How to get the most from a PPC Account


By Samantha Stratton

Search engine platforms make setting up and running a Pay Per Click campaign look as simple as 1, 2, 3. However, the number of PPC accounts that we analyse and review each day that have been set up initially in a way that will never be profitable is unbelievable!

Our objective as a digital marketing agency is to take PPC accounts and optimise, expand and manage them to ensure that our clients are getting the most for their money and are not wasting money on irrelevant traffic. Platforms such as Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter pigeonhole advertisers into...


...setting up campaigns in a way that will make the search engines the most amount of money. This article has been written to help advertisers get the most out of their PPC account and only give the search engines money for traffic that you should be able to convert.

In my mind there are key steps that everyone should follow when a Pay Per Click campaign is being created. Whether you are new to PPC or an experienced Digital Marketing Executive, we all need guidelines to ensure we keep on track.

There are many different ways to ensure you get the most out of your PPC campaign – such as Google AdWords Editor, Speed PPC and Keywords Pro - and we all have different tools that we use to get us there. However, the end goal is remains the same: to create a well-structured campaign that achieves good results and a positive ROI.

Following these steps should give you a good foundation for creating a targeted campaign:

Understand your Audience

Review your main online competitors and what they are saying in their ads

Make a list of your USPs

Why should people buy from you?

Research your Keywords

Get a clear understanding of what you are going to... continued on page two >


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