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By Nick Giles of Seven Hills

The Prime Minister has called on Britain's 'doers and grafters' to make this the most entrepreneurial decade in history. But to what extent will the UK's private equity and venture capital community play a role in achieving this ambition, and how can they help to turn it into a reality?

That was the topic of debate at the Entrepreneur Britain: Investing for Success round table event hosted by Smith & Williamson and Seven Hills which brought together over 60 VCs and entrepreneurs to debate the key issues that need to be addressed to bring that vision...

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Regulation, information and education emerged as key areas to address, according to the venture capital and private equity specialists, entrepreneurs and business reporters who attended the debate.

Expert investors from a host of leading firms including Ariadne Capital, Balderton Capital, Risk Capital Partners and Silicon Valley Bank were joined at the event by the entrepreneurs behind Caxton FX, Make It Cheaper, Brightpearl, Digby Morgan and Trusted Reviews plus reporters from the BBC's business unit, City AM, Business Zone, Unquote and Fresh Business Thinking.

Angel investor Doug Richard issued a rallying cry for the role of venture capital and private equity in spearheading business growth in the UK — citing a host of examples, including web-based start-ups, where the UK has great potential.

Veteran investor and head of Better Capital, Jon Moulton, gave his assessment of the task ahead citing the challenge of driving growth in the current unstable economic climate.

The debate was the first step in the creation of an action plan for the UK's investment community to help forge stronger and more beneficial connections with the UK's entrepreneurs.

Some of the key issues raised during the debate include the following.

1. Engage and educate — The need for investors to forge... continued on page two >


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