Connecting To The Future For Small To Medium Businesses


New developments open competition at all levels

By Alison Brewer, Marketing Manager, Mitel

Technology has redefined what it means to be a small to medium sized business (SMB). The Internet and all its communications applications for telephony allow SMBs to look and act like their much bigger counterparts. At the heart of this technology is “Unified Communications.” It represents the intersection of IP Telephony and advanced Internet applications and it can launch SMBs into more valuable and efficient consumer communications, customer relationships and employee teamwork.

For SMBs, Unified Communications is moving forward at high speed. Developments are:

• Collaboration: Collaboration technology...


...will enable SMBs to share information on customers in real time.

• Reachability: provides simplified and more immediate access to employees who use mobile devices.

• Security: Advances by larger enterprises have pushed unified solutions to a par with traditional hard-wired solutions.

• New network protocols: Industry standards have enabled many of the advanced customer facing features that extend IP beyond simple telephony, such as internal and external text and instant messaging.

• Interoperability: Developments that have removed the barriers between Unified Communications and legacy networks have resulted in seamless communications with complex networks of customers.

Five Keys to the Unified Enterprise

Just as texting, mobile access, and social media have made the world wide open for a company’s customers, the same possibilities are available within companies. SMBs will be profoundly impacted by the change, or become vulnerable to more aggressive and technically savvy competitors. Unified Communications will put SMBs on a plane with much larger companies. An audit of current capabilities and an understanding of new technology developments will make a positive difference in workforce and customer communications.

Many of the features that SMBs are looking to integrate into their communications system are advanced Unified Communications applications, according to Alison Brewer, propositions... continued on page two >


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