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Bad News: Travels Faster By Tweet

Social media is a powerful and persuasive environment. Online interactions via Twitter or Facebook have now replaced local coffee shops as gossip centres. This has changed the way that news spreads, and most significantly, the speed that it circulates. Now, anyone and everyone can share a negative story within seconds, and retweets only fuel the fire. read more


How To Transform Your Customers Into Your Online Brand Ambassadors

Dr Ganesh Rao, founder of health and beauty comparison site discusses how businesses can leverage the increasing visibility of the internet and social media to boost business. read more


Your Clients Have Been Abused... And What To Do About It

There was a golden age in the years before the internet. Clients of lawyers, accountants, architects, business consultants and financial advisers looked up to and respected their advisers. In fact, it was a two-way thing. read more


How To Optimise Your Website For Sales

Customers can be easily discouraged from purchasing items through an otherwise adequate website if the payment element is confusing, time consuming or unsafe. Etailers should therefore recognise that the area that deals with transactions warrants attention. read more


New Tax Year Resolutions For Businesses

April 6th marks the start of new tax year and is the perfect time for small business owners to get rid of bad habits and make some resolutions on how to improve their strategy for the rest of the year. read more


How To Create A Memorable Identity For Your Brand

Virgin Group’s services and products exist across multiple channels: records, flights, credit loans, mobile communications and even space flights and fuels. These products are all significantly different, but the branding across each of the areas is incredibly consistent – the bright, red colours, the scrawled font and the underlined name all let us know that we’re with the Virgin brand and that we’ll be engaging with fun, competitive products that also come with great customer service. And when we see the Virgin mark, we know that there’s a certain amount of trust, reliability and cost-effectiveness we can expect. read more


The Digital Revolution And The Disruption Of The Legal Industry

The world around us is changing and the way we do things has transformed over the past few years. Thanks to the internet, we are now able to access almost anything we need or want and almost without any geographical boundaries. Many service industries, from high-street shopping to travel have modernised in the process and now the legal industry is transforming too, changing the way people seek legal advice and manage their legal affairs forever. read more


Top tips: Creating A Magnetic Profile On LinkedIn

More than 250 million people globally are now using LinkedIn. Over 12 million people in the UK are members and nearly 90 per cent of budget holders in FTSE100 companies have LinkedIn profiles. Despite such staggering statistics, not all of these people are actually using it to maximum advantage. Creating a compelling LinkedIn profile and presenting yourself effectively online can make you look savvy and therefore generate a competitive advantage for your business. read more


Small Businesses Have The Most To Gain From Great PR – Here’s How To Get Going

Articles in newspapers and magazines are hugely influential – which is why large organisations spend £100,000s on expensive PR teams, and politicians go to such effort to be interviewed (although they are often a case study of the wrong way to do it!). read more


World Wide Web Turns 25: How Social Media, Google and its Algorithms Have Changed The Way Businesses Operate Online

What would life be like today without the World Wide Web? Inconvenient might be one word to describe it. We can book our plane tickets and manage our finances online, keep up-to-date with world news in almost real time and with just a few clicks of the mouse we can have our shopping conveniently delivered to our door or a local store for collection. read more


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