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Basel III Will Reduce Lending To Businesses

Implementing the International Framework for Bank Capital and Liquidity - known as Basel III and its European version, incorporated in the Capital Requirements Package (CRDIV), unveiled today - is likely to reduce lending to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), says the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ACCA. read more


Investing Tax Efficiently In Today’s High-Tax Environment

With top tax rates at 50% and tax thresholds reducing, you may feel that your pips are squeaking. If so, this article focuses on how you can invest tax efficiently in today’s high-tax environment. read more


Investing Your Wealth In The Current Climate

As an owner-manager or entrepreneur your focus is on growing your business, but there’s life outside as well! read more


Making Your Business More Profitable

Businesses need constant reinvention. To thrive, they must earn more, spend proportionately less, and spend wisely. In this article, we look at how you can manage your costs to improve your profitability. read more


Raising Funds For Social Impact

The world is changing — has changed - and approaches to funding for Social Enterprises is also changing. How enterprises approach the funding issue and how that will be assessed by investors was the subject of an RSA Social Entrepreneur Network meeting that I attended recently read more


Financing a Start-Up: Finding Finance When the Bank Has Said No

Talk to most established business owners and they’ll undoubtedly have a tale to tell about getting finance from a bank. So, if someone with an existing business is struggling to get a bank to say ‘yes’, what hope does an aspiring entrepreneur have? read more


The Economy So Far: From January - July 2011

“With summer upon us, the halfway point of 2011 seems as good a time as any to look at the state of the economy. Where we are now and where we might be in the next six months. So far, the picture this year has been mixed. On one hand, there are signs that the recovery is underway in some sectors of the economy. Exports have steadily improved and whilst manufacturing slowed in May, PMI indicates that the sector is still expanding. On the other hand, there is no doubt that for many businesses serious challenges remain. Inflation has stayed high, public spending cuts are beginning to bite, and the general mood is still one of caution. read more


Why Every Business Needs A Finance Director

Ask any bank manager and he or she will tell you the bank’s worst customers are those who have no idea what is going on in their business. Some customers ask for finance or expect to maintain an overdraft, yet cannot even produce up to date accounts. read more


What’s The Difference Between A Budget And A Forecast And How Do I Stick To It?

It surprises me how often this question comes up, even with some Executives who have held significant budget responsibility during their careers. I think it’s because some organisations have their own specific lexicon and others use the words interchangeably. Whenever I take on responsibility for setting and tracking a budget and forecast for an organisation, I break it down as follows: read more


10 Ways To Help You Get Funding From Your Bank

Getting funding from your bank isn’t nearly as straightforward as it used to be. If you’re an entrepreneur or growing company relying on bank finance, maintaining a positive relationship with your bank is more critical than ever. Here are 10 ways to inspire confidence in your bank and help you get the funding you need read more


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