The Cloud Needs Some Standards


By David Terrar, CEO of D2C Limited, Co-founder of Cloud Advocates

One of the big issues for a buyer is - how do you choose a good Cloud provider from a bad one? Who do you trust? Maybe Cloud Computing needs some standards? Well actually there are so many standards bodies and vendor groups that the picture is confused - something that we hope to demystify over the coming months with this newsletter. If you type "cloud standards" in to Google, you'll find an alphabet soup of acronyms, and even the first entry in the list - a...


... "Wiki site for Cloud Standards Coordination" initially looks promising, but doesn't yet mention some of the key organizations that have something worthwhile to contribute to this topic.

When you do some research you find the International Organization for Standardization (their ISO 27001 on IT security might be relevant )or the IBM backed Open Cloud Manifesto or The Open Data Center Alliance, and many others, but most of their output seems to be about technical standards for programming and interoperability of services - good for the industry as a whole, but not necessarily relevant to the average business trying to decide on a cloud alternative for email management, or accounting or project management. Another issue is that some of these standards have a high barrier to entry for the small software provider. If it's going to cost tens of thousands of pounds to get a product ISO certified, that guarantees that only the big players will be able to afford it. The smaller, more innovative software developers might have great products, and a safe and secure infrastructure making use of the benefits of Cloud architecture, but they'll be precluded from the shortlist because... continued on page two >


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