This Business Tool Strikes The Right Note!

By Adrian Booth

Every now and then a new business tool comes along that’s so handy, pretty soon you are wondering how you managed without it.

That’s certainly true of my latest discovery, which is a digital notebook called OneNote, part of Office 2010.

Before you shout OneNote has been around for ages’, you are right. OneNote isn’t a new program, but it is new to me. The crazy thing is, I’ve had access to OneNote for years as part of Office 2007, but all I did was vaguely wonder what it was until researching articles for this column finally persuaded me to...


...take a closer look at the updated version in Office 2010.

Basically then, OneNote is the best information organisation tool I’ve come across. It is helping me keep track of all sorts of bits and pieces of information that come in wildly different formats like text, graphics, photos, video and web links. It is a massive storage facility offering notebooks, sections and pages which you can add to or remove as you like. You can also move them around, colour code them, merge them; animate them, whatever seems right.

You just grab information you want from emails, the internet and databases; in fact almost any digital source; and drop it onto your OneNote page. You can even scan-in handwritten notes too, to keep related information all together where you need it.

Now I’m aware of what OneNote can do, I’m realising there are heaps of business applications. Those that spring to mind include compiling project reports as you go along; putting together materials for business presentations; gathering the building blocks of web pages; keeping product info at your fingertips; and of course collating market research materials. It even makes a handy place to keep records of your expenses.... continued on page two >


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