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International Trade Today Magazine

International Trade Today Magazine New Digital magazine for businesses trading internationally read more


Entrepreneur Focus: Stuart Jolley

Stuart Jolley, 25, started Wingman after graduating from Cardiff University. His first product - a male deodorising wipe - was born while Stuart was camping with friends during a surfing trip to France. read more


Entrepreneur profile: Chris Arnold

Entrepreneurship should not only be good for the economy, it can change the world read more


Marianne Abib-Pech

Marianne Abib-Pech read more


Jamie Oliver – “Cereal” Social Entrepreneur

When Jamie Oliver burst onto our television screens in 1997 as that cheeky chappie young TV cook, who would have thought that he would use his experiences, fame and fortune into such a powerful force for the good? read more



Owners of small and medium businesses all over the world have a big problem. They are constantly faced with growing competition from larger, better resourced competitors. Yes, small business owners have the benefit of personal relationships with their customers, but when it comes to growing their business, they are at a disadvantage to bigger firms for whom great design and marketing is a lot more cost effective. read more


In a Different Fashion

Sometimes it is an unexpected comment from a mentor that resets the course of a business. Fashion designer Pierre Cardin commented on Lesego Malatsi’s menswear designs and wondered if he had seen them somewhere before. read more


Time For A Reality Check - An Interview With Karren Brady

Karren Brady has enjoyed huge success in business and a high media profile since becoming the MD of Birmingham City FC at the age of 23. Jane Bainbridge talks to the now West Ham United vice chairman and Apprentice star about how she approaches business in difficult economic times. read more


Craig Phillips On Champions (UK) Plc And The Great British Home Show 2012

Craig Phillips shares his thoughts on working with The Great British Home Show this Jubilee bank holiday. read more


Brightlines Translation

It is an exciting time — entering the international marketplace has never been easier. However, did you know that only 10% of people globally have a grasp of English? English is not as universal as we would like to think. In fact, 65% of the world’s online population does not speak English; when it comes to buying, most people prefer to buy in their own language. read more


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