Unified Communications: A Step-By-Step Approach

By Alex Donnelly, Portfolio Manager of Damovo UK

There is greater pressure than ever on businesses to deliver applications and allow workers to collaborate from wherever they are located, with the IDC predicting that Europe's mobile workforce will grow in size by an average of five per cent over the next three years. Consequently, many businesses have invested in unified communications solutions as part of their strategy to support greater workforce mobility.

Following is a step-by-step guide on how businesses should approach unified communications, and how to distinguish the end-user reality from the vendor hype.

1. Try before you buy

The majority of businesses,...


...while realising the potential benefits of unified communications, have taken much more of a piecemeal approach to their implementation. This has meant that rather than implementing an entire unified communications suite, they have invested in the functionality that will give them most bang for their buck - typically this isn’t the same for any two organisations. Only after trialling applications and seeing the benefits have organisations been prepared to take the next step and invest further in functionality, and with good reason. Businesses should be selective about how and where they first introduce unified communications rather than doing a blanket roll-out across the entire organisation.

2. Ensure the right fit

In deciding what applications to employ, it is essential to consider factors like culture, employee profile, channels of communication and how their organisation adapts to change. By determining where the return on investment is largest and most immediate, it can allow other areas of the business to slowly become accustomed to the new technology by engaging with other departments and understand how they are putting it to good use.

3. Truly Unified Communications

Technology and business processes need to support each other and work in synergy otherwise some applications may just dormant on... continued on page two >


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