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From An Economic Point Of View, Debt Can Be Essential

If you spend more than you earn, you feel poor, if you earn more than you spend, you feel rich. That’s what some people say. Maybe that is true, maybe it isn’t. But here is something that is definitely wrong, but it is also something many people in power state as if it is fact: [i]“An economy is successful if it produces more than it consumes.”[/i] Not only is that view wrong, it is dangerously wrong. Here is another falsehood: [i]‘We must all live within our means’[/i]. These are the errors that threaten to bring down the global economy. read more


Raising Business Finance: Both Business Owners and Banks Need to Play Their Part

A recent survey carried out by the Forum of Private Business has revealed an interesting insight in to how business owners currently view the issue of obtaining bank finance. Whilst a large portion of blame for the drought in the availability of business finance lies at the doors of the banks, business owners have to take some responsibility and start playing their part. read more


The economy may be struggling, but investors can still thrive

With the global economy continuing to struggle and the Eurozone in particular seeming to be on a knife edge, it’s easy to see why so many are taking a pessimistic view of the health of the property market today. Contrary to this however I believe there is a great deal of opportunity out there for those who are willing to seek them out and take risks. read more


Prices To Double For Business Electricity Users

25/07/2012 By Claire West Energy bills for business electricity and domestic customers will have to at least double to make the construction of new nuclear reactors in the UK financially viable, according to reports. Energy companies would need to achieve a wholesale price of £100 per megawatt hour — more than double the... read more


Case Study - Able Services PDM Limited

25/07/2012 By Edward Winterton, Executive Director At Bibby Financial Services The business Able Services PDM Limited, based in Kent, specialises in plumbing, drainage and maintenance services with a core focus on the leisure and brewery industry. In the past year Able Services has been able to invest in restructuring the business by using... read more


‘Flexidraft’ Facility Launched To Address A Lack Of Sustainable Funding Streams For SMEs

25/07/2012 By Andrew Dixon, Executive Director At Bibby Financial Services Too many small and medium-sized (SME) businesses are unable to access funding and are relying on unsustainable forms of finance such as loans from families and friends, according to our latest research. Conducted by One Poll, it shows fewer and fewer small and... read more


Is The Government Doing Enough To Encourage Growth Among Small And Medium-Sized Businesses?

25/07/2012 By Edward Winterton, Executive Director At Bibby Financial Services The Government has long asserted that the UK’s small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) community has a fundamental part to play in kick-starting the recovery. But there is a strong consensus among business owners and managers that policies such as Project Merlin and... read more


Access To Finance: Ignore The Headlines And Make Your Story Stand Out

02/07/2012 By Joe Carstairs, Funding Options While much has already been said and written about access to finance, small business owners can be forgiven for finding the topic entirely confusing. At times it can seem like there’s a new government scheme to boost lending, a new alternative finance provider, a new statistic... read more


Real Time Information: Are you ready?

If you are an employer and haven’t already heard of Real Time Information (RTI) – and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will certainly be hoping that you have by now! – then the clock has started ticking in terms of preparing for the changes which are due to come in to force between April and October 2013. read more


What every small business should know about accepting card payments

The way in which people pay for goods and services is evolving rapidly. With the traditional cheque looking increasingly outmoded and people carrying smaller amounts of cash in their wallets, there is a growing demographic of consumers for whom plastic is becoming the exclusive payment method of choice. read more


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