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The challenges of developing a new business in an established market

The challenges of developing a new business in an established market. read more


An Interview With Jamie Murray Wells: Founder Of Glasses Direct And Hearing Direct

Jamie Murray Wells, Founder of Glasses Direct and Hearing Direct talks to Hatty Stafford Charles about the support of Business Angels, finding a niche and Start-up Britain. Jamie Murray Wells, the youngest person ever to win the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion, is a perfect example of an entrepreneur commercialising a concept so obvious that we all kick ourselves for not thinking of it ourselves. He is modest about his ability to spot an opportunity, saying that anyone can be an entrepreneur, but he just happens to be one of those people who can see a gap in the market, find a way to fill it and do it right so that his business grows until it is selling a pair of glasses every couple of minutes. read more


Dan Somers: From Serial Entrepreneur To Turning The Tables On Traditional Models Of Angel Funding

How throwing out the angel funding rule book can boost entrepreneurs’ success rates and investor returns alike Many of you might have come across Dan Somers. From a career in management consultancy he became a serial entrepreneur before turning to angel investing. Today, based on his experiences of how challenging pre-venture capital funding can be (from both an entrepreneur’s and an investor’s perspective), he has decided to turn the tables on the traditional models of angel funding. What he is doing is fascinating, not least because, whilst it’s early days, it appears to be working. read more


Business Development - Paul Callaghan's Innovative Approach, CEO of DCB Venture

Recently I sat on a train heading from Sheffield to Edinburgh between two events in our National Tour of our Pitching for Management series. Just after the train pulled out of Darlington I glanced right out of the window and acknowledge to myself that soon, very soon, I will be adding a new city to our northern tour — Middlesbrough. I have not yet been to Middlesbrough, but since coming across DCB Ventures, I am now busting to pay the City a visit. Any town that can give birth to a smart team like the DCB gang deserves some attention! read more


Beer & Young - An Interview With Nick Young

Spring is here, the sun is now shining more often than the clouds drop rain on our heads, but the wind can suddenly get a bit blowy making it feel more like January than April. At work it’s busy, very busy, but like the changeable weather, whilst the economy is clearly nothing like as bad as it has been, we are not yet in the long hot days of summer. Angels are now the destination of choice for SMEs needing funding. And with demand comes supply, across the industry networks are reporting healthy growth in volumes of new angel investors. Meanwhile experienced angels have new challenges, partly responding to the increased demands for funding from potential investees, but also to requests from their existing ones for more cash to see them through. read more


The Story Of Jeremy Harbour

Jeremy Harbour talks about an early start, his never-ending supply of opportunities and how the pursuit of customers can cost more than it makes. We have featured a number of “born” entrepreneurs over the months, but Jeremy Harbour is possibly the most relentlessly and enthusiastically entrepreneurial deal-maker of them all. Catching him between Singapore and Brazil, we asked him about the lure of the next project. read more


Metro Bank - An Interview With Craig Donaldson

How often do you get the chance to interview the CEO of a British bank? And how often do you get the chance to interview a man who was a fundamental part of raising £125m of seed capital in 2010? The odds of having the opportunity to do both in one go must be unique. And yet last week, that chance came to me in the form of an interview with Craig Donaldson, the CEO of new British bank, Metro Bank. read more


Seizing The Opportunity In The Business World With Sara Murray, Founder Of

The founder of Ninah Consulting, and Buddi talks about seizing opportunities, making innovation happen and the importance of continuous development. Sara Murray always knew that she wanted to run her own business, so spent a year working for a management consultancy learning about how business works before setting up on her own with Ninah Consulting in 1992. Keen to get started at a young age when she had no commitments, Sara developed a suite of software which streamlined management consultant tasks and which very quickly grew to become one of the most successful business’s she has ever started. read more


Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols, founded in 1813, is an upmarket department store chain. Its original store is in London. Founded in 1813 as a linen shop, it offers many of the world's most prestigious brands in womenswear, menswear, accessories, beauty and food. Harvey Nichols attracts more younger shoppers than its rival Harrods. read more


C F Booth

C F Booth Ltd is a business based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, dealing in recycling and scrap metal. Their main site is Clarence Metal Works adjacent to the Rotherham Ring Road, although there are, or have been, a number of other associated sites and businesses including a rail served site in Doncaster (closed) and a site in Aston, near Rotherham, which concentrated on dismantling buses. The Clarence Works site is essentially a scrapyard for ferrous and non ferrous metals and non ferrous Melting Shop. The company's gantry cranes and three Derrick cranes make the site quite distinctive. The name is generally associated with the scrapping of diesel and electric locomotives since the 1960s. This work continues to date (2011), although a number of the vehicles bought are now resold for preservation. Many wagons, carriages, underground and departmental stock are also processed here. read more


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