A Brief Guide To Becoming An Expert

"The Expert!" Model: In Brief


By Robert Craven, MD of The Directors' Centre

All roads seem to lead to the notion that the well-managed expert business can win over the clients.

People like to buy from an expert and not from a follower.

One accountant is better than another in the mind of a client only because the client thinks that he is.

Marketing is not a battle for the product but for the mind of the customer.

One-minute rant

Most PSFs (Professional Service Firms) think that the key to business success is their technical skill-set; however, they don’t understand:

- What people really buy

- What people really need...


...from them

- What people really want from them

- The importance of a good bedside manner

- The importance of demonstrating benefits/ proofs/ testimonials

- The business development process!

Most ‘professionals’ were trained to be technically excellent, but no-one told them how to run a business.

Tip of the day

You should become an expert — become an expert in the world that you work in.

Become an expert

People hate buying from a ‘follower’ or an ‘also-ran’ but love buying from an expert. Whether you are an accountant, a homeopath or a plumber, you can do it.

And because everyone will know and see you as the expert, they will ask you to do the work and they will pay a premium price!

So what does an expert do?

- An expert focuses

- An expert writes

- An expert possesses

- An expert knows

- An expert speaks

As well as the five attributes above there are two additional, yet underpinning, concepts:

- An expert has an ‘ology

- An expert uses testimonials and endorsements.

The interesting thing about these various aspects of being the expert is that they all interlock and inter-weave.

Once you clarify your specialisation then you can walk and talk and write about it (using the same case studies or... continued on page two >


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