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Financing A Start-Up: Finding Finance When The Bank Has Said No

Talk to most established business owners and they’ll undoubtedly have a tale to tell about getting finance from a bank. So, if someone with an existing business is struggling to get a bank to say ‘yes’, what hope does an aspiring entrepreneur have? So, assuming the banks are off limits, or already have said no to you, what sources can you access to get the finance you need? read more


Joined Up Finance — 9 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Your Accounts With The Rest Of Your Business

Many businesses operate standalone accounting tools and use manual methods of transferring silos of information from one business application to another. Not only is this process time-consuming it can also have an impact on an organisation’s profitability, introduce errors, and delay critical management decisions. read more


The Bane Of The Entrepreneur’s Life: Compliance

Most business owner’s glaze over at the mention of the word ‘compliance’! In order to mitigate risk and enable you to enjoy a certain level of peace of mind it is essential to keep a sharp eye on legal and compliance issues. For most businesses the luxury of a Compliance Manager – whose overriding objective is to manage risk – is a thing of the past. read more


Cash Must Remain King

As difficult trading conditions look set to continue for some time, cash must remain king and keeping a tight rein on debt is more crucial than ever. read more


Small unincorporated businesses: tax made simpler?

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has published a discussion paper on how tax might be made simpler for the smallest sole traders and partnerships. read more


Safeguard Your Assets And Make Them Work For You

The recent riots were a reminder of the need for businesses to control and protect their assets. But making certain that your tangible and intangible assets are properly protected, controlled and exploited efficiently is something that businesses should be doing all the time. read more


How To Save Money For Your Small To Medium Sized Enterprise

Entrepreneurs have never been more cost aware than in the past two to three years. In an environment of tougher trading and tighter margins, small business owners are desperately trying to trade cost effectively without compromising on the quality of their product or service. read more


Is Sterling Becoming A Safe Haven Currency?

The term ‘safe haven currency’ is usually reserved for the US dollar or Swiss franc. Recently the US dollar the ‘go to’ currency when things get tough has experienced significant turbulence. With the US government coming close to defaulting because of disputes over spending cuts as well as being stripped of its AAA credit rating, the USA is not being perceived as safe as it was before. read more


Becoming More Profitable

Becoming more profitable: how would you feel if, every year your business grew, you made LESS money? Interestingly, this is a common pattern with growing businesses: sales increase, staff numbers increase and profits decrease. read more


Santander's Results Show They Are Ideally Placed To Continue Providing Financial Support To UK Businesses

Businesses look for a lot of things in a bank: accessibility, strength, service. But most of all they need to know that the bank is well run; that it is focused on delivering long-term benefits to its customers and shareholders, and that the people at the top know what they are doing. One way a bank can demonstrate this is through its published financial results, and Santander recently posted results for the first half of 2011. read more


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