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Stand-out, Disruptive Marketing

Most marketing doesn’t work. It is progressively more expensive and results seem to be harder to come by. Meanwhile most marketing is dull, unremarkable, unfocused, doesn’t focus on benefits, positioning is wrong, customer understanding is technically and statistically correct but wrong and most is simply over-analysed. There is no great commitment, no great customer engagement and cost of client acquisition is rising. It just doesn’t work like it used to. And that is a fact. read more


How Local Businesses Can Benefit From The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow

With only two months to go until the kick-off of the Commonwealth Games taking place in Glasgow, now is the time for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Scotland and the rest of the UK to start thinking about what business opportunities such an international event could bring. This could be a great time to take your business to the international arena. read more


Subject Lines — DO’s & DON’Ts for Easy-Wins

Once an email hits the inbox, sender name and subject line become everything. You could have the most well designed and expertly coded email anyone has ever seen, but if your subject line isn’t up to scratch, it will never see the light of day. read more


Protecting your Online Reputation on Social Media and Review Sites

Social media and review sites are becoming increasingly popular as a way for consumers to engage with brands, whether that be letting them know how happy they are with the service they have received or venting their anger if something doesn’t quite go to plan. A recent Neilsen report suggested that more people than ever are using online recommendations and reviews as a deciding factor when making a purchase. Almost 70 per cent of the respondents in the 2013 survey revealed that they trust consumer opinions posted online, a seven per cent increase from 2007. read more


A Guide to Applying For .London

The .London domain presents a new opportunity for businesses to establish and strengthen their online presence; preregistration is currently open and it’s vital for those who want to take advantage of the new web address to register as soon as possible. read more


Taking SEO to the C-level

Companies must elevate search engine optimisation (SEO) to a strategic level if they are to meet the needs of their business, web users and by proxy Google, says Janaya Wilkins and Mike Jacobson of Ayima read more


Nine Web Services You Should Know About

From Facebook and Twitter, to Wordpress and Google Analytics, there are tons of websites and services out there that can help you run and promote your business online. Depending on the type of business you’re in, you might choose to make the most of one, two or several. But to get you started, take a look at our guide to the services you should know about. read more


Starting an Online Retail Business? Tips and Tricks to Choosing the Right Platform

There is so much potential for home retailers and small businesses when selling on online marketplaces. But with so many platforms to choose from, it can be hard to know which will suit the needs of your business and reach the right audiences. To help retailers make the most of the marketplaces available to them, ChannelAdvisor has come up with some top tips to amplify sales and expand your online presence. read more


Making Social Media Networking Business-friendly

It would make sense for just about any business, especially one that’s starting out, to integrate social media networking into its business strategy; cementing relationships in and outside their respective industries and having business contacts in abundance. These “friends” and contacts may very well vouch for your services down the road and it’s no secret people have a tendency to often choose their friends’ recommendations over their own findings. read more


Making The Most Of Website Visitors

Traditionally, the primary challenge for any business with a website has been to generate traffic from potential buyers. As a result, the last few years have seen an explosion of new online marketing methods focused on driving new customers, from search engine optimisation and video advertising through to social media and affiliate marketing. read more


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