Time Saving Social Media Tools


By Nichola Stott, theMediaFlow

As a small or medium business owner, you’re already someone with a lot of balls in the air (if you will pardon the juggling analogy.) You might be the advertising department, the accounts department, the new business team and customer service all rolled into one. Even if you have grown your business to such a size as to now have staff to specialise in the essential functions and disciplines you need to service and grow as an organisation, social media may still come under your remit.


Who is your company spokesperson? Who is the person most qualified and authoritative...


...about your business ethos, products, ambitions, developments? If you were interviewed on Channel 4 news – who would you send?

Not the summer intern, right? Not a Social Media Management agency?

If you run a small to medium size enterprise you are your business. You are the face, the brains, the heart and the core of your organisation; and social media gives you the ability to position all of that directly to your potential customers. Sure, if you have budget using a social media agency to help you form a strategy and messaging plan will help you maximise your participation – but to make the most of all the opportunities to engage, involve, inspire and connect, your social media participation should come from you.

“But I am insanely busy!” (I can actually hear you thinking that…)

No problem. Here’s a bunch of tools you can use on auto-pilot to save you time and maximise your participation. A little bit of practise and soon it’s just like breathing. But first, let’s revisit some goals in order to focus on which tools might be most suitable for you and your business.

Social Media Goals – What Can I get Out from What I Put in?

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