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Becoming More Profitable

Becoming more profitable: how would you feel if, every year your business grew, you made LESS money? Interestingly, this is a common pattern with growing businesses: sales increase, staff numbers increase and profits decrease. read more


Santander's Results Show They Are Ideally Placed To Continue Providing Financial Support To UK Businesses

Businesses look for a lot of things in a bank: accessibility, strength, service. But most of all they need to know that the bank is well run; that it is focused on delivering long-term benefits to its customers and shareholders, and that the people at the top know what they are doing. One way a bank can demonstrate this is through its published financial results, and Santander recently posted results for the first half of 2011. read more


Tax plan ahead if you are thinking of buying new kit for your business

April 2012 will be upon us in no time and brings with it a significant reduction to the current capital allowances legislation. It’s currently possible to write off 100% of the cost of acquiring new business equipment (classified as plant and machinery) as a tax deductable expense in the first year to a value of £100,00. read more


R&D Tax Credits could become valuable funding source for innovative start ups

R&D tax relief is about offsetting the costs incurred on R&D by either reducing your corporation tax bill, or receiving cash rebates if you are a loss-making SME. The majority of companies who claim R&D relief are hi-tech businesses — software developers, specialist manufacturers or biotech companies - although many other types of company may indeed qualify for relief. read more


Now we know it’s not forever how can you avoid the 50% tax rate?

Since their introduction by Alastair Darling, the 50% tax rate and abatement of personal allowances have been the subject of endless controversy. Tax calculations show that some people earning between £100,001 and £113,000 are actually paying 60% due to the erosion of their personal tax allowance. read more


Seven Invoicing Blunders To Avoid

Forget hounding people to pay their invoices on time — the mere act of creating and submitting an invoice can lead to drama. Most business owners know how the invoice process can be fraught with pitfalls that lead to delayed payment, or worse, no payment. read more


Crisis in the Eurozone – What it means for the UK

Last week politicians in Washington concluded an agreement to raise the US debt ceiling to $14.3trn (£8.8trn) to prevent the world’s largest economy from defaulting on its debt repayments. This weekend the Eurozone, the world’s second largest economy, faced a similar situation; with fears that the crisis that had seen the bailout of smaller peripheral states such as Ireland, Portugal and Greece, risked spreading to the larger economies of Italy and Spain. read more


Companies Should Sack Their Accountants

I certainly kicked off a storm of comment when I suggested that companies should sack their accountants if they were not contributing to their business growth. (Clients Should Sack Their Clients) read more


Giving With Pennies Makes Millions

Last year in the UK we spent £26 billion more using debit cards than with cash. Using payment cards is a way of life. Combine this with rising inflation, and the traditional charity box into which we are used to dropping a few pennies is long over-due for a revamp. By bringing it up to date, new avenues are opened for retail businesses to harness the power of those card payments and allow their customers to donate “micro” amounts to charity. These pennies have enormous potential to make a difference to charities and the people they help across the UK and to generate a consumer feel-good factor too. read more


Using Contracts To Control Financial Exposure

When contracting, you accept certain responsibilities, for example, to deliver products or services to a certain standard. When the products or services fall short of that standard, the customer has the right to claim for any financial loss suffered. read more


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