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Buying vs Leasing

One of the most important questions for any business that operates a fleet is whether they should lease or buy their vehicles. It’s a crucial choice and one that requires careful consideration as the wrong decision can end up costing companies a significant sum of money. read more


Why it’s Important to Learn from your Business Mistakes

Growth is now being experienced in most parts of the economy, with recent statistics showing the UK is growing at its fastest rate since 2007. This naturally brings with it a sense of optimism for future businesses. But we must remember that continued business success isn’t always straightforward. I believe many companies today, which are experiencing an upwards curve following the economic pick-up, can certainly learn from my own business mistakes. read more


How to Choose a Year End That Works for Your Business

Every business, whether you are trading as a sole trader, a partnership and/or a limited company needs to have a year end i.e. a period up to which you make your accounts and other returns. read more


Attracting Equity Finance

Keeping it in the family is generally the preferred choice for most businesses. However, some find that cash constraints or growth opportunities make it either necessary or desirable to raise additional finance. If this cannot be found through borrowing or other non-equity sources, then raising external equity may be the only option. read more


The Future of Raising Finance

It is easy to think that raising finance for your business will be hard when banks are not lending, people seem to have less money to invest and the economy gets worse. However, nothing could be further from the truth. There are very generous tax breaks for people who invest in businesses like yours; there is more money out there for investing than ever before; and there is a completely new type of investor waiting to invest in you. You do need to be looking in the right places to get it, though. read more


Traditional Finance Methods Are Failing SMEs

Last year banks were in the news for all the wrong reasons. According to reports the state owned banking giant, RBS, had been making vast profits at the expense of vulnerable SMEs; its effort to reduce risky loans has nudged previously solvent companies out of business. read more


Get Ready Now For Your First Year Of Self Assessment Filing

Did you become self-employed between 6th April 2012 and 5th April 2013? If you did, then this could be the first year you’ll have to file a self assessment tax return - and it must be with HMRC by 31st January 2014. read more


Rise Of The Bean Counter: Why Accountants Are Top For Business Advice

According to a recent survey we commissioned, entrepreneurs trust their accountants more than anyone else when it comes to business advice. Why is it that although typically seen as people who simply crunch numbers, accountants now hold such sway over business decisions for SMEs? read more


Good Financial Management: The Bedrock of Success

“Rule No. 1: Never lose money; Rule No. 2: Don’t forget Rule No. 1.” These are the wise words from Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, on the key to running a successful business. read more


Creating An Event For Your Business Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth

Many SMEs avoid hosting business events purely because there is the perception that this type of activity will incur large costs. However, hosting or taking part in a business event does not have to cost the earth and the benefits can far outweigh the potential spend. Business events can be a useful tool for increasing brand awareness, new business leads and ultimately sales. read more


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