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Personal Branding: Reputation

There’s a popular quote from Jezz Bezos, he of Amazon fame, and it’s what he thinks a personal brand is: “Your personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. read more


What Is Personal Branding Anyway?

In exploring the terminology and words that are being used when discussing personal branding, I’m going to take a closer look at these read more


Personal Marketing vs Personal Impact

Once you’re clear on your personal brand (strategy), you’re ready to move on to the intricate task of marketing yourself; the bunch of activities you do to attract people to you and make people want what you offer. read more


25 Ways Twitter Can Boost Your Marketing

Ashley Cole has just been fined £90,000 by the FA for his recent twitter outburst. read more


Top Tips For Creating A Smart Email Marketing Campaign

As consumers continue to be inundated by hundreds of emails on a daily basis, businesses need to prove they understand what their customers want before they can run a successful email marketing campaign. read more


Are Traditional Sales Promotional Skills Dying Out?

Natwest’sporcelain pigs,the Andrex puppy and most recently,’sSimples Rewardsmeerkat toys — there is a long line of iconic and successful marketing campaigns that have a simple promotional mechanic and tangible reward at its heart. read more


The Future Of Websites

It’s time to look into my crystal ball. Ooh, the mists are clearing. I see…I think I see something…yes, I can see what your next website will look like. read more


Spanning The Digital Divide

This is an interesting time to be in business. On the one hand there’s a constant stream of new shiny objects, gadgets and apps to play with, presenting exciting new ways to reach your customers. read more


Tips To Make Sure You’re Punching Your Weight Online

The Internet has changed the way we do business — forever! read more


Social Media: Welcome To The Real-Time World

Things happen faster today than ever before, largely thanks to technology advances that allow ideas to move from one person to another at the speed of light. read more


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