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Mobile - Transforming People’s Lives For The Better, Says Google Director

Mobile is the future of digital. It’s on the lips (and the fingertips!) of every digital enthusiast across the globe, and Google Director of Mobile & Social Advertising Strategy and Internet World Keynote speaker, Ian Carrington, discusses the past, present and future of the digital landscape. read more


The Cloud Back Up Plan

Cloud back-up is simple enough with mobile devices considering their in-built connectivity and relatively low amount of data, but with PCs and large data stores it becomes a little more difficult. read more


Copywriter Profile: Doug Jenner Of Best Words

Interview with Doug Jenner of Best Words, by Jackie Barrie, Copywriter, Trainer & Author at Comms Plus read more


The Power Of Social Proof

What other people say about you is more convincing than anything you may say yourself. read more


What NOT To Write On Your ‘About Us’ Page

With thanks to Doug Jenner who inspired part of this article (and is featured in this month’s copywriter profile), here are some typical examples of what NOT to write on your ‘About’ page, and my explanation of why it’s not helping your marketing effort if you do. read more


Think And Act Like A Publisher To Grow Your Business

Great content is at the core of a content strategy but obviously not all businesses have access to an army of writers – however this doesn’t mean that you should do nothing. If you have a website or a blog you should be thinking and acting like a publisher – we can help. read more


Why Video Is Great For Your Website

Having video on your website will increase your search traffic — as Google paid $1.65 billion for YouTube it is hardly surprising that sites with video rank well in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Looking for a mix of media is called ‘blended search’, and the better your mix is, the better seach engines respond to it. read more


Why Your Customers Will Respond Better To Stories Than Statistics

Humans have used stories to communicate from the beginning of time and as children we can all remember those immortal words; “Once upon a time....” read more


How To Get Penalised By Search Engines

Search engines penalise websites that are guilty of Keyword Stuffing and Hidding text and links to boost its search rankings. read more


What Is ‘Search Engine Spam’?

Most of us would understand the term spam as meaning unsolicited email messages, usually sent out indiscriminately. Derived from the 1970’s Monty Python sketch where every meal on the menu of a greasy spoon included the luncheon meat ‘Spam’ the term now covers nearly every form of electronic messaging. read more


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