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Google Personalisation – How Does It Impact Search?

Google has been personalising everyone’s searches more and more – with that it’s necessary for us SEO’s to understand the effects of this and why certain search results appear when the conventional rules of SEO don’t apply. So let us pass on this understanding and knowledge… read more


1,850 Attend Biggest Ever BrightonSEO Conference

We were extremely proud to have welcomed 1,850 digital marketing enthusiasts to our most recent BrightonSEO Conference. read more


Creating A Global Online Presence

Taking your business to a global level takes time and effort, and this includes your website. Andreas Kopatz tells us how to ensure that your 'shop window' is ready for the world stage. read more


10 Steps To Maximise Your Marketing

Getting your brand and products in front of potential customers can seem challenging when budgets are tight. Here are our top 10 easy, quick and affordable marketing ideas that will help you effectively promote your business and win new customers. read more


The Real Benefits Of Controlling Your Own Company Hosting

As online business continues to expand at record levels, websites facilitating digital power players are growing ever larger, more complex and more sophisticated. These days, businesses rarely stop. Business never does. Somewhere someone is always looking for a product or service and the omnipresent nature of the online world means that there is always someone ready to supply it. read more


Using Videos As Another Means Of Marketing Your Brand

Using videos as another means of marketing your brand, product or services is one tactic that many businesses are embracing.Videos will enhance the user experience and also possess the benefit of encouraging a visitor to become more engaged. read more


Responsive Web Design

In a new report called the 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, MarketingSherpa asked marketing agencies and professionals about email marketing developments for 2013; 58% said the pervasiveness of mobile smartphones and tablets. read more


This Is The Year Of Integrated Digital Marketing…

Having an integrated approach to your marketing is no longer a trendy thought or idea — it is a must. In order to create the highest levels of brand awareness and engagement with the right audiences then integrated marketing needs to be embraced.It will be a mistake to underestimate the intelligence of the everyday consumer. read more


How to Get Results From Your Videos Using the Art of Persuasion

If you're creating videos as part of your business's marketing strategy, it's important to understand a few key psychological concepts – after all, you're creating your videos with a purpose in mind. read more


7 Steps For Planning A Video Production For Your Business

The most crucial part of any video is the planning phase. ItsIt’s about you, the business owner, creating a level of clarity that you can communicate to the producers of your video. Here are the seven key questions you need to answer in order to give your prospective producers a full brief. read more


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