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Top 5 Things Businesses Should Consider to Attain Growth

John Antunes, head of SME and channel, SAP UK and Ireland sets out his five recommendations and strategies that all SMEs should consider to achieve growth. read more


10 Top Tips For Improving The Finances In Your Business

Managing your finances can be a headache, Colin Mills (Founder and CEO of The FD Centre) gives you his Top Ten Tips on things you need to do, that will help you manage your company finances better. read more


The Rise of Short-Term Lending for Small Enterprises

Short-term finance has been able to provide vital help for SME’s and entrepreneurs. The reasons for its successful integration into the mainstream revolve around a variety of plus points. read more


Mid-market Mergers And Acquisitions: Where Are We Now?

A growing acceptance that economies in many parts of the world are unlikely to recover significantly anytime soon has impacted heavily on optimism among business owners and potential vendors. There’s a grudging recognition that businesses will probably continue to be worth far less than a few years ago and that this is unlikely to change in the short term. read more


The Hybrid Trade Buyer: One To Watch?

An interesting development in the current M&A market is the emergence of the hybrid private equity/trade buyer — a kind of private equity buy and build approach, in contrast to the classic trade buyer who bids for businesses in the same industry in order to achieve potential synergies and cut costs through economies of scale. read more


Business Growth Fund: The New Giant On The Block

The recent launch of the Business Growth Fund (BGF) could be big and very welcome news for UK entrepreneurs. Many see it as a much-needed return to the availability of long-term growth capital, which hasn’t been seen by an entire generation of entrepreneurs. read more


Clear Communication Is Key To The New Pensions Bill

The third reading of the Pensions Bill has just taken place and it is set to transform the UK pension landscape. From 2012, larger employers will automatically enrol eligible employees into a qualifying workplace pension scheme, which aims to encourage more workers to save for retirement. Smaller schemes are being given a slightly longer lead time, before making the changes. read more


Credit Cards And Small Businesses

When running Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) making purchases with credit cards is often a convenient and flexible option to fund expenses. Providing the debt is controlled, it can be a good way to finance day-to-day outgoings and convenient for making expenses over the internet or by phone. read more


Funding Options For Your Business

Entrepreneurs are naturally cautious about giving away equity in return for funding. But although it is fair to say that there is usually a requirement to relinquish some level of control when investment is acquired it doesn’t follow that there is ‘less for the entrepreneur’ as a result of doing so read more


London 2012 Olympics: A Golden Opportunity For Small Businesses

The next 12 months in the run up to the London 2012 Olympics could provide a much-needed opportunity for small to medium sized businesses to boost sales against a slow economy. The London Olympics will offer a great opportunity to take full advantage of the growth that half a million visitors to Britain will bring, but b2b companies also stand to benefit. read more


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