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Social Media: Welcome To The Real-Time World

Things happen faster today than ever before, largely thanks to technology advances that allow ideas to move from one person to another at the speed of light. read more


How to Master Mobile Advertising

According to research firm, eMarketer, 70% of companies plan to expand upon their mobile marketing budget in 2013. read more


Is It A Blog? Is It An Advert?

23/08/2012 By Robert Craven, MD at Directors Centre Is it a bird? Is it a plane? I am arguing in ever-decreasing circles as I try and figure out what hacks me off about certain blogs and articles while others are fine. Basically, I'm a bit confused about what is and what is not OK... read more


Gmail In Google Search Results: Marketers Will Have A Data Gap To Plug

Google has announced a trial which will enable people using the search engine to see search queries feature results from their Gmail account. The search giant also said it is extending Google Knowledge Graph to every English speaking country. According to Adam Bunn, Director of search engine optimisation (SEO) at leading independent digital marketing agency, Greenlight, the former, if rolled out permanently, would have some drawbacks for marketers data-wise and, whilst it could be viewed as an opportunity from an email marketing perspective, that would be highly dependent on message retention. The Knowledge Graph meanwhile will benefit retailers, brands and digital marketers. read more


Respect Your Audience And The Context

Alexia Leachman emphasises the importance of understanding your audience and how to communicate with them effectively through online social media engagement. read more


Your Website - How To Guarantee It Will Fail

Robert Craven's top list of what to avoid when making business websites. read more


Tips for Internet businesses and entrepreneurs

The UK Internet economy is growing at a rate of 10 per cent per year (source: Boston Consulting Group, Jan). Estimated to be worth £221bn by 2016, it is a lucrative market for entrepreneurs and Internet businesses provided their offering is unique and future-ready. read more


Cloud Adoption And Trends For 2012

The language of cloud computing may not be universally understood and applied, however, adoption of cloud services is becoming commonplace. During the nine months between this research and the prior UK market analysis carried out by the Cloud Industry Forum, adoption has increased by over 10 per cent measured in terms of the volume of new organisations using such services. read more


Take Your Search Marketing To The Next Level With Social Media Monitoring

Making your website and PPC more effective. In the digital age, it’s now even easier to connect with your potential customers. How? read more


3 Proven Subject Lines To Win Back Your Customer Base

At a recent DMA seminar, Emailvision’s Tim Watson examined a number of successful win-back campaigns. In this article he examines the top 3 proven win-back subject lines from this research and discusses the reasons behind their success, along with some practical tips email marketers can use to optimise their own campaigns. read more


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