Five Reasons Why You Should Love Skype


By David Tang, global VP for VoSKY

Ever considered Skype but been unsure of exactly how it could benefit your business? Here are 5 reasons why you could learn to love it.

It’s funny that some of the most revolutionary technologies are first brought into businesses by individual users. Then, when others see the benefits those pioneering users are getting, the technology is quickly adopted company-wide. It happened this way with PC-based fax, then email, and with instant messaging. And it’s happening with Skype.

And that’s really no surprise. Individuals first embraced Skype because it offered...

Advertisement voice and video calls over the Internet. The adoption rate skyrocketed due to Skype’s ease of use and superior voice quality over the public Internet. But now that it operates the world’s largest and most reliable Internet communications community, with over 600M registered users, it’s also a very attractive infrastructure for business telephony. According to Skype, 30% of its users are using Skype for business.

What’s more, it fits in with the comms equipment that you already have in place, enabling you to do more with the resources you already have, which is particularly compelling in the current business climate.

So here are five key reasons why you should consider embracing Skype.

It saves — and keeps on saving

Skype isn’t just about cost savings — but it’s a great benefit nonetheless. It saves your business money on all call costs: national, international, mobile, inter-office, to any user, and it keeps on delivering savings.

With Skype centrally managed in your business via a cost-effective PBX-to-Skype gateway, long-distance calls are handled using SkypeOut to reduce costs. The gateways also centralise Skype provisioning and management, so you have control and don’t need to install Skype... continued on page two >


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