What Is Prospecting And Why Do It ?

By Martin Driver

Prospecting in its purist sense is the development of prospective customers that are in the market to buy your products or services. Prospects are the lifeblood of any sales person, there’s an old effective but corny saying that says, “A salesperson without prospects is a salesperson without prospects”.

One of the key things to remember is that although prospecting is an essential part of a sales cycle it is a separate form of activity and should be focussed upon to produce a quality list of potential buyers to enable you to start the sales process.

When should...

Advertisement prospect ?

My advice to you here is “continuously”, try and avoid the usual peaks and troughs of doing a lot of prospecting then concentrating on solely selling to these and then discovering there is nothing left to sell to and you have to spend a lot of time starting your prospect bank from scratch.

In fact when you are selling, that’s the best time to prospect as you have an air of success and confidence about you.

Some Idea’s on how to Prospect

Step One - What are you selling

The first stage of prospecting is to fully understand what are your products and services, and what are their applications and uses ?

What market sectors / companies / people would be in the market to buy them ?

Who are the “individuals” that would be responsible for the purchasing of these products and services ?

Where in these companies would you have to position your sales i.e. will you sell to a consumer ( general public ), a purchasing department, middle management, or need the input from the senior board etc.

Who are your competitors and what are their strengths and weaknesses ?

Having established all this you will... continued on page two >


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