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Cash Flow And Prompt Payment Key To Running A Successful Business

Downland Produce Ltd was established in the summer of 2002, supplying produce from growers in Sussex and Surrey directly to the catering trade. read more


Improvement in 2012 Led By Mid-Sized Firms

The 2012 Business Insolvency Index from Experian®, the global information services company, reveals that during 2012, 0.86 per cent fewer UK businesses failed than the previous year, with 1.04 per cent of the business population failing compared to 1.10 per cent in 2011. read more


Tax: Tips & Tricks

As the self-assessment tax deadline looms, here are some tips and tricks from online self-assessment tax filing solution SimpleTax. read more


Online Systems Are A Must For Accountants

There’s a fundamental shift currently occurring in the relationship small businesses and their accountants. Financial expertise and advice is becoming increasingly valuable, while many business owners are realising that there is far more value than mere number crunching that they can now seek from their accountant. read more


The Key To A Successful Growth Strategy: Gain Insight, Be Agile And Adapt Quickly

The long term goal of any start up or SME is clear: fast growth and long-term sustainability. Businesses will face different challenges at different stages in their growth circle and the key to remaining profitable is adapting KPIs to each particular stage. This approach will ensure that the business remains focused on its priorities and increases the business’ ability to drive growth and profitability. read more


Cashing Out But Staying In

There are many owners who had planned on selling their businesses by now, but as a consequence of the ongoing recession, it just hasn’t happened — the clocks have been forcefully turned back. So, instead of selling, they may want to take some cash out of their businesses to provide security for themselves and their families. read more


Keeping The Financial Score

Businesses don’t go bust because of a lack of profitability. They go bust because they run out of cash! Sadly, many entrepreneurial businesses fail in their start-up and development phases and even mature businesses succumb from time to time. read more


Cash Matters

I ask every audience I talk in front of, “What is the most important thing to measure to tell you how well your business is doing?” read more


Beat The Recession: Work With The Bank

Here’s an example of a quick ‘n’ dirty plan adopted by a recent client (a precision engineering works employing six people) — this activity turned the business around. read more


How To Attract Investors To Your Business

With the economy still struggling, according to Chancellor George Osborne, small businesses still need finance to get their new ideas or projects off the ground or grow. In the last few years more businesses are leveraging the social aspect of the internet and turning to crowdfunding to start and grow. read more


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