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Invoice Finance Helping Sports Good Maker Knock Its Rivals For Six

Coventry-based BOOM BOOM Cricket knocked the sporting world for six when it arrived in September 2009, building on the legendary fanaticism for cricket in countries such as India, Pakistan and now Afghanistan. read more


Bibby Financial Services Boosts Funding For SMEs To All-Time £430m High

In direct response to the rise in demand for alternative finance facilities from UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Bibby Financial Services, the UK’s largest invoice finance company, has increased its available funds for businesses by £90million to an all-time high of £430 million. read more


Keeping In Control Of Your Cashflow — How Invoice Finance Can Provide A Solution

The fact that the Government is formulating a plan to set up a state-backed small business bank in an attempt to get credit flowing to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is proof of the current difficulties facing business owners in securing access to finance. read more


Investors Do Not Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It

Most investors do not invest in really good ideas. They may think they are investing in the idea, but what they are really investing in, is whether or not they believe you are able to execute upon that idea. read more


Concerns Facing SME's Due To The Current Economic Climate As The Search For Growth Continues.

The vast majority (84%) of senior decision makers from British small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) say they are concerned about the current economic climate, with three in five businesses (60%) not confident that the economy will improve over the next year. read more


Mistakes When Raising Finance - Knowing the Right Source of Money For You

This is no wind up. The last week or so has seen hints. The green shoots may not be big, peeking above the surface like scared mice, but they have been there all the same. read more


Equity Crowdfunding? - How To Value Your Business

When you are raising equity finance through a business angel, Venture Capitalist (VC), equity Crowdfunding or what we call CrowdInvesting at, one of the most important things you will have to do is value your company. read more


Mind The Funding Gap – Give Yourself The Best Chance To Get The Cash You Need For Your Business.

There is a huge gap between funding supply and demand with less than 10% of businesses securing the funding they apply for. read more


Is There Hope For The Euro? Catalonia’s Rift With Spain

There is a just a hint of good news for supporters of the English football team. In fact it could be construed as good news for the supporters of every national football team, except one: Spain. read more


Baby Boomers Downsize As UK House Prices Waver

The latest data from the Nationwide, Hometrack and Halifax on UK house prices was out last week. read more


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