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Booming Online Classifieds Market Creates Business Savvy Consumers Around The Globe

With the economic crisis still firmly front of mind, people are increasingly looking at alternative ways to make extra money and save their hard earned cash. read more


Foreign Shores Still A Land Of Opportunity For SMEs

24/08/2012 By Mark Riches, spokesperson for Bibby Financial Services Despite the fact that the UK trade deficit widened to a 15 year high in June, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics, opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to penetrate overseas markets and increase their order books... read more


Times Square - Case Study

23/08/2012 By Mark Chilton The business Times Square has been in the heartland of the ceramics industry in Stoke-on-Trent since the 1880s, growing out of the copper engraving tradition and specialising in the distinctive willow pattern print. With an enviable heritage and export markets across all five continents, Times Square is globally renowned for... read more


Surge In Manufacturing Sector Leads To Highest SME Turnover Rate For Five Years

22/08/2012 By Edward Winterton, commercial director at Bibby Financial Services Business activity during the second quarter of 2012 among 4,000 UK SMEs using non-bank funding facilities has seen a dramatic rise to pre-recession levels, according to our latest quarterly Business Factors Index (BFI). Bibby Financial Services have been tracking the turnover performance of... read more


Late Payment – How Businesses Can Avoid The Cash Flow Hole

09/08/2012 By Nick Ogden, CEO and founder of CashFlows Once again late payments are making the headlines. As politicians and journalists come forward to identify small and growing businesses as an integral factor in rebuilding the UK’s economy, it is unsurprising that the issues of late payments and cash flow have... read more


Funding Startup Businesses In Gloomy Economic Conditions

09/08/2012 By Kevin Byrne, MD and owner of The days of looking for and relying on the financial institutions to fund growth are all but gone in this present climate. The only sure way to fund growth and expansion is from retained earnings. Having a firm hold on the financial affairs... read more


Six Basic Things You Must Do To Manage Your Cash-Flow

09/08/2012 By Mark Byrne, Managing Director of Calverton Finance In the current economic climate, managing your cash-flow is even more important than usual. Mark Byrne is the managing director of Calverton Finance, an independent company that provides services including invoice finance to help with cash-flow. He says there are many things that... read more


How To Avoid The Tax Man From Beyond The Grave

09/08/2012 By Mike Fleming CTA. TEP. Tax Director at Straughans Chartered Accountants So, you want your family to pay more Inheritance Tax (IHT) on your death? How very public spirited of you! HMRC will take your money, the chancellor will watch the Exchequer grow - but your executors won’t be getting... read more


Economic Unrest - The Zombies Are Coming

The films, TV series and video games are all the rage. But zombies are rife in economics too, and they are rife, because procrastination is always better than action. And if we are going to see a fix to the long—running problems in the economy today, we need to get the bad news out of the way; we need to let debtors default; have savers pay the price for excessive caution, and slay the zombies. read more


From An Economic Point Of View, Debt Can Be Essential

If you spend more than you earn, you feel poor, if you earn more than you spend, you feel rich. That’s what some people say. Maybe that is true, maybe it isn’t. But here is something that is definitely wrong, but it is also something many people in power state as if it is fact: [i]“An economy is successful if it produces more than it consumes.”[/i] Not only is that view wrong, it is dangerously wrong. Here is another falsehood: [i]‘We must all live within our means’[/i]. These are the errors that threaten to bring down the global economy. read more


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