Face To Face Marketing

By Liam Bateman

There is nothing like interacting with potential customers through face to face marketing when trial is crucial to a sale. Face to face marketing can be used in a variety of ways to meet a variety of objectives, however its essence is interaction and without creating a sense of theatre, interest or incentive to respond it will not succeed.

The consumer has become very aware of face to face marketing initially through supermarkets and more recently through the targeting of commuters as they arrive at busy metropolitan stations....


... The classic taste test advertising for Stork Margarine from the 1970’s was an introduction to this type of marketing interaction for many consumers. It was a novel experience for shoppers and an opportunity for them to get on TV. The trend for on the street interviews and marketing was fuelled by programmes like That’s Life, creating a sense of consumer involvement and allowing the man on the street to have their say.

The expansion of this type of activity over the past 30 years has led to consumers being more conscious of the techniques used to reach them face to face, however that has not reduced their interest and willingness to participate. The one negative area of face to face has been the introduction of ‘Chuggers’ on our streets, the name given to charity fundraisers who approach you with a clipboard. This has made many consumers wary of interaction, especially in the street.

However, generally, the consumer is still willing to participate and face to face marketing can be very rewarding if well targeted, positioned and offers the consumer a reason to interact and respond.

The benefits of face to face activity are that it is relatively... continued on page two >


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