The Future Is Content Shaped

2013 has certainly been a turbulent year for search, content marketing and anyone involved in the business of creating quality digital traffic for their clients. read more


10 Essential Questions Before You Even Think About Writing Your Own Website

As a web copywriter, I’ve written hundreds of websites, and have compiled a list of standard questions to help guide decisions about what content goes where. Here are 10 of them. I hope you find them useful when working on your own website and other marketing communications. read more


The Most Effective Ways To Boost Your Online Presence

Are you getting the most from your business website? If the answer is no or you’re not sure then it’s time to give it an overhall focusing on search engine optimisation (SEO) using two added technologies — web analytics and social media optimisation. read more


Small Businesses Must ‘Get Real’ To Compete With Big Brand Marketing

ands are becoming more visual in their marketing, with many companies turning to images and video as a way to share information in a more engaging way. read more


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