Are Business Gurus Short-Changing Their Clients?


By Robert Craven, MD of The Directors' Centre

Just come out of a remarkable day of meetings with four sets of ambitious business owners.

Remarkable because of their spirit, enthusiasm and determination.

Remarkable because they could all see the potential of their businesses (but didn’t quite know how to capitalise on it).

Remarkable because they all told a similar story, had similar issues and had been on similar journeys.

But what made this particular day remarkable, or maybe I just hadn’t noticed it before, was the underwhelming and disappointing experiences they had been through at the hands of their so-called business advisers, trainers,...


...consultants and gurus.

Presented in various guises, all four businesses had handed over hard-earned money in good faith.

In a nutshell, the recipients of client monies were totally brilliant at marketing (identifying customer hurts and selling the solution). Websites and brochures with videos and testimonials showed how past clients had seen their businesses totally transformed. Inspirational stuff.

And looking for the universal antidote, the quick fix, the ultimate solution and the unique insider secrets, my guests had bought into some form of intervention. And their complaints were varied and many: organisations led by (noticeably absent) celebrity entrepreneurs, free workshops with unsophisticated and fairly aggressive back-of-the-room upsells, programmes that lacked structure or the individual attention required, sets of CDs/MP3s that had ‘unique’ content that was not actually that unique but had been particularly well-packaged.

I felt embarrassed that these four fine businesses had felt so let down by the business support industry. I know that the organisations that had worked with these businesses had done some fine work. Clients have seen remarkable results. So what was going on?

There is a continuum of effectiveness that exists when looking at developing and growing your business. At the least effective end of the spectrum would be reading... continued on page two >


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