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Major Boost in Invoice Finance Usage Driven By SMEs

Tandem Invoice Finance has witnessed a two-fold increase during the last 12-months, in the take-up of its Selective Invoice Finance products from businesses with a turnover up to £1,500,000, illustrating the appetite that small businesses have towards accessing flexible finance options. read more


Get Your Business On Track This New Tax Year - In An Hour A Week

Like it or not, one of the most important parts of running a business is managing the books. You probably didn’t go into business to track expenses and generate accounts - but the bills and the tax man always have to get paid! So with the new tax year just starting, how can you ensure you dedicate enough time to managing your finances over the next 12 months without neglecting the rest of your business? read more


Trade Finance

How do growing companies fund orders without accessing bank debt, invoice discounting or selling equity? With the trials and tribulations of the banking world there is a growing desire to return to traditional forms of non-banking finance. read more


Multiple Invoice Discounting

Invoice finance, which provides funding for multiple invoices, can be very attractive. The precise services provided differ between financiers and product types. The two main products are factoring (which, broadly, covers facilities where the financier collects the debts itself) and invoice discounting (where, again broadly, the business collects the debts as the agent of the financier). read more


Single Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting is an asset-based working capital solution that allows businesses to get advances on outstanding invoice they are due from customers, rather than waiting for those customers to pay. It is particularly well suited to those businesses that have large end customers who enforce long payment terms. read more


Don’t Follow The Crowd In Business… Get Your Head Out Of The Sand!

Do you ever feel that you are too busy to plan for next year as you are busy worrying about this? You are not alone. Many business owners spend too much time in the business rather than seeing the big picture. read more


Beyond The Banks

The financial crisis and subsequent on-going regulation of the banking sector has created the need for alternative financial intermediary services. SME’s are now beginning to see a far wider choice of ways to raise the equity and debt capital they need to be able to run and grow their businesses efficiently. read more


Business Owners Stumped By Tax and Expenses

Only one in four small business owners claim back all of the expenses they incur personally for their business, according to research carried out by YouGov on behalf of online accounting provider FreeAgent. read more


Making Alternative Business Structures Work

Since alternative business structures (ABS) were first announced in the Legal Services Act 2007, there has been much talk about them, but perhaps less action than might have been expected. Here, we share our experience of ABS, focusing on financial services delivery to clients. It is not all plain sailing, but there are clear dos and don’ts. read more


March 2013 Budget — The Devil is in the Detail

With the economic recovery dragging its heels, small businesses were hoping for real action and progress. With borrowing figures up and growth revised down — this news hasn’t come as a shock and shouldn’t cloud what has been taken as a really positive budget. The need to stand behind existing policy is evident and in the face of opposition criticism, laudable. read more


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