Quality Content Builds Quality Links


By Nick James, Fresh Business Thinking

One aspect of Search Engine Optimisation that is considered a ‘black hat’ technique (a technique that is not approved by search engines) is link spam. Wikipedia defines link spam as ‘links between pages that are present for reasons other than merit’. It's a technique you should definitely avoid.

Why ‘Links’ matter

Links from another website back to your site are hugely important as Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines view a ‘link’ as a vote for your site and the more ‘authoritative’ and ‘relevant’ the ‘voter’ the greater the weight added to your own site.

Google says; ‘Your...

Advertisement's ranking in Google search results is partly based on analysis of those sites that link to you.’ For example, if you are a business website such as and you get links from a business school at a university, the search engines will look on this more favourably than a link from sports site.

Relevant, authoritative links can help boost traffic to your website and good quality content is key to building those links. The logic is simple – if someone reads something on your site and they link to it on their own website, blog or social media stream then it becomes more significant to search engines.

Remember that Google’s goal is; ‘to give people the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible.’ To do this they have developed an algorithm and one of the elements of that algorithm is the relevance of links to your site.

Content is King

Content can be a blog, an article, a news story, a podcast, an image, a video, even a form! If you have quality content on your site people will link to it which will bring you new visitors and greater visibility within search engines.

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