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Manufacturing And Exports Starting To Lead The Recovery

Amidst all the focus on the EU and the International Monetary Fund funding package for Ireland, and the concerns over the sovereign debt crisis spreading to other peripheral and even mainstream European economies, one story that perhaps didn't get the air time it warranted was that of the growth in the UK economy in the third quarter. read more


FDs Or FCs Considering The Composition Of Their Finance Team - Part 1

For many business owners one of the hardest question they have to answer is “what sort of finance team do I need for my business?” In almost every other area of their business they will typically have direct operational experience. In the end, business owners need to consider what they want from their finance team before determining the composition. read more


VAT Rise Survival Plan - Don’t Pay The Price For Poor Preparation

The UK’s leading independent VAT experts are urging businesses not to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the VAT rise in January. read more


Investment Appraisal – How Do I Evaluate The Best Project To Go After With Limited Resource?

Management Teams running dynamic SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are constantly presented with new opportunities either home grown or external. Do we buy or build? Do we acquire? Shall we start that new complimentary division or continue to invest in our core offer? Resources to deliver those opportunities - time, money, and people - are always limited so the challenge is to determine their best allocation. read more


What Should I Expect To See In My Monthly Management Accounts?

As soon as possible after the month closes, you should expect to see the Management Accounts for that month. The longer you leave it, the more stale the numbers become. You should not conduct the monthly Board Meeting without the Management Accounts so this too is dependent upon timely completion of the financials. read more


How Can I Calculate The Future Value Of My Business Based on Its Forecast Performance?

If you are in business to build something with a goal to sell it at some point in the future, you will naturally look at all strategic decisions through the lense of “will this increase the value of my business”. read more


How Do I Create And Implement A Bonus Scheme For My Senior Team That Matches The Company’s Objectives?

In business, where you are free to set your own objectives and it is not always clear who you are up against, setting out a framework is much harder than in sport. If the business and its employees are not in synch, you end up rowing out of alignment and the boat goes round in circles. Here are my top tips for designing a good bonus scheme for Senior Management. read more


How To Retain Clients With The Help Of Your FD

It is often said that a Finance Director is the sales prevention officer in a business. Perhaps there is some truth in this if the FD concerned is inward looking and entirely focused on eliminating cost and inefficiency rather than increasing profits and growing the company. read more


Review Your Business For A Healthy 2011

Many businesses will have had to make some significant changes to their strategy during 2009/10, and now is the time to reflect on these and see what has been missed, whilst at the same time, looking to stabilise the business in preparation for moving forward in 2011. read more


A United Front To Support Small And Medium Enterprises Growth

The recent unveiling of the British Bankers Association-led Business Finance Taskforce is an example of our (and the wider sector’s) determination to help SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) grow and thrive in difficult times. read more


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